Herman Cain Receiving Secret Service Protection Effective Today – The Only Republican Candidate Under Protection, Thus Far (Updated)

At the request of the Cain campaign:

“We are protecting Herman Cain,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said Thursday night. He said the decision was made by Homeland Security “Secretary Napolitano, at the request of the Cain campaign and in consultation with the Congressional advisory committee.”

“The authority was given to the Service to protect Herman Cain [beginning] today,” Donovan said.

Asked about the decision to protect Cain about a year before the general election, Donovan said: “Historically, it’s not that unusual.” The Secret Service spokesman noted protection was granted to Jesse Jackson at a similar point during his two campaigns, to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) in October 1979 and to a variety of candidates at a similar point in the 1976 cycle.

Donovan declined to say whether any threats prompted the decision to protect Cain, who at this point is the only candidate under protection other than President Barack Obama. “We don’t discuss the deliberations on which an assessment is made,” the spokesman said.

I think there’s a strong implication, here, that credible threats have been made.

Death threats against Cain, who had been experiencing a bounce in the polls, triggered the request, according to an official with knowledge of the situation who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the situation.

Cain’s campaign had no immediate comment.

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A new Cain web-ad via TheHermanCain on Youtube:
Cain was in Concord, New Hampshire, today, where sat down with News 9, and “showed some vulnerability. “
Cain said he is focused on the economy and his plan to fix it.”Uncertainty is what’s killing this economy from the national level all the way down to the local level,” he said. “Jobs, jobs, jobs — and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.“In a conversation with News 9, Cain showed some vulnerability, choking up when he started talking about his faith, his wife and her role during a possible inauguration.”I almost can’t say it,” he said. “Holding the Bible when I’m sworn in. It’s emotional.”Cain later said the rigors and scrutiny of the campaign has been tough on those around him.”If I ever reached a point where this campaign became damaging to my family, my wife and my family, I’m not a quitter, but there is a point beyond which you will not go,” he said.At a rally in Nashua, Cain responded to criticism that he lacks foreign policy experience.

I saw Cain choke up the same way during his speech at Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis, last summer. He was speaking about a 14 year old girl he had met at one of his campaign stops who had led a very tough life, and ran away form home with her little brother because he was being abused – they lived on the streets before being adopted.

I don’t see these moments as signs of weakness – but of moral strength. When a man his age is still able to choke up like that – it just means he has a big heart. This is one of the reasons I love Herman Cain.

Found the video, it starts at the  :25 spot

Hat tip: Charles B.

Video: Obama Insults America 3 Months In A Row

Another great video by Granny Jan:

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Ed Lasky of The American Thinker: The Abuser In Chief:

Calling America “lazy” last weekend was only the latest and broadest insult from President Obama. America has become accustomed to Obama’s lashing out at entire groups of people.  What has been all too little appreciated is his seeming delight in bullying, if not demeaning, individuals face-to-face.  He is protected from angry responses not just by the Secret Service, but by the reverence his victims have for the office he holds

Victor Davis Hanson has a collection of groups that Obama has demonized in Obama’s Target List; Randall Hoven also has done so in his Insulter-in-Chief column for American Thinker.

Perhaps some of this can be chalked up to partisan campaigning.  Obama is always in campaign mode — his favorite activity other than golfing; basketball; luxuriating away at estates in Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, and points around the world; and basking in the glow of worshipful supporters.

However, what does it say about Barack Obama the man when he “goes granular” and focuses his ire on individuals? Why bully a particular person or small group of people in front of others and in front of the nation?  Why use the power of the presidency to insult and humiliate?

Read the entire litany of offenses at The American Thinker. None of it has gone unnoticed, here.

From VDH – Obama’s Insult List:

African Americans: “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’.”

Americans: Are “not a model for the world” and have a “tragic history.” Also, “we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” and, more recently, we have gotten “a little soft” and lost our “competitive edge.”

Bankers: “Fat cats”

Border enforcement: Its overzealous adherents want “alligators and moats” on the border and would arrest children on their way to get ice cream.

The Cambridge, Mass., police: “Acted stupidly” and, like law-enforcement officers in general, racially profile

Corporate-jet owners: “Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break?”

Democratic base: Must “shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up . . . if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

Doctors:Needlessly chop off the limbs of diabetics and take out tonsils to increase their own profits

Donald Trump: A “carnival barker”

Grandmother: “Typical white person”

Las Vegas: Where you are likely to “blow a bunch of cash when you’re trying to save for college”

Millionaires: They don’t pay their “fair share” and are synonymous with those who have 1,000 times more.

Nancy Reagan: Don’t “get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances.”

Rural Pennsylvanians: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment.”

Sarah Palin: “You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.”

Special Olympics: Comparable to the president’s dismal bowling scores

Super Bowl: Where you go “on the taxpayer’s dime”

Supreme Court: Would “open the floodgates for special interests”

Supreme Court Justice Thomas: “I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas. I don’t think that he, I don’t think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation.”

Tea Party: “The teabag, anti-government people”

Counting down the days til the worst POTUS ever is kicked to the curb.

Obama insults American students overseas. Via WHD: Obama To Aussie Students: Our Kids are Behind


Smoking Gun? Glen Cook Email Shows ATF and DOJ KNEW That Fast and Furious had Walked over 2000 Guns To Mexico – Killing Hundreds Just Two Days After Brian Terry’s Murder

Believe it or not, there’s more going on out there than the #OWS freakshow. The emergence of this email should be a much bigger story.

In it,   *Glen Cook, an ATF Supervisor, advised the Phoenix division to “hire a media consultant” to deal with the media fallout only two days after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

SSI exclusive: They knew. Everybody knew. This one email proves it.

NOTE: The original of this story ascribed the email below to Glenn Cook. Glenn Cook (Note two “n’s”) is the Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutions unit of the Criminal Division, Department of Justice, Southern District of Texas in Houston.

The email was represented to me and other journalists as having been written by Glenn Cook. However, there is a Glen Cook (one “n”) who is an ATF supervisor in El Paso. I am checking out which Cook wrote the below email, and will post a correction if necessary as soon as I find out.

*I’m going to say it was the Glen Cook (one “n”) in El Paso, as the in his letter, he spells his name with one “n”. A PDF of the letter, here. It makes no nevermind. These scoundrels in the ATF and DOJ knew from the very beginning what their insane gunwalking operation had wrought, and they were already starting the damage control.

“They should probably hire a media expert anyway to assist them in explaining the 2000 firearms and the possible connection in the murder of the Border Patrol Agent.” — Glen Cook, 17 December 2010.

This story is based on a William LaJuenesse piece on FOX this afternoon which mentioned, but did not completely put into context, an email written two days after the murder of Brian Terry by Glen Cook. Once I found out of the email’s existence, I checked my sources until I located one. I will say that I did not get it from anyone at FOX.

I posted the video from the Fox news report, here.As Vanderboegh notes, it doesn’t mention that particular email specifically.

Bottom line:

“(I)f the AUSA in Phoenix refuses to comply then maybe Phoenix should start preparing their explanations for the way that they conducted their straw purchase cases there. They should probably hire a media expert anyway to assist them in explaining the 2000 firearms and the possible connection in the murder of the Border Patrol Agent.”

And Cook writes this off-handed threat to Phoenix only two days after the murder of Brian Terry! How does he know the number of weapons? How does he know that this stems from the way Phoenix “conducted their straw purchase cases”?

What, then, are we to conclude from this? Well, I’ll tell you.

They knew.

EVERYBODY in ATF and DOJ along the border knew, and they knew it before the murder of Brian Terry, for it obviously is no surprise to the highly-placed AUSA Cook, and he doesn’t mind using this common knowledge to achieve the desired result from Phoenix.

One more thing.

Sources tell me that in any dispute between DOJ AUSAs, there is a “deconfliction process” that is “written in stone.” “All such disputes automatically get kicked upstairs,” said one source, and “certainly would be known immediately to the head of the Criminal Division.” Meaning, of course, Lanny Breuer. “Also, Holder would have been briefed about it,” said the source.

One more thing to ask Breuer and Eric Holder about in the 8 December hearing.

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David Codrea of The Gun Rights Examiner: Email shows internal Justice Department dispute, refusal to provide evidence

Linked by Doug Ross, and Daily Pundit,  thanks!

Why The Occupiers Chose #N17 For Their Wall Street Showdown

From the Occupy Wall Street website, posted yesterday:

#N17 Global Day Of Action!

Posted 21 hours ago on Nov. 16, 2011, 4:40 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Sixty days into the struggle #OccupyWallStreet was violently evicted by the NYPD, who leveled our homes at Liberty Square to the ground. Our movement, however, is stronger than it has ever been. In these sixty days we have brought about a massive awakening, perhaps the largest one in the country since the Civil Rights Movement fifty years ago, and certainly the first global one in modern history. People around the world, from Spain to Australia, from Chile to the U.S. have opened their eyes together to the decadence and injustice of the common system that exploits us. This is what we mean when we say with the deepest significance: you cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

The occupation that began on the 17th of September in Zuccotti Park has proven that we still have a chance, as human beings, to unite and reform these corrupt structures, to cleanse our Government and restore our dignity. We will allow no rest and tranquility in our world until we finally achieve what we are dreaming of in our hearts. We will not stop until justice is restored, until democracy is recovered from behind the veil of political discourse, until the 99% are once again made rightful sovereign of their future, until the shadow of Wall Street is stripped of its darkness and its power. We will not stop moving forward until bankers and governments are held accountable for their crimes, until they respect every basic human right they trample on.

We will no longer tolerate the oppression of the 1% who do not want to see a creative movement, based on inclusiveness and tolerance, triumph over a system deeply rooted in social inequality. This is why we’re fighting back tomorrow during #N17. We will shut down Wall Street and we will #occupy all of New York City with our bodies, voices and ideas.

Via Gateway Pundit, a posting on the website pointed out why N17 was chosen as the name for today’s actions, in case you needed more proof that we’re dealing with a bunch of radical Marxists, here:

N17 was a Greek terrorist organization that loathed America, and the West. It engaged in various terrorist attacks including the shooting of the Athens CIA station chief in 1975. They have taken credit for twenty-one murders, including the killings of a U.S. Navy captain, a U.S. defense attaché, a Turkish diplomat, and a British defense attaché.

Via The Council on Foreign Relations: November 17, Revolutionary People’s Struggle, Revolutionary Struggle:

What is November 17?

A radical, leftist Greek terrorist group, also known as 17 N or N 17, with a tiny membership and a loathing for America, the West, and capitalism. Most anti-terrorism experts think the organization has no more than twenty-five members—many of them related to one another, which may explain why the group was able to operate secretly and securely for almost three decades. But in July 2002, amid mounting pressure to track down terrorists before the 2004 Olympics, Greek authorities made a major breakthrough and began arresting November 17 members. In December 2003, Greek courts dealt November 17 a crippling blow as fifteen members of the group were convicted of various crimes including homicide; the leader of the group and several key operatives were given multiple life sentences.

How has the Greek government handled terrorism?

After almost three decades of scant success at combating leftist terrorists, Greek authorities finally made headway against November 17 in the summer of 2002. A failed June 2002 bombing in the port of Pireaus led Greek police to their first arrest of a November 17 member, and they captured four more members in July, including two brothers of the Pireaus bomber and a man charged with being the group’s leader. Police also raided November 17’s Athenshide-outs and weapons storehouses, seized weapons caches, and uncovered troves of documents.

Experts say much of the impetus for the 2002 breakthrough came from concerns that Greece’s terrorism problem could mar the 2004 Olympics. Earlier Greek efforts were much less effective, leading some terrorism experts to suspect links or sympathies between Greece’s ruling socialist elite and the tiny terror groups. After the June 2000 murder of British Defense Attaché Stephen Saunders by November 17, Greece strengthened its police counterterrorism unit, offered multimillion-dollar rewards for leads on terrorist groups, and passed legislation for more vigorous counterterrorism efforts. Leading Greek politicians, including the prime minister, denounced Saunders’ murder and terrorism in general. The public widely observed a national moment of silence for victims of terrorism, and Greek Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos held an unprecedented memorial service for victims of terrorism inGreece. By the end of 2000, Greece had signed all twelve of the U.N. counterterrorism conventions and ratified ten of them. It also sought closer British and American cooperation on counterterrorism.

What sort of attacks has November 17 launched?

The organization’s first known attack came in December 1975, when the CIA’s Athens station chief was shot with a .45-caliber pistol, November 17’s favorite weapon. Since then, the group has claimed responsibility for twenty-one murders, including the killings of a U.S. Navy captain, a U.S. defense attaché, a Turkish diplomat, and a British defense attaché. November 17’s initial attacks were directed at senior U.S. officials and Greek public figures, but during the 1980s the group expanded its operations to include bombings of ordinary citizens and property. Its targets have also included foreign business and European Union facilities. Since the 2002 arrest, November 17 appears to be inactive.  However, some say that a new group, Revolutionary Struggle, was created by those members of November 17 who were not detained.

Where did November 17 get its name?

From the November 17, 1973, student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University. Twenty students were killed when Greek army tanks suppressed the protests, and the group formed in part to retaliate against the ruling military junta.

What are November 17’s goals?

The group, which espouses communism, has continued its anti-Western stance after the Cold War. November 17 bitterly opposes Greek participation in NATO. It also favors ousting U.S. military bases from Greek territory, severing Greece ’s ties with the European Union, removing the Turkish military presence from Cyprus , and launching an anti-capitalist popular uprising against the Greek middle and upper-classes. In December 2000, after killing a British general, the group released a communiqué defending itself against mounting public criticism by trying to appeal to populist, pro-Serb sentiments and urging Greeks to defy the government’s counterterrorism efforts.

Also, just by coincidence, on this day in 1917, Lenin defended the “temporary” removal of freedom of the press.


Here’s someone who “gets” what the day is all about: Man arrested for throwing Molotov cocktail at Utah Wells Fargo

#OWS vs The Tea Party: The Movie

I’ve been waiting for someone to do this – thank you MN Majority:

Can’t make this point enough. The insulting and highly offensive comparison needs to be smashed to bits.

Gateway Pundit puts it this way in: Occupy San Francisco Releases Nutty Declaration: Demand Right to Squat:

They’re just like you and me… Except they don’t want to work, they smell, they’re Marxists, they’re filthy, They abuse each other, they want everything you’ve worked for and they’re spoiled brats.