Video Flashback: Newt, Last August – “Super Committee is About as Dumb an Idea as Washington Has Come Up With in my Lifetime.”

He called it, but I guess it wasn’t too hard to predict, as Michelle Malkin noted, it was Doomed by design: The SuperFail Committee.

What I wrote in July about the Reid-Boehner-Obama fake bickerfest over the debt-ceiling hike deal:

Fast-forward past the sound and fury…The debt ceiling is going up. Government is getting bigger. Real spending cuts are getting kicked down the can. Entitlement reform is going nowhere. Reid and McConnell will dilute Boehner’s already diluted plan behind closed doors. And everyone in Washington will rush to take credit for nothing much.


Fiscal conservatives fought the good fight.

But after all is said and done, we are getting another debt ceiling increase with the bare minimum of spending controls and another bogus commission with a balanced budget amendment bone thrown to the base.

And so it has come to pass.

Here’s Gingrich in the GOP debate in Iowa, last August:

Today,while speaking to college students in New Hampshire,  Gingrich said he would not compromise on taxes if he was a member of the super committee. But he said, he knew from the moment the Super Committee was announced, that it was “hopeless” and made no sense at all.

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Democrats were unwilling to agree to anything less than $1 trillion in tax hikes, and unwilling to offer meaningful reforms for health-care entitlement spending.


Shocker…Obama inventing facts, again… Obama Peddles Myths About the Great Depression: No, Hoover Didn’t Cut Taxes or Spending:

Herbert Hoover increased marginal tax rates on the wealthy to 63 percent, and more than doubled government spending as a percentage of the economy. But in his political speeches, President Obama continues to falsely claim that Hoover gave “tax cuts” to the rich and slashed the government to promote “trickle-down economics.” In his November 14 remarks at a campaign event in Ko Olina, Hawaii, Obama said:

So this competition for new jobs and businesses and middle-class security, that’s the race I know we can win. But you don’t win it by saying every American is on their own. We’re not going to win it if we just hand out more tax cuts to people who don’t need them, let companies play by their own rules without any restriction, and we just hope somehow that the success of the wealthiest few translates in the prosperity for everybody else.

We have tried that, by the way. We tried it for 10 years. It’s part of what got into the mess that we’re in. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work for Herbert Hoover, when it was called trickle-down economics during the Depression. It didn’t work between 2000 and 2008, and it won’t work today.

Obama is dead wrong. Data from the White House’s own website shows that Hoover increased, rather than cut, spending in the Great Depression, and ran up deficits that were huge by historical standards.

Read the rest at the link.

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