What A Real Mob Looks Like

#OccupyDC pic via The Daily Caller

RS McCain was in the thick of the action, last weekend in DC, when the #OccupyDC “hippie horde” mobbed attendees of the Americans For Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit. His first-hand account of what transpired and his additional thoughts can be read at the American Spectator: The Mob That Came To Dinner.



The rhythmic chant, kept in time by the accompaniment of a drummer, eventually deteriorated into chaotic shouting as the mob crowded around the entrance to the Washington Convention Center. A young woman held aloft her homemade 11-by-17-inch sign: “OCCUPY” with three red stars, a crude simulation of the District of Columbia flag. Flashes from dozens of digital cameras intermittently illuminated the frenzied scene by the glass doors, which were guarded by Metropolitan Police officers attempting to prevent the Occupy DC protesters from shoving their way inside.

“Peaceful! Peaceful!” some of the mob members shouted, as the self-declared “99 percent” were clearly on the verge of a full-scale riot Friday night outside the venue where the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Foundation was holding its annual Defending the American Dream Summit. Before the evening was over, elderly women attending the “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner would be shoved to the ground and three Occupiers would be struck by a car, but those incidents transpired later, after the protesters attempted to storm the doors of the Convention Center.

Here’s video taken by Kerry Pickett from the Washington Times:

Occupy DC protesters attempted to bust into the Washington DC Convention Center on Friday night, where an Americans for Prosperity dinner was taking place. Protesters aimed their ire at AFP donors Charles and David Koch throughout the night. Interestingly, David walked through the crowd of protesters with friends and associates of his and went completely unnoticed by the Occupy DC crowd. I captured video of a throng of protesters trying to muscle past security at the DC Convention Center to no avail.

Twenty two year old Laurel Buckley also wrote of her struggle to leave the convention center after a long, tiring day of “meeting endless individuals to plead for names, email addresses, and donations to the 501(c)(3) that I work for.”

I’m directed to yet another exit. Picking up my load I follow several terrified elderly women being helped by their senior husbands up stairs, through a corridor, and down another flight of stairs only to face another door full of twenty-somethings blocking the exit.

At this point I was getting a little irritated. An irritation that grew when I was pushed back inside and had fists shaken in my face by men much bigger and physically stronger than me. I know D.C. is not known for its chivalry, but never before in my life have I faced little boys, posing as men, using physical force to intimidate women. Perhaps it was the long workday, perhaps it was the wine from dinner, maybe it was my feet tired from walking all over the D.C. convention center in heels, but this was the point at which I lost it. I screamed in frustration for these little punks to quite protesting and get a job. I yelled for them to just let me go home after doing an honest day’s work. I received the mature response of curses, being flipped off, and the ever so classy, chest exposure. (What does that even mean?)

Finally, I was directed to an open exit. Out the building and on my way home. Past a group of young male protesters, still hurling their insults.

All I could think was what a waste. What did this pathetic protest accomplish? Occupy D.C., was it your mission to terrify elderly women? Was it your goal to make a 22-year-old, unarmed woman fear leaving work and getting home on her own — in her own neighborhood? Was it to entrap hundreds of convention goers inside the convention center so that next time you could burn the place down with them inside?

If I could I would have told them: I hope I’m not the only one-percenter. I will go to bed tonight praying that there are no more that 1% of you in the world. Because if I have to believe that there are more like you, more selfish punks with a complete, criminal disregard for other people, I dread what the future holds in store for our generation — and our country.

78-year-old Dolores Broderson was one of two women injured by the protesters outside the Americans for Prosperity Dinner, Friday night. She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.

According to The Daily Caller Koch group staffers and event attendees say  911 hung up On them four times during occupy DC mob:

“I was about to call ‘show’ and realized that we had a lot of protesters during the middle of program,” Engdahl said in a Saturday afternoon interview. “We realized it had gotten to the point where, even though the convention center had been calling and working with [Metropolitan Police Department], we needed to call them and make sure we had a game plan for people to get out of the building safely and back to their rooms or to their home.”

Engdahl said she called 911 in the middle of the show and told them the protesters appeared organized with a plan of attack as they had all the convention center exits blocked.

“I did mention [on the 911 call] how coordinated I thought the protesters’ effort was, as well as how ill-prepared both MPD and the Convention Center were in communicating together on how best to solve the problem,” she explained.

“I said that I didn’t want it to rise to where we had a confrontation or other problems – and they hung up on me,” Engdahl said, adding that she and other AFP staffers and volunteers had made at least four 911 calls from inside the convention center asking for help.

Remember how we laughed when the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) kept saying the Tea Party was a “mob”.

Remember how we giggled when Team Obama called out the SWAT team to restrain the Quincy’s geriatric  tea partiers?:

Regardless of the incessant MSM scaremongering,  the tea party never erupted into violence. Not once. The very idea was mock-worthy and mock we did.

Now, tea partiers, after years of being accused by liberals in the media of being on the verge of mob violence,  are treated to the spectacle of the same  MSM down-playing the truly grotesque, and scary mob behavior of the #Occupy crowd.

How much MSM play did  the #OccupyDC mob violence get over the weekend? I’m guessing what little coverage it got was cushioned with assurances that the #occupy movement is “mostly peaceful”.

Why does the MSM keep downplaying the violence at these  protests?

In his post about the need for rape shelters at #OWS protests, even Allahpundit is floored by the galling  media double standard:

This can’t be repeated enough: With a few exceptions, foremost among them the New York Post, the coverage of OWS protests compared to the coverage of tea-party protests is the worst media double standard in recent history.

I’ve been tracking it all at Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse, and trust me, this is not a peaceful, mainstream movement.   There’s so much insanity happening on so many fronts, I’ve been struggling to keep up. I’ve added a new feature – Moonbat Headlines which can be seen at the top of the right sidebar. (I’ve also expanded header.)

As RS McCain summed up in his post at The American Spectator, the Occupy movement’s claim to represent the economic grievances of the American majority is belied by their thuggish behavior.

Their convergence at the AFP event only accentuated the contrast between the protest mob’s barbarism and the civilized behavior of their targets. The Tea Party represents the law-abiding, tax-paying, middle-class mainstream while Occupy DC represents an unpopular radical fringe. Despite their chants, the Occupiers are not the 99 percent, and perhaps not even 9 percent.

Yet a recent online poll of 1,005 American adults reveals that 35 percent still have a positive impression of the Occupy movement, while just 29 percent hold a favorable view of the tea party. A result that sick and  twisted does not happen without a lot of help from the MSM.

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