Fiancee who Came to Cain Accuser, Bialek’s Defense – Not Actually Her Fiancee

Five days ago, it was widely reported that Mark Harwood,  the financee of Sharon Bialek, one of the Cain accusers who went public, was  gallantly coming to his beloved’s defense. An interview that was picked up by scores of media outlets, lent credibility to her story, even as damaging reports about her personal history was struggling for media attention. A few days ago, it was revealed that new lie detector technology had indicated that her story was a  lie.

Now, Harwood wants to “clear the air”, Fox Nation reports:

For starters, Sharon Bialek isn’t his fiancee, said Mark Harwood in an exclusive interview on Wednesday night.

“We were engaged last year in June but I think there have been some assumptions that Sharon still lives here in Mundelein with me” Harwood told the I-Team. “Sharon and her son moved out in February of this year and now live in their own home … so effectively we’re no longer engaged.”

RS McCain notes that the MSM made a point of mentioning Harwood was financially secure, living very comfortably in an affluent neighborhood. Ben Smith, for instance, reported in the Politico:

In fact, per the Tribune, she’s living with her fiance, described as an executive in the medical equipment industry, in “a large, five-bedroom home… in north suburban Mundelein.”

Although McCain isn’t sure this has any particular significance, it does make one go “hmmmmm”.
It was Thursday before WLS-TV got this interview, so that little bit of misinformation got corrected by the local ABC station in Chicago, three crucial days after it had been widely reported and woven into the media narrative as evidence of Bialek’s credibility.

Like I said: Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

Hat tip: Brian B.

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5 thoughts on “Fiancee who Came to Cain Accuser, Bialek’s Defense – Not Actually Her Fiancee

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  2. Let’s see. “5 days ago…” would be last Tuesday at the latest, Monday more probably.

    “…in an exclusive interview on Wednesday night. That was a full three days ago, from right now.

    “It was Thursday…” That was two full days ago.

    And this is the first anyone outside, of any significant amount of people have even heard of this?

    And when does the Politico write a correction to the stories they’ve published? I’ll bet it isn’t any sooner than Rather confesses that even if he thinks the crux of a story is correct but is factually wrong, the story is flat-out wrong and not to be used as hard news. And has Politico done any investigations into how bank accounts of accusers have been swollen since coming forward (or in the week or two before coming forward), and where those deposits came from? Hmmmm.


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  4. After Cain and Bialek both went through the lie detector test it was “case closed” for me. It was clear that the allegation was not true and the accuser was doing it to earn some money. So the Cain campaign and his 999 tax plan ( ) is still a go.


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