Because I Always Expect A PRIVATE Institution to Accomodate My Different Faith When I Voluntarily Attend It…

Because it would be totally reasonable for me to attend a PRIVATE Islamic university and expect them to provide a chapel on the grounds for me, right? Right?

New charges have recently been filed against the [Catholic] University [of America] on counts of illegal discrimination against its Muslim and female students. The allegations are being reviewed by the District of Colombia Office of Human Rights (OHR), which has the strictest discrimination laws in the country. President John H. Garvey and the University is being urged to respond to the charges.


The official allegations claim that CUA, “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion,” according to a press release on

If I were the University Board of Regents, and the Provost, I think I’d come to the conclusion that perhaps there is no need for these students to return next semester. But maybe that’s because I know there would be no reciprocity at an Islamic University.

From the University’s Newspaper, The Tower.

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6 thoughts on “Because I Always Expect A PRIVATE Institution to Accomodate My Different Faith When I Voluntarily Attend It…

  1. O.K., I get the standard complaint by the Muslims who probably want a mosque – about the same size as the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – on the Catholic University campus as well as Halal food and foot washing facilities, Imams, etc. Outlandish and absurd but predictable. But what do the “females” want?


  2. What part of “Catholic” do they not understand? Were they perhaps ignorant of the fact that Catholicism believes, confesses, and teaches certain things?

    It seems typical of Muslims (who are not alone in this) to target an institution that they know full well is not 100% compatible with their beliefs, join up (or enroll – think “Trojan horse”), and then complain bitterly about the things that aren’t there that they knew beforehand weren’t there?

    In a reasonable universe, this case would be thrown out of court with prejudice (meaning it won’t be heard again), and the students dismissed.

    In other news, a group of Catholic students enrolled in an Islamic University (perhaps the King Saud University celebrated the dedication of a small Catholic chapel on the university grounds.


  3. I disagree, as a practicing Catholic I think we should accede to all of the Muslim students demands….

    …the very day the first Catholic Cathedral is blessed and dedicated in Saudi Arabia


  4. I was thinking more in terms of the first day Jews are not only allowed in a muslim university but a special room for their prayers, with a Star of David on the wall, is instituted, datechguy.

    And the really rankling thing is, they don’t see any hypocrisy in this at all!


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