Video: Charles Krauthammer’s Take On The Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Allegations: “He’s Winging it”

Krauthammer made brilliant points, as usual, in commenting on the Politico sexual harassment story, on Fox New Special Report, today:

1. The settlement looks bad, but is in no way an admission of either guilt, or conclusive evidence that anything happened…..Corporations often make the calculation that it’s infinitely less expensive in terms of energy, reputation and money for a company to make something go away.

2. The problem for Cain is that he’s “winging it”…..He’s trying to handle everything as he remembers it. We saw him contradict himself on whether he knew about the settlement. He said at the beginning, no, then on the Greta Show he talks about details of it.

3. What he needs to do – (it’s not as if he’s lying) – I can’t remember what I had at lunch, yesterday, let alone what happened 15 years ago….He needs to retire with his staff, to make sure he knows the facts, call people who might remember it, and get the story in his own head straight, otherwise he’s in deep trouble.

I agree 100% – That’s actually good advice for Cain on any number of issues in which he’s been less than stellar.



6 thoughts on “Video: Charles Krauthammer’s Take On The Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Allegations: “He’s Winging it”

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  2. If Krauthammer were brilliant he would see this hit piece is more of the same Journo-listic rinse and repeat, but he won’t ever see becuase he is blinded by his arrogance.

    I’m not a Cain supporter but like WAPO hit piece on Perry, all Krauthammer is doing is defending bad journalism all around.

    And with enablers like Krauthammer, Conservatives have no voice against the vicious Left.


  3. It may be vicious, one-sided journalism, but it still needs to be answered to. There were settlements. As Krauthammer says, says, there may not be much, if anything to them, and he defends Cain on that point. But Cain needs to get his facts straight before he goes before the cameras and shoots off his mouth.

    People notice inconsistencies, and they need to be answered for.


  4. I thought it was interesting that on Hannity yesterday Bob Beckel(?), the liberal there, said he had been part of many campaigns and he thought this had all the signs of coming from another campaign.

    I guess if there was a settlement then something obviously went down….but it may have been another campaign That Brought It To The Surface.

    Agree that Cain needs to sit down with his staff and go over the details so he doesn’t dig himself in more over this.


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