Saturday Movie Matinee – Starring Herman Cain, Peter Schiff, Cornel West, Bill Whittle…

These two videos help explain why Herman Cain is catching on, and not going away any time soon:

Herman Cain in NW Arkansas ~ Believe ~ No Teleprompter ~ Just Heart:

Herman Cain back of the bus:

This vile, racist claptrap is what MSNBC calls “political analysis: Karen Finney: “Herman Cain Is A Black Man Who Knows His Place:

Via The Right Scoop: Peter Schiff owns Cornel West on Cooper Anderson 360:

The Simple Truth About Washington Regulations and Jobs:

PJTV: Afterburner with Bill Whittle: How to Steal Power:

This comes highly recommended by my daughter who is playing it in her orchestra class: Prelude For Strings/Gerald Finzi Boston String Players Conducted by Motoki Tanaka:

Fast forward to 2:00:

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