Video: AZ Sheriff Babeu Considering Run for U.S. House

AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu has been an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, especially in reference to their border policies and the Fast and Furious plot that has been so devastating to his county. He’s called the ATF under Holder  “accomplices to murder”, and  stated that “before this is over, we’ll know exactly what Barack Obama knew – and when he knew it” .

Today, Babeu announced that he has formed an exploratory committee to help him decide whether he will run for Congress early next year.

Based on the draft map adopted on Oct. 3 by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, Congressional District 4 would encompass most of Yavapai County, all of Mohave and La Paz counties, and parts of Gila, Pinal and Yuma counties.

According to Babeu, it’s a Republican friendly district: has more:

“Almost three years after the $800 billion stimulus disaster, nearly one in ten Americans is unemployed,” Babeu said in a media release. “In some of our communities, that number is more than double.

He also called Arizona “ground zero in the fight against drug and human smuggling.”

“It’s clear that Washington is broken,” Babeu continued in the media release. “To fix it we’ll need leaders unafraid to make tough decisions, leaders more worried about the next generation than the next election.

“I believe it may be time for a new Sheriff in Washington.”

Babeu is a retired major in the United State Army National Guard and served a tour of duty in Iraq in addition to a 16-month deployment in Arizona along the border with Mexico.

“I’ve commanded soldiers on our border,” Babeu told 3TV’s Scott Pasmore. “We’ve reduced illegal immigration in the Yuma sector by 96 percent. I know a little bit more about border security than [Secretary of Homeland Security] Janet Napolitano.”

Babeu writes at his website:

It’s clear that Washington is broken.

To fix it, we’ll need leaders unafraid to make tough decisions. Leaders more concerned with the next generation than the next election. That’s why today I’m announcing an exploratory committee for the United States Congress.

I believe the real deficit in Washington is one of leadership. Nearly three years after the 800 billion dollar stimulus disaster, one in ten Americans is unemployed. In some of our communities, that number is more than double. Meanwhile we have a 14 trillion dollar national debt, with budgets in the red as far as the eye can see.

Arizona is ground zero in the fight against drug and human smuggling. Rather than secure our border and enforce the law, what did we see from our Federal government? Signs in my county warning Americans to stay away, because the cartels were in control; a lawsuit against the people of Arizona; a declaration that the border is more secure than ever. Meanwhile, 400,000 people unlawfully enter our state every year, tens of thousands with criminal records, some from nations that sponsor terrorism.

Now we find that our own Federal government in operation Fast and Furious put 2,000 guns in the hands of the most dangerous criminals in North America. These guns have been found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, and hundreds of crime scenes in Mexico.

I believe it may be time for a new Sheriff in Washington.

Two thumbs way up! Go Babeu.


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Monday Catch-up

“JustiaGate” is something you may be hearing more about in the coming days. Whether or not you’re concerned with Barack Obama’s eligibility  (and granted, most of us are not at this point) – a deliberate attempt to make it difficult for journalists and voters to examine the issue of natural-born citizenship in 2008,  should concern everyone.

of the Portland Civil Rights Examiner reported:

Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at which cite the only case in American history – Minor v. Happersett (1875) – to directly construe Article 2 Section 1’s natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue as part of its holding and precedent.  In this unanimous decision, the Supreme Court defined a “native or natural-born citizen” as a person born in the US to parents who were citizens; a definition which excludes from eligibility both Barack Obama and John McCain.


The most extreme sabotage so far discovered appears to have been done to the landmark decision United States v. Wong Kim Ark which was sabotaged to remove “Minor v. Happersett” three times, along with one reference to “Scott v Sandford”, another to the Slaughterhouse Cases  and some accompanying text relevant to the issue. These surgical alterations would alter and shape the national dialogue; leaving a persistent and  incorrect interpretation of the meaning of the ‘natural born citizen’ clause. There is no doubt whatsoever that this was the specific intent of those responsible for this illegal editing of American history and law.

As previously mentioned, the specific distinction between Citizen and Natural Born Citizen made in Minor v. Happersett is in the holding of the case, the section which creates the Law, and it is this Law which has been repeatedly cited over the decades since. In order to minimize the importance of Minor, someone at Justia deliberately decided to make these supporting citations as difficult as possible to find.

This has had the desired effect, diluting the importance of Minor v. Happersett in the national dialogue across the blogosphere’s political spectrum ever since. The end result: the one case which defines Natural Born Citizen was reduced to seeming irrelevance, and thus the conversation never got past doorkeepers already in Obama’s camp in the mainstream media.

Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do.


Seton Motley has his own link-fest going on at Big Government:

Obama’s leftist base is angry at the slow pace of the illegal implementation of Cap and Trade and Card Check.  They’re angry that ObamaCare isn’t single-payer (even though it pretty much is).  And on, and on, and on…

But there is one item on the leftist laundry checklist to which President Obama has remained obdurately faithful to the point of fact-excluding, willful ignorance. I give you: Green alleged “energy.” It’s not just the Administration slow-walking or outright denying petroleum drilling.  Obama has turned the federal treasury into a Crony Socialist green “energy” venture capital firm.

It began with the $60 billion allotted to green “jobs” in the grotesque 2009 “stimulus” bill.  We handed said titanic check to the self-avowed Marxist Truther, then-Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. Yes, that Jones; the one who’s built an entire fraudulent, anti-capitalism career on green “jobs” and green “energy”–who, at that “stimulus” time, admitted he couldn’t define what a “green job” is and that in fact no one could.

But despite that monstrous, wasted sum, it was Solyndra’s half a billion dollars down the rat hole that finally brought the green “energy” fraud to greater light. Solyndra makes expensive solar panels.  Obama knew going in that Chinese-subsidized solar panels would make Solyndra’s unsellable, but he put his head down (in the sand?) and shoveled the coin therein anyway. A Solyndra veep was an Obama campaign coin bundler, but I’m sure that was just a coincidence. The Solyndra mess only raised further our antenna to the green “energy” scam. The Administration followed it up with $1.2 billion in loans to Abengoa Solar (Panel)  Inc.  (Warning: the website is in Spanish.)

This brings us to the Fisker fraud, where we gave $529 million to a Finnish car company to make the hybrid Karma.  Never heard of that model?  Here’s why – the base price for this hybrid is $96,000. And you thought the $41,000 Chevy Volt was a bargain.  Fisker is yet another doomed-to-fail green “jobs” move the Administration blithely, vigorously defends. The lack of clarity on whether or not our coin created gigs here or in Finland is important but is by no means the only problem.  The overriding concern is (or should be):  after tens of billions of dollars of demonstrable green “job” failures, this Administration is still willing to waste even more of our coin thereon.

Which brings us to General Motors (GM), on whose bailout we are on the verge of losing about $15 billion.  Government Motors, as we said, sells Volt hybrids for $41,000.  Volt hybrids cost GM $41,000 to make. It’s a zero-sum, non-profit product. GM has sold less than 4,000 Volts thus far this year.  For reasons that surpass understanding, they are ramping up production to 60,000 vehicles next year.

Making an unprofitable car is bad; making fifteen times as many non-profit cars as you have sold is worse. Adding a similar hybrid to the Cadillac line is worse still. But GM is all the way down with the green “energy” scam, way beyond merely making non-profit lemons.

Read the whole thing. I know he took some time to put together that epic indictment of the Obama administration’s ‘Green Energy” wastefulness.


Over at PJ Media, Barry Rubin asks:Obama’s Foreign Policy: Manchurian Candidate or Keystone Kop?

How can we explain Obama’s behavior on the Middle East? I’m not the least bit surprised or baffled. I do not think the fact that this isn’t “treasonous” is a mitigating circumstance. Beyond a certain point, gross incompetence and systematic stupidity are inexcusable sins in politics even if not crimes. The sentence should be voting them out of office as soon as possible.

The great French diplomatist (and thoroughly evil human being) Charles de Talleyrand put it this way: “This is worse than a crime, it’s a blunder.” You can have some respect for an evil genius cleverly following his plan but none at all for a fool putting his country’s interests and the lives of millions of people at risk, refusing to change course even when his strategy is obviously failing.

You just have to sit at dinner with a State Department guy, for example, who tells you in great detail how the battle went within the bureaucracy over accepting Islamism as something good for the United States or watch how the CIA generated studies fixed to exclude truth in arguing Islamism isn’t a threat. It’s only mysterious if you don’t see it up close.


The Daily Caller: Sessions: Budget for food stamps ballooning out of control:

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions has set his sights on a federal government program that he says has quadrupled its cost during the last decade. This year the federal government is projected to spend $80 billion on food stamps. Sessions says the program’s cost has doubled in the last three years and is set to increase another 14 percent this year.

Sessions told The Daily Caller that no large government program’s cost has expanded as quickly as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamp program, which is dwarfing the budgets for other federal responsibilities.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is asking artists to design promotional posters that convey a message: “support American jobs.” The brutal irony for artists, however, is that they will receive no payment for their work.

The campaign, which has $61 million on hand, will reward only the three artists whose work is selected for use. The compensation? A copy of their artwork, signed by the president.

The Graphic Artists Guild isn’t pleased with the ask. On Saturday, the guild issued an open letter to the campaign voicing outrage over what it called a “shameful” competition.

“American artists should be outraged that our President does not recognize that we are entitled to be paid for our work, as are all Americans,” the guild wrote.

The Obama campaign’s request for submissions says that it “is seeking poster submissions from artists across the country illustrating why we support President Obama’s plan to create jobs now, and why we’ll re-elect him to continue fighting for jobs for the next four years.”

According to the guild, the award for the selected artists has no actual value, unless the recipient sells it.  The campaign estimates the signed artwork’s value would be approximately $195. The guild’s pricing guidelines suggest that the proper compensation for such artwork is approximately $4,000.


It’s nice to know that artists will not create Marxist agitprop without being properly compensated.


Breitbart TV: Project Veritas ‘To Catch A Journalist’: ‘If It’s Something You Don’t Want Published, We’ll Kill It’

The MSM in action.


Poor Michelle Malkin: Finding Marizela: The Dread Void of Uncertainty:

This is a sketch released by Lewis County, Washington authorities last week. It is a reconstruction of the facial features of skeletal human remains found on a logging road in April outside of Morton, WA. The small town is located about two hours south of Seattle. The remains are believed to be of a young woman of “small stature,” “possible mixed ethnicity,” and estimated to be in her 20s or 30s. It has haunted me the past four nights as I toggle back and forth obsessively between the artist’s rendering and the vivid, flesh-and-blood photos of my missing cousin, Marizela.


In case you missed it —Katie Pavlich at Townhall has GW’s perfect first pitch at the world series, last night: World Series Fans Yell “We Miss You George”:

Last night, former President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch for game 4 of the Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals World Series. Not only did Bush throw a perfect strike, but fans in the crowd were yelling, “We miss you George!” as he walked to the mound.

The top comment at YouTube says what everyone is thinking:

No matter what you think of GW (I think he’s a good guy), he can throw a baseball without looking like a girl …. unlike someone I know.

LOL: Ya gotta love RS McCain – when he goes in for someone – he is all in –100% in: Karl Rove Decides Popular Guy Leading All the Polls Can’t Possibly Win Election:

Remember that Karl is the guy who engineered George Bush’s landslide victory, by a margin of hundreds of votes, over the formidable Al Gore.

Let’s face it: Rove is a spokesman for the Romney campaign. And right now, I’m watching Chris Stirewalt on Megyn Kelly’s show declare that Cain’s alleged downfall “creates an opening for Rick Perry.”

Fox News: “Fair. Balanced. Don’t Think the Black Guy Can Win.” IYKWIMAITYD.

We’ll be laughing at this when I become Ambassador to Vanuatu.

Watch “the architect” in action at the link.

To be honest, Cain’s recent stumbles have me wondering if the naysayers are right. If  Cain is botching answers to basic questions, what happens when more challenging “gotchas” come down the pike? It’s very disconcerting, to say the least.

An upcoming “Lincoln/Douglas” style debate on November 5th between Cain and Gingrich could be do or die time for Cain, who has agreed to do it. And if he dies, who benefits most – Gingrich or Perry?

Sipsey Street Irregulars: “If they can’t kill you. . . they’ll make you crazy.” Behind the Scenes, the Cover-up Games Continue. Keep the whistleblowers in your prayers

A week ago Friday, I decided to have some new business cards made up at Staples. Dropping off the image, I was told that they would be ready Saturday morning. So, after I left the AGCA gun show early to visit with my daughter Zoe before she returned to college, about mid-day on the way home I stopped by to pick them up.

I observed to the counter guy that it looked like the whole order wasn’t there. He told me that someone had asked to see the order earlier representing himself as my “business partner” and had taken a few, saying that I wouldn’t mind.

Yep. Keep reading.


The latest on #Occupy Wall Street moonbattery at Left-wing Institute For Civil Discourse:

Video: Anarchy Prevails As #OccupyOakland Storms Chase Bank Branch:

The alliance of Communists, Anarchists, and terminally confused people who make up #OccupyOakland marched through town, Saturday,  and “occupied” an Oakland bank. According to the information accompanying the Youtube video, police moved in when protesters caused a ruckus inside the bank, throwing bank slips in the air. After a few minutes of this, the demonstrators returned to the streets,  leaving behind a few “to pick up bank slips from the floor.” (Yeah, right!) Police moved in to secure the bank, and locked those protesters inside.

 “With loud chants of “Let them go, let them go” from the street, those inside were allowed to leave and the march continued on to shut down a Wells Fargo Bank branch by surrounding it before returning to Oscar Grant Plaza.”

Video: Hostile #OccupyDayton Protester Accosts Photographer: ‘F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, And F*ck The Police’

Video: #OccupySF Protester – “We Need To Enact Change by Giving People The Right To Print Money”

#OccupyBoston Members Arrested For Selling Heroin – Lived In Tent With 6 Year Old

Video: NYU Professor Lectures #OWS On Bringing Down Capitalism

130 #OccupyChicago Protesters Arrested as Cops Clear Out Park

Zombie: Is Occupy Oakland as Bad as They Say? (The answer won’t surprise you.)

The main problem when communists and anarchists get together in the same revolution is that the communists are by nature so much more organized. As a result, they’re usually more visible, and the reporters (at least the ones not trying to paper over the whole thing) assume that the communists are dominant. The same is true at Occupy Oakland — the signage was about 50% communist/socialist, 25% anarchist/anti-authoritarian, and 25% incoherent/confused/personal. A casual observer would conclude that the protest was predominantly communist. But I suspect the anarchists and the crazies outnumber the actual communists, but they’re just not as good at advertising themselves.

Verum Serum:

Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Activity with 14 Year Old at Occupy Dallas

Video: Occupy Boston Vandalism of Banks

Occupy Vancouver Occupies Banks

Video: Occupy Wall Street Socialists Pwned by Russian Ex-Pat


Atlas Shrugs: Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-Linked CAIR’s Anti-American Prayers at #Occupy Wall Street

Townhall: Violent Crime Up in NYC as Police Distracted by OWS


THE PROBLEM WITH THE #OCCUPY MOVEMENT — NO EXIT STRATEGY: “You come, you conquer, and then time passes, protesters get dirty and ugly, internal divisions crack them up, the nearby residents get disgusted, the local businesses get mad, and then what? There’s isn’t going to be a revolution. It’s not Egypt. In the end, they’ll have to break up and go home. Or hope the cops come in and bust them up so they can end with a bang.”

Well, that’s one problem. The other is that the value of the sword of Damocles is that it hangs, not that it falls. Obama told Wall Street that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks. That scared them into line for a while. But now Wall Street’s sick of him, and doesn’t care. They’re not playing ball like they used to.

So he unleashed the pitchforks and what we got was the #occupy movement, a pathetic, and totally non-scary, embarrassment for the Democrats. Republicans are now hoping they’ll stay in place until November of 2012.

Hat tip: Brian B. for many of these stories.