Court Order Allows #OWS Squatters To Return To Park – Bloomberg Plans To Fight It (With Video) UPDATED

This video features one of  America’s favorite #OWS trust fund hippies:

Approximately 70 #OWS squatters were arrested, early this morning as hundreds of police in riot gear raided the Zuccotti park, but hours later, the Marxist National Lawyers Guild obtained a court order allowing the protesters to return with their tents to the park, where they have camped for two months.

Fox News Reports:

The guild said the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on the protesters who are now looking for squatters rights, despite park rules banning camping overnight.

Bloomberg said the city knew about the court order but had not seen it and would go to court to fight it. He said the city wants to protect people’s rights, but if a choice must be made, it will protect public safety.

By 9 a.m., the park was power-washed clean by sanitation workers. Police in riot gear ringed the public space, waiting for orders to reopen it.

The city told protesters they could come back after the cleaning, but under new tougher rules, including no tents, sleeping bags or tarps, which would effectively put an end to the encampment if enforced.

“The law that created Zuccotti Park required that it be open for the public to enjoy for passive recreation 24 hours a day,” Bloomberg said. “Ever since the occupation began, that law has not been complied with, as the park has been taken over by protesters, making it unavailable to anyone else.”

Concerns about health and safety issues at Occupy Wall Street camps around the U.S. have intensified, and protesters have been ordered to take down their shelters, adhere to curfews and relocate so that parks can be cleaned.

Is NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg actually showing signs of intestinal fortitude?He’s gonna need it. These cockroaches aren’t going to stop infesting the park without a huge fight.


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