RE: The Thug Who Pushed The Denver Cop’s Motorcycle: Frank Roper and his “Facial Lacerations”

Last weekend, we saw #OccupyDenver protesters skirmish with police in a melee that resulted in about six people getting arrested and pepper-sprayed.

One of the activists arrested was Frank Roper, after he pushed an officer’s motorcycle as it rode by:

Immediately after Roper shoved the officer’s bike, he was tackled to the ground and cuffed.

Here’s a typical left-wing description of what happened:

A Denver motorcycle policeman frustrated with protesters in his way decided to charge the impeding crowd with his motorcycle, running directly into Mr. Roper with his motorcycle. Mr. Roper reacted by shoving the motorcycle, followed by a brief sprint when he saw that the officer was turning around for him. Mr. Roper made it about 10 yards before being gang tackled by police and severely beaten resulting in multiple lacerations to his face. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Footage of the incident is in the sidebar.

Just look at the “multiple lacerations” on poor Frankie’s face, omg:

“Warning,” the blogger cautions us — this video is graphic because “Frankie’s face was split open”, and “due to the blows to his face that he received, he could not sit up — he basically passed out.” Frankie is “one of the more loveable protesters” he’s been following:

Now, we already knew that Frankie wasn’t “severely beaten” by police because videos had appeared on Youtube showing what happened after Roper and his friends crowded and obstructed the officer on the motorcycle. When the cop refused to yield, Roper angrily shoved the bike as it went by, then darted away with the cop in pursuit, who quickly tackled him like a linebacker. The police hogtied Roper’s hands and feet, and removed him from the park. There was no beating what-so-ever. The only question was, how did the lacerations get on his face – did he hit a jagged rock when he hit the ground?

Thanks to El Marco’s excellent camera work, we now have a much better idea of what happened at the October 29 “leftist lawfare campaign of uncivil agitation” in Denver:

Denver, like other cities that have Occupy manifestations, is faced by a core of protesters from anarchist groups, labor unions, and communist organizations, often obscuring their affiliations, mixed in with a mishmash of confused students, concerned citizen activists, children, and all sorts of evil clowns.

Not to mention zombies. Don’t forget the evil ZOMBIES:

It turns out, our “loveable” hero is a zombie practitioner of lawfare. Those gashes on his face were not the result of his scuffle with the police. It was ZOMBIE MAKE-UP.

El Marco reported:

He was released immediately from the hospital, as he was actually uninjured. No doubt the makeup is what got him into the hospital rather than into jail.

This is what the “loveable protester” had been up to earlier in the day:

Lawfare is “the use of law as a weapon of war.” It is one of several alternative war-making concepts outlined in a 1999 Chinese book that set forth new types of offensive actions available to an international actor that seeks to undermine a military force. The international left has become adept at using lawfare in many arenas including against law enforcement. Both congressman John Conyers and Weather Underground terrorist Bernadette Dohrn are or have been members of the guild. Radicals are trained to harass the police and disobey every attempt of law-enforcement to control a deliberately orchestrated volatile mob action.

The trouble started when El Comandante (above, to left of statue) veered off the permitted march route, gesticulating wildly that the marchers should follow him up the steps to the Capitol. This created confusion on Broadway, and split the march, with about half following El Comandante (Spendley), and the other half returning as planned to Civic Center Park.

The marchers around me verbally expressed surprise when El Comandante summoned them off the route to the park, and led them up to the Capitol Building. I estimate the entire march of October 29 to have numbered no more than 1,000 although the DLEM claims 2,000. Protesters told me earlier that OD’s permit was for a march to support medical marijuana legislation.

I scampered up the stairs and found that the verbal abuse of cops had already begun. The man on the right, with the kaffiya and armband, is an Occupy Denver “official security anarchist.” Frankie Roper can be seen, with the orange bandana, launching into his confrontation with State Troopers. The trooper walking towards the camera will soon be the target of Roper’s insanity. It seemed to me that the troopers were taken by surprise.

Jeannie Hartley [gave] instructions while Frankie hurls abuse at State Troopers. The National Lawyers’ Guild films the developing confrontation, looking for evidence to use against the troopers in court. Anarchists can be seen streaming forward, screeching, and soon the mob wil reach a number between 400 and 500, howling abuse at the troopers. I’m immediately struck by the zen-like calm and mild humor with which the troopers absorb the abuse without reacting.

Frankie Roper, zombie from Colorado Springs, made repeated attempts to push his way through the thin blue line. He soon singled out the thinnest part of the line, and possibly the oldest of the troopers, on whom he spewed very personal venom.

 The protesters were repeatedly told they were not allowed in or near the Capitol Building, as they had no permit to demonstrate there. Up and down the line, troopers were singled out by individual protesters, who concentrated on breaking through the line. The smiley-faced man in the center of the photo above is using a crossed-arm technique developed in Cuba by people to resist Fidel Castro’s goon squads. In Cuba, the difference being that the people are resisting totalitarian communist state agents, while here communists and anarchists are using it on police in an attempt to get their way by undemocratic means.

Roper repeatedly tried to advance through the line in order to provoke the police for the Lawyers’ Guild cameras, which were trained on this scene for over twenty minutes

The troopers really showed their training and courage as they held the line and waited for reinforcements. Note how the protesters carefully avoid laying hands on law enforcement. They have been schooled in the art of how to provoke by yelling, screaming, and shoving — right up to the line of what would be considered assault.

Can a regular citizen appreciate what these officers are now facing around the world from this Occupy movement? In Europe, officers are being butchered and incinerated (Rome: 40, Athens: 100′s) by Occupy communists and anarchists. While liberal polititians and media coddle and support the radicals, these officers’ lives will be in danger as this lunatic fringe gains ground.

The calm courage of the troopers only seemed to infuriate some of the protesters even more as they tried every foul combination of words to incite trouble.

Roper’s zombie buddies were also harassing individual officers. Hey liberals, try staring at a living, screaming, leftist zombie who’s showering spittle in your face for twenty minutes and see if you like it. Where is it written that a citizen has a right to do this to anyone?

Later on , one of the #OccupyDenver organizers, Jeannie Hartley appeared on Olbermann:

Olbermann: Tell me about the scene on Saturday. The protesters were described as unruly. Are the police being truthful in that statement?

Hartley: To be honest, I have to tell you what I saw. What I witnessed was not anyone being unruly. What I saw was several police officers chasing en masse into the park, running towards one little guy in a tree, and then chasing after another man and throwing him down onto the ground, and putting him in a choke hold, with officers surrounding him. I saw tear gas being dispersed, I saw rubber pellets being shot into the crowd towards people that from my vision were not being unruly. …who from where I was standing were not being unruly at all. We’d had a perfectly peaceful march a perfectly peaceful rally and it turned into something much worse.

… It was extraordinary, the amount of police force that was present, before anything was, by their definition, unruly…

KO: Is there any thought of going to the in Denver or the state courts?

H: Yes, That is something that is in the works. We have an amazing legal team. We are also working with the National Lawyer’s Guild. I can’t address (details) as I’m not an attorney, but I can promise you that’s in the works.

JH: People are in the streets because of injustice. So for the police force to inflict more injustice upon us is not going to make us leave, it’s going to make more people come into the streets.

When they say “Fox News lies”, you now know it’s pure projection, right?

Be sure to read El Marco’s full report. There’s much more.


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3 thoughts on “RE: The Thug Who Pushed The Denver Cop’s Motorcycle: Frank Roper and his “Facial Lacerations”

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  2. The “lacerations” were just like everything else about these “demonstrations” (more of an excuse to exhibit violent tendencies, but that’s another story): phony as a four-dollar bill with dear leader’s picture on it.

    Kinda fits with the entire scheme of this administration, doesn’t it?


  3. Perfect examples of the dregs of humanity…..the bottom was scraped and brought out (or paid) to protest.
    Love the look on that cop’s face in the last photo. I think he’s trying not to show how disgusted he is.


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