‘Cooking With The Troops’ In The News: CEO Interview (Video) + Veteran’s Day At NASDAQ

Cooking With The Troops is a program started by Bruce McQuain and fellow Blackfivers, Blake Powers and Bob Miller. Its mission is “to provide comfort, nutrition, and hope through four major programs.”

They’re holding a fund raiser that will run until Thanksgiving day.  You can donate, here.

It really is simple: Donate so we can help the wounded, their families, and the U.S. and Allied troops on the line.  There is no such thing as too small a donation, because they all can and do add up into something grand.  So, please don’t hesitate as all are appreciated and needed!

To give you an idea of what your donations can mean:
$10:  covers the costs of napkins for a typical event
$20:  covers the costs to feed a meal to a wounded warrior or family member at a European event
$50:  covers the cost of disposable plates for an event
$100:  covers the cost of drinks for a typical event
$250:  covers the cost for all paper goods at an event
$500:  covers most or all of the cost of meats for a typical barbecue
$1,000:  covers most or all of the cost of airfare to send a guest chef to a European event

Via Pundit Review:

We were honored to welcome the group’s CEO, C. Blake Powers, a fellow Blackfive blogger of Bruce’s, to Pundit Review Radio. Blake told us about the group, some of the great events they have held, including on Veterans Day at the NASDAQ. The reception that CWWT has received has been phenomenal. To keep things going, they need our support. You can help them and learn more by visiting their website.

Here’s C. Blake Powers talking about Cooking with the Troops:

Cooking With The Troops recently celebrated Veterans Day at NASDAQ:

How do you describe the indescribable?  In some respects, the event done by at the NASDAQ MarketSite by Cooking with the Troops and NASDAQ OMX truly was indescribable.  After all, how can one describe the feelings that come from bringing together veterans from WWII to present with those currently serving?  How can you describe the joy that came from being able to bring in those in uniform in to watch the cooking demos and for a magnificent lunch?  How can one say thank you to all who made it possible?

After all, this is a day that started with a surprise, and what a surprise it was.  Blue Nile, the leading online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry, made it possible for wounded warrior Timothy G. Strobel to propose to his love Jennifer.  He was a medic who survived a great deal in Iraq, but was severely wounded in the leg.  He refused amputation of his leg, and has worked to walk again when told that it wouldn’t happen.  He met Jennifer during that time, and he credits her love and support for his recovery.  Blue Nile not only provided the ring and other items, but worked with Fox & Friends (you can see video of this from Fox here, tissue alert) to make the surprise happen.  Jennifer thought she was being interviewed because he couldn’t be present, then had Brian point out a video that was playing on the NASDAQ tower — in which Timothy held up five signs outlining his love for her.  As she was watching that, he came up, got down on bended knee, and proposed.  He later admitted in an interview that he was more nervous at that moment than during a firefight… Yes, that is Cooking with the Troops in the background, we were screening and trying hard not to let her know something was up (to say there was OPSEC on this is an understatement).

To top their morning off, NASDAQ and Cooking with the Troops provided the couple a special breakfast.  Chef Ellen Adams and Chef Kashia Cave prepared and served plates of chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and strawberries on behalf of Cooking with the Troops.  The couple enjoyed the breakfast in a very special location prepared for them.

Read rest of report, here.

Again, if you can spare a few bucks for this worthy organization, the fund-raiser lasts until Thanksgiving. You can donate here.



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