Video: #OccupyDenver Moonbats Invade #BlogCon11

One arrest has been made (thus far)

This guy appeared to be the leader, he led the chants

We knew they were coming but the disheveled horde from OccupyDenver occupied the lobby, at the Crowne Center Hotel here at BlogCon a little sooner than we had bargained for. Expected at 5:00pm, they invaded BlogCon at approximately 2:00pm.

Pandemonium ensued, with camera lights flashing on both sides, cameras trained on each other. For some reason, the occupiers were preoccupied (no pun intended) on the Koch brothers, who help fund Americans For Prosperity, not Freedomworks.

Part one:

Part two:

I’m still uploading – more pictures and videos to come.


Part three:

Part Four:

Featuring one of the occupiers getting arrested.

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#BlogCon 2011 To Be Protested by #OccupyDenver

In case you’re wondering about the dearth of posts, today, I’m spending the weekend in Denver for BlogCon 2011.

Last night many of the bloggers met for drinks at The Falling Rock Tap House. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Peter Ingemi, aka DaTechGuy.

DaTech Guy tips his fedora

Sitting across from me, were Lori Byrd, and Stephen Kruiser:

And sitting beside me was Jeff Dunetz, Yid With Lid.

Today, we got news that #OccupyDenver plans to protest us at BlogCon.

What could be better news for a room full of bloggers than the prospect of  dynamite blog content courtesy of #OccupyDenver? And how convenient that we don’t have to seek out their squatters camp – they’re coming to us.


Photo taken by Jim Hoft

They’re planning to stop by at 5:00 pm, today. Stay tuned.

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OccupyDenver Moonbats Invade BlogCon