Video: Lie Detecting Speech Software Shows Cain To Be “Totally Truthful” – His Accuser – Not So Much

Maybe I’m naive, but one of the reasons I’ve wavered back and forth on whether Herman Cain is guilty or not of these sexual harassment allegations, is because it’s so hard for me to imagine that someone would just make something like this up. Especially an alleged “tea party Republican”. How evil and money grubbing must you be to fabricate a story that smears an innocent man’s name like this? It’s mind boggling to me.

A private investigator tested Cain’s and Bialek’s assertions with the latest law enforcement technology – a tool that shows when someone is lying with a 95% success rate. Nearly 70 law enforcement agencies nationwide use the voice software. After testing Cain’s voice from his news conference the other day,  the investigator is convinced that Cain believes what he says. He say’s “there is no doubt Cain is innocent”.

CBS ATLANTA reports:

Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.

Cain denied making any sexual actions towards Sharon Bialek and vowed to take a polygraph test if necessary to prove his innocence.

Cain has not taken a polygraph but Ward said he does have software that does something better.

Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people’s voices.

CBS Atlanta’s Mike Paluska played Cain’s speech for Ward into the software and watched as it analyzed Cain’s every word.

If he is hiding something this thing would have spiked way down here,” said Ward.  “He is being truthful, totally truthful.  He is a man with integrity and he talked directly about not knowing any incident he is accused of.”

Bialek’s story gets a very different reaction.

During the section of Bialek’s news conference where she says, “He suddenly reached over put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head brought it towards his crotch.”

During the analysis of that section the software said “high risk statement.”  Ward said that means she is not  telling the truth about what happened.

“I don’t think she is fabricating her meetings,” said Ward.  But, she is fabricating what transpired.”

Of course she’s fabricating. We knew everything we needed to know when she retained Gloria Allred. My God, why did I ever doubt it?

I’ve heard some Republicans say in recent days that Herman Cain needs to do a press conference with his wife standing at his side, facing the allegations together. How dare they. What if she’s a shy woman who, while convinced of his innocence, is mortified by these allegations? What if the limelight doesn’t appeal to her – especially a limelight trained on her face while these lurid allegations are recounted for her reaction? No sir. That’s a private decision I would not second guess.

What I’m now convinced we have been witnessing is a well orchestrated smear campaign against Herman Cain. That was my first impression and first impressions are usually right.

The anonymous allegations turned out to be baseless. The women who have gone on the record have turned out to have troubled histories that affect their credibility.

The other day, I said, “If these allegations against Cain are false, a monumental injustice has been done not only to an innocent man, but to the entire country denied the opportunity to vote for him. If they are true, well –  I don’t want to see a serial lecher and liar become the Republican standard bearer.”

Well, we don’t have a serial liar or lecher on our hands with Cain – we’re seeing a monumental smear campaign against an innocent man. The only question is whether the smears are coming from the Republican establishment or the left-wing smear machine, and I’m betting on the latter.


John Nolte, Big Journalism: Columbia Journalism Review Slams Politico’s ‘Frenzied, Single-Minded Focus’ On Herman Cain

Now that we’re learning something aboutCain’s accusers and how the National Restaurant Association settlements agreements were handled, Politico’s unwillingness to give us specific details in that mega-story of theirs is starting to make some sense, at least to me.

What we’re now discovering is that the facts are much less troubling than what was ginned up in our collective imaginations that were fueled only by Politico’s maddeningly vague allegations and innuendo. So now you have to wonder if the 144 story (and counting) feeding frenzy Politico ’s journOlisted up over the last ten days wasn’t all smoke and mirrors designed to cover up the fact that their original story was nowhere near worthy of the Normandy-like roll out they organized and commanded.

The there just isn’t there.


Cain has started his own equivalent of Obama’s “Fight The Smears” campaign website: CainTruth: Getting The Truth Out About Herman Cain.

In Obama’s case, the website was launched to control the damage truthful stories were having on his candidacy. With the MSM’s help, it was an  effective tool at beating back the truth.

CainTruth, on the other hand, really is about fighting unfair smears like these perverted sexual allegations. With an MSM all too willing to do Obama’s bidding this campaign season, it’s a much needed development:

An official campaign effort, Cain Truth is a blog-style website built directly by the Cain campaign itself.  The featured headline is, “Who is Sharon Bialek?”, while another article displays Mr. Cain’s statement on the allegations advanced by “activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.”

Clearly, the Cain campaign is attempting to sustain the momentum that it has picked up in recent weeks while directly confronting the allegations that have been directed toward Mr. Cain.

Hat tip: Charles B.

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41 thoughts on “Video: Lie Detecting Speech Software Shows Cain To Be “Totally Truthful” – His Accuser – Not So Much

  1. I’ve been so conflicted about this. I like Cain, but so many stories were coming out at once – I thought, “what if there’s something to them?” I’m now ashamed of myself for even considering it.
    Cain’s campaign continues to make gaffes, that should be our primary concern – not this BS.


  2. The single greatest thing that can be accomplished this election cycle is to get to the bottom of the smear & identify the participants. And behind Ms. Bialek stands David Axelrod. She said they’ve seen each other at their apartment’s gym, etc. & it seems she’d be the type that would love to diss with him about how she knew +/- followed Herman Cain. Alexrod would certainly use that information.

    It’s in liberals’ interest to take Cain out in the primaries and ASAP because of the liberal plantation phenom and the hyperbole that was already arising from those protected corners of arrogance i.e. Belaphonte et. al. Team Obama need to be careful how they play the sleaze card against Cain, though, and IMO are trying to do Anita Hill ++ in ways they think that Anita Hill didn’t work – not because Anita Hill’s charges were worthy but that she wasn’t a white blonde lady for Republicans to take true “offense” to (in their tainted view of things), or that they needed more than one accuser before so they needed to have them at the ready here and to do so under the cover of other competing (Republican) camps (not unlike how Hillary’s ops would function during the 2008 Democrat primaries).

    There are certainly meetings + discussions and e-mails, etc., that would track Bialek’s “discovery” before she arrived at the waiting door of Gloria Alred. If the story behind the story here comes to light it will expose an inevitable part of things that always hide behind the left’s total contempt for black conservatives … along with their media cohorts – would be an exceptional exercise for the American people to see & not unlike the exposing of Dan Rather’s fake national guard letters.


  3. “How about some comments, morons.”

    How about some ValuRite Vodka, bacon and Hobo Pelts?
    You don’t really think we hang around Ace’s place because we like him…do ya?

    Oh yeah…we are witnessing the Palinization of Cain. Expect to see his poll numbers improve.


  4. I’m not happy with Cain as a Presidential candidate, since his foreign policy expertise is zero. He makes Sarah Palin look like John Bolton. But I think he’d make a very strong VP.

    As far as the allegations, they were all weak and hewed suspiciously closely to the liberals’ stereotype of the worst fears of racist white GOP members.


  5. Apparently you’ve been able to retain some vestige of rose colored glasses if you find it difficult to believe that people will lie for the strangest, inexplicable, stupid, venal and just plain incomprehensible reasons.

    Money, fame (actually notoriety in this case), payback, assumed insult, or “it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

    Talk to street level LE in any large city and they could tell you stories (if privacy laws and legal bars didn’t prevent them) about the truly ridiculous things human beings get up to for a widespread of reasons (and some you’d never have thought of in a million years).


  6. They must have been sorely disappointed at the lack of reaction from the Right. Most people were dismayed but still supportive of Cain.

    If this lie detector story holds up, the backlash is going to launch Cain to the front of the pack again.


  7. I wavered. I’ve gone back and forth. Not any more. Yeah, I guess I’m naive – I’ve been out of the work force for awhile as a stay at home mom. If it had been just one or two allegations, it could have been easily explained away. But we were starting to see “bimbo eruptions” not unlike Bill Clinton’s and I wasn’t just going to circle the wagons like the liberal nags did without knowing for sure. Now I’m pretty damn sure this was a very well orchestrated smear campaign.


  8. I just smoked 40 lbs of bacon yesterday and made a bacon, egg and cheese toasted sandwich this morning. Damn it was good! IRT to Cain, the left is showing once again who they really fear to take on the SCOAMF.


  9. This technology is going to change a lot of things, isn’t it? I have no illusions that conservatives are all pure and liberals are all vile, but I think we are entering an era where the substantive differences between the way the two interact with the media and the public are going to become very apparent. Having the media in their pocket has allowed the liberals to become cavalier about needing to respect the truth, and perceptiveness of their audience. That time is coming to an end, and Ipredict that its end is going to also be the end more than a few careers.


  10. I love the idea of everybody having access to this technology. How wonderful it would be to have the software running during some of Obama’s speeches? . Obama would never have gotten any support for ObamaCare if his dozens of speeches were deemed “fabrications”. Shit, he would never have been elected.

    “Bill Ayers was someone who did despicable things when I was 8 years old, who I occasionally crossed paths with.”
    Uh huh.


  11. I have lie detection figured out. If Cain’s lips are moving he is speaking the truth. If Obama’s lips are moving he is lying.


  12. Ace may not like Cain, but he’s been fair. I understand his criticism – I agree with a lot of it. I just happen to think he – and perhaps Gingrich are the strongest players on the field. Cain may be ignorant on a number of issues, but he’s not stupid. He’s really very intelligent, and he’s a good guy, damnit. I should never have doubted him. What they’re trying to do to him is such a travesty.

    Cain will surround himself with good people. I have no doubt that he’s up for the job.

    Sorry, I’ve never been impressed with Perry.


  13. This story would be nice if it were true. Voice stress analysis is not even as useful as the polygraph. The technology has been thoroughly tested and is not employed in any useful capacity for good reason. I direct you to research the Department for Works and Pensions in the UK for an example.


  14. The investigator in this story said it was better than a polygraph with a 95% accuracy rate. That’s useful as far as I’m concerned.
    It’s already being used in 70 law enforcement agencies, nationwide.
    I wonder what stake you have in downplaying it’s effectiveness.


  15. I wish that VSA was 95% accurate, unfortunately it’s not. Mr.Ward is seriously overstating the capabilities of this technique and doing Herman Cain a disservice in my belief. I posted to urge restraint with this point, it doesn’t hold water. Besides there is enough factual evidence stacking up against the accusers and this orchestrated smear campaign to back up Cain.


  16. Once again, we can see the usual evil Democratic pattern emerging before the 2012 election – the politics of personal destruction – being heaped upon Republican Conservative presidential candidate, Herman Cain. But stay tuned! Thanks to this excellent information and Ann Coulter’s research: Human Events: David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehaviorby Ann Coulter., the Demoncrat secretive plan is unraveling!

    These women must have been paid A LOT OF MONEY to agree to do such an awful thing to Herman Cain. I wonder if the joint news conference will actually occur with all of the so-called “victims” in these false allegations? The women who wanted to remain anonymous might be having second thoughts now that they are being shown the sleezy connections between Bialek, that other woman who works in the Obama Administration, and Axelrod.

    Question: Now that we see these obvious connections, could all of this simply be a coincidence? I don’t think so!


  17. Several things made me suspicious- the fact that all the accusations came from the same very, very tiny window of time in Cain’s long, distinguished career. All of them come from people who have Chicago connections.

    The idea that out of absolutely *nowhere*, with, according to his accuser, *nothing* leading up to it, this fifty year old professional suddenly yanks a woman’s head down toward his lap while he sticks his hand up her dress and reaches as far as she says he did- it just does not pass the smell test. Not at all.

    The fact that one of his accusers said she would be glad to say more if she could be released from her nondisclosure agreement – and then when the restaurant association almost immediately did release her, she did not want to say more after all.

    I disagree that Ace was fair. He was all Cain harassment stories, where there’s smoke there’s fire, all the time.


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  19. nicedeb said, “The investigator in this story said it was better than a polygraph with a 95% accuracy rate. That’s useful as far as I’m concerned.”

    Well, if he said it, then it must be true. So long as he is siding on behalf of Cain, what more evidence do you need?!


  20. My gut said this was much ado about nothing, as well. The left hates Cain. They aren’t too thrilled with Perry, either.

    I pointed out to my son the other day that Cain and Perry were coming under heavy fire from the media while Romney and Gingrich were not.

    What does that tell you?


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  22. Did you notice that the software has a setting for male and female voices? Why was the setting on male when they tested Sharon Bialek’s voice? Was that a mistake, video edit, or intentional? Curious.


  23. The trail will surely lead back to Astroturf Axelrod. It’s too bad suing for defamation is perceived to be in such poor taste, in this case, anyway.

    And Newt? He’s forgotten more than our Nobel-prize-winning glorious leader ever knew. I’d love to see Duh-1 try to keep up with Newt in a debate. Even if Obhammud could complete a sentence without any uhhs, ahhhs or uh-uh-uh-uhs, the content of the sentence would compare to an eighth-grader’s content in some speech on a subject he doesn’t know and has no interest in.

    Come to think of it, that IS what Duh-1’s extemporaneous speeches sound like! Wonder if that’s because he talks about things he doesn’t know and has no interest in. Ya think?


  24. This will really raise the polls in favor of Cain, with a proof like this I pity the man and for everything that he has been through because of all these sexual harassment allegations. I almost believed that the accusations were true and I’m glad something like this came up to prove him innocent. Well, an UP for the 999 tax plan (review it in detail here: )


  25. Before doing any lie-detector test you need to determine if the person can lie withou detection. I have teken a polygraph and it started with me saying Yes to all questions so that the operator could see if he gets a reaction when a lie is told. Honest people react even when it is understood that they are not really trying to decieve when responding Yes to the question. “Are you Martian?”. It would be very interesting to see if Cain can fool a lie detector and that can be determined very quickly.


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  27. Dougtheavenger, Cain stays on message. He is not a “Martian.” He is an “A-B-C” (American Black Conservative).


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