Cooking With The Troops Fund-Raiser (With Video)

Bruce McQuain of The Washington Examiner, Qando, The Greenroom, Questions and Observations, Pundit Review and Blackfive, recently wrote me about a wonderful charity he and fellow Blackfivers,  Blake Powers and Bob Miller are involved with.  They started Cooking With The Troops, a program whose mission is “to provide comfort, nutrition, and hope through four major programs.”
McQuain wrote:
I was at their event at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Tx this summer and witnessed what they do first hand.  We fed 300 of our wounded warriors and their families for 2 meals at the Wounded Warrior Transition center.  They also kicked off their new Homefront program where they teach service members and their families how to cook good food on a budget instead of relying on fast food.
Here’s a video they made of the event:

The fund raiser will run from Veteran’s day (11th) to Thanksgiving day.  You can donate, here.

It really is simple: Donate so we can help the wounded, their families, and the U.S. and Allied troops on the line.  There is no such thing as too small a donation, because they all can and do add up into something grand.  So, please don’t hesitate as all are appreciated and needed!

To give you an idea of what your donations can mean:
$10:  covers the costs of napkins for a typical event
$20:  covers the costs to feed a meal to a wounded warrior or family member at a European event
$50:  covers the cost of disposable plates for an event
$100:  covers the cost of drinks for a typical event
$250:  covers the cost for all paper goods at an event
$500:  covers most or all of the cost of meats for a typical barbecue
$1,000:  covers most or all of the cost of airfare to send a guest chef to a European event

Expect a few more  posts from me,  pushing the program in the coming days, so they can expand to other military bases, etc.


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