Video: “Blacklash” and “Runaway Slave” Promoted at BlogCon 2011

Deneen Borelli of Project 21, and  FreedomWorks,  has authored an upcoming book,  Blacklash: How the Left Is Driving Americans to the Government Plantation. In this clip I took at BlogCon 2011, Deneen was talking about the horrific abuse black conservatives take from liberals for leaving the government plantation.

Here’s an example of what Deneen’s had to put up with from libs over the years. The title gives you all the indication you need to ascertain how execrable the trash is that’s posted within: Black Tea-Bagging: ‘Nigger’ Deneen Borelli Please!

Memo To Sean Hannity and Fox News: If you want to use blacks to disparage other blacks, please select “pretty looking” ones — and by pretty I do not necessarily mean “pale skinned” for there are millions of dark, chocolate skinned beauties roaming these United States. An ugly Auntie-Tom will never “convince” any person of color. Deneen Borelli can rightfully criticize the black community like many of us do, for we are not perfect — but joining the Republican | Tea-Party ORGY of racism & bigotry to disparage, ridicule and demean fellow people of color — is utterly despicable, and Treasonous!

This is the sort of unhinged hatred and smear-mongering leftists reserve for for blacks who have left the Democrat plantation. Of course, smeared right along with them, are conservative whites, who are accused of being a part of an” orgy of racism and bigotry” without any evidence to back up such an outrageous claim.

At BlogCon, AlfonZo Rachel of Macho Sauce Productions, and Deneen Borelli introduced a showing of the Runaway Slave movie trailer, which I’ll be debuting here, Monday. Until then, to whet your appetite, here are a couple of trailers that are already on YouTube.

The central figure in the movie is C.L. Bryant, a professed, “runaway slave”.

This former president of the NAACP’s Garland, Texas Chapter, self-professed “Democratic Radical” and former host of television’s Focus on Reality (a Golden Cassette Award winner) and numerous radio shows since 1980, now believes the values that he once vehemently upheld has led the Black community into a state of bondage to the US government.

Runaway Slave is set to be released in theaters January 13, 2012, the weekend of Martin Luther King’s birthday.


4 thoughts on “Video: “Blacklash” and “Runaway Slave” Promoted at BlogCon 2011

  1. And one has to know that this movie will be portrayed in the LSM as the most vile, racist and bigoted film made since “Huck Finn” and/or “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

    It’s too bad they can’t see the deep-seated anger every lib has for dem po’ dumb folk who cain’t even follow instructions, or the bottomless bigotry such an attitude displays…


  2. We saw a 20 minute trailer of the movie at BlogCon -it’s a powerful indictment of the Dem Mob party. If libs are able to watch it with an open mind, it has the potential to change some minds. Knowledge is power, and people have been deliberately misinformed for a long time.


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