#OWS vs The Tea Party: The Movie

I’ve been waiting for someone to do this – thank you MN Majority:

Can’t make this point enough. The insulting and highly offensive comparison needs to be smashed to bits.

Gateway Pundit puts it this way in: Occupy San Francisco Releases Nutty Declaration: Demand Right to Squat:

They’re just like you and me… Except they don’t want to work, they smell, they’re Marxists, they’re filthy, They abuse each other, they want everything you’ve worked for and they’re spoiled brats.

13 thoughts on “#OWS vs The Tea Party: The Movie

  1. Huh, it’s amazing that your 3 year old daughter has such an interest in politics. Some might even call it odd.

    Btw, you can watch the violent Jacobins on Wall Street live stream on my other blog, Moonbattracker, which I’m sure you would absolutely LOVE.


    And don’t worry – writers all over the right-wing blogosphere have been looking at the #occupy movement exactly as it is, and we’ve been busy exposing it every day. Fun times.


  2. Luis, your satire flopped, however, when Obama speaks he has a horrible whistling sound, could you do something about that?



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