Saturday Movie Matinee – Reconsider Sarah


via Surber, here is the ad:

He says:
My take on it is simple: If she is on the ballot in the West Virginia primary in May, I shall vote for her. She is my first choice.

 Moonbattracker: Occu-FAIL: Black Friday occupation in Nashville fails to impress:

See also:

Breitbart TV: #OccuFail: ‘Occupy Black Friday’ Accomplishes Nothing

Via Dri at AoSHQ:Anyone Need a Bear Hug?

 Moonbattery:Mark Levin Show: Death Panels Will Be A Reality With Obamacare:

A neurosurgeon, vetted by Levin’s staff, calls Mark and talks about what he knows about Obamacare Death Panels. From 11/22/11.

 iOWNTHEWORLD: Darwin Award Winner: Kid applies for job at a hobby store – steals gun:

Darwin Award first runner up: The Santa Clarita Police Dept, who, a week after the incident, are still investigating?  Even with the resume as evidence and after KTLA News tracked the teen down? Hokay….

Also viaiOWNTHEWORLD: Military Reunions with Man’s Best Friend: Dogs Welcoming Home Their Owners from Deployment:

Via The Other McCain:Incredible 10-Year-Old Mexican Singer Rocks the World With Music Video:

McCain has more on the young singer, here.

Via Townhall: Michael Reagan:My Dad Would Support Newt’s Position On Illegal Immigration:

5 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee – Reconsider Sarah

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  2. I honestly don’t understand C4Palin’s continuing to encourage Sarah Palin to run. ND, you and Geoff know how vigorously I supported Palin in a thread on this blog. However, when she determined she was not going to run I accepted her decision, thinking she was doing what was best for her family and the country.
    Why continue to expend energy and money in this way??? I don’t get it.


  3. You’ve got so much here I hope this is the right comment area.
    Those Nashville Occutards were such a pathetic group. How could they expect Anyone to take them seriously ?


  4. LOL. I love it when the left tries to do the flash-mob thing, but with absolutely no singing/dancing acumen what-so-ever. This particular group couldn’t even sing Jingle Bells on key. Pathetic is right.


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