BlogCon Odds and Ends

Conservative conferences are always a whirlwind of activity from start to finish and BlogCon 2011 was no different. In between the initial blogger meet-up at The Falling Rock Tap House, Thursday night to the Kruiser Kabana on Sunday night,  we managed to attend a very well organized, well managed, and well attended conference for conservative bloggers and activists. Major Kudos go to Tabatha Hale for doing such a stellar job putting it all together.

Friday night, a group of about twelve of us (including 3 women) went to dinner at The Yard House. Unfortunately, the wait was so long,  a few of them had to leave. That left me with the motley crew of Ace of Spades HQ, Weasel Zippers, John Sexton of Verum Serum, Exurban John of The Goldwater Institute and Gabriel Malor -who’s camera shy. BlogCon 2011 is the first time I’d had the pleasure to meet Weasel Zippers. He was a complete sweetheart.

This picture of the guys at dinner is very fuzzy – which is just how I’m sure these guys like it.

left to right, Ace, Zip, John Sexton, Exurban John, and Gabe’s arm.

The Blogging As Activism panel: Moe Lane, Jim Hoft, and Pamela Geller, moderated by Dana Loesch, Saturday afternoon:

I really should have taken more video of this panel. Geller, in particular was a spitfire.

Here are the closing comments by Dana Loesch: “We’re Fighting For Tomorrow’s History”:

Right after this panel, Hoft and Geller boogied down to #OccupyDenver to mess with the confused neocoms. Pics and video here or here. Seriously, they really boogied.

Saturday night in the lounge with Kristina Ribali of FreedomConnector, Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank, and Michelle Malkin:

Also Sat. night in the lounge:

Lorie Byrd, John Hawkins, and Tabitha Hale

Saturday night, my son and his girlfriend, who go to college at Co State University in Fort Collins, picked me up to go out to dinner. We found a nice little Peruvian restaurant, with a nice little Peruvian llama near the entrance:

All conservative conferences end at the Kruiser Kabana, courtesy of the always entertaining and hospitable Stephen Kruiser – sorry, I didn’t have my camera or I would have taken  picture of Ben Howe gulping down straight honey to soothe his sore throat. He has lost his voice on Friday, from yelling too loudly at the  #OccupyDenver hippies.

See also:

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6 thoughts on “BlogCon Odds and Ends

  1. Deb, I visit your blog frequently and find it very informative and enjoyable reading.
    Today I enjoyed your write-up/pics re. BlogCon 2011. You guys are our Conservative “rock stars”. Believe it, and keep up the excellent work!


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