Video: Issa and Gowdy Discuss Janet Napolitano’s Testimony on The Lou Dobbs Show

In case you missed it, I posted Big Sis’s unhelpful and testy testimony before the Judiciary Committee, yesterday, here.

Congressmen Issa and Gowdy talked about it, last night, on the Lou Dobbs Show, where Dobbs classified her as almost a “hostile witness”… Issa says he’s going to hold her to her promise to answer questions (she wasn’t prepared to answer in her testimony) in writing, and he vows to continue to investigate until he finds out who in the government is culpable for the criminal gunwalking.

The first segment of the video deals with another story I posted, yesterday: Border Agent Sent To Prison For “Violating Rights” of Drug Smuggler:

Hat tip: Sipsey Street Irregulars


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