Video: Donald Trump Rails Against “Inconsiderate Obama” For Planning His NYC Fund-Raiser The Same Night As The Xmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center

Donald Trump is ticked off! Just saw this video on Greta Van Susteren of Trump  railing against Obama for planning to have his fundraiser near Rockefeller Center on the same night as the big Christmas Tree lighting.

He smells a rat- “This President is a much different person than most people know…”–and  he thinks it’s selfish and inconsiderate of Obama to do this: “He doesn’t govern –all he does is raise money so he can try to get reelected and put this country further in the hole.”

He concludes, “Stop with the fund-raisers and start running the country, because you are doing one hell of a lousy job!”


“Gridlock Sam” of NY Daily News  is issuing a “gridlock alert” for Wednesday:

As the 2 p.m. shows let out, theatre-goers will join thousands of tree-goers at Rockefeller Center. Fifth and Sixth Aves., 48th to 51st Sts.,will close as early as 4 p.m. and remain closed past 11 p.m. Several local and express buses will be detoured. Take the 1 train to 50th St. or the N, R to 49th St.

Meanwhile, President Obama touches down at JFK Airport around 5 p.m. Wednesday. He’ll chopper to Wall St. before heading up the FDR Drive (frozen in both directions below 63rd St) and likely to the 42nd St. exit where he’ll then hit three fund-raisers. Here’s your gridlock list. Times are approximate:

n Stop 1: 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. – upper East Side residence. Freezes on Park/Madison/Fifth Aves., 59th to 79th Sts. in addition to FDR in above paragraph.

n Stop 2: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. – Washington Square Park area between 10th and 20th Sts. (note: tree lit just before 9 p.m.)

n Stop 3: 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. – Heads to Sheraton Hotel, Seventh Ave. and 52nd St. Sixth/Seventh Aves. frozen up to 59th St.

n 10:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.: President Obama heads back to Wall St. Heliport for the chopper to JFK. FDR frozen below 63rd St. along with all avenues east of Seventh.

The all-clear won’t be till after 11 p.m. With many buses delayed and detoured while the President motorcades all over Manhattan, the subway will be your best option. I’m also expecting some Occupy Wall Street protesters to hit at least one of the fundraisers. I’ll be tweeting regularly at




6 thoughts on “Video: Donald Trump Rails Against “Inconsiderate Obama” For Planning His NYC Fund-Raiser The Same Night As The Xmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center

  1. Tell it like is is, Trump! There is only one person in this entire world that Obama cares about, and that is his ugly, bony self!


  2. This is really SICK.
    I am CERTAIN that barry and his minions intentionally did this to be as disruptive to the tree lighting as possible.
    He doesn’t give a Damn about any long standing, popular, tradition such as this.
    He doesn’t give a DAMN about anything related to Christianity.
    Every time I think I cannot Despise barry more, he finds another way to increase my level of Contempt for him.

    Where’s NYC’s mayor ?
    Why isn’t Bloomberg doing anything ?
    I guess Bloomberg doesn’t give a rat’s butt about this NYC tradition either.

    I’m down here in Texas, and I find this Highly offensive.


  3. The major of NY is in the tank for Obama too! The American people are sick and tired of this Administration and the stupid mayor of NY. They are all selfish and evil doers.


  4. I’m not crazy about “The Donald” but he nailed it on this one. The longer barry is in, the better
    “The Donald” looks……….He’s beginning to win me over.


  5. Why isn’t the main stream media running Trump’s comments?!

    Because they are too busy talking about Cain’s girlfriend.


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