Video: Barack Obama ~ Workin’ Hard for the Folks

Granny Jan thinks Obama’s full of it. See if you agree:


The Daily Mail: It must be nice being President… Obama to jet off to Hawaii for SEVENTEEN DAY Christmas vacation

Gateway Pundit: Obama: Congress Shouldn’t Go Home Until Payroll Tax Cut Is Extended… (I’ll Be In Hawaii)

One more (recommended by Granny Jan):

Joseph Curl in The Washington Times: CURL: Obama’s tin ear extends to sensibility:

Mr. Obama seems to have a tin sensibility. Maybe even a tin heart (unlike the “Wizard of Oz” Tin Man, who simply had no heart – but wait, by movie’s end, didn’t he already have a heart of gold?). Our president simply does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and who cares about the visuals?

Mr. Obama has been on the golf course when U.S. soldiers were blown to bits by roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. President George W. Bush, perhaps America’s best golfing president, gave up the game so as not to be hitting mashie niblicks while America’s military men died overseas. Mr. Obama was infamously on the golf course even as the CIA was minutes away from taking out Osama bin Laden. (That’s why he got that back-row seat in the picture released by the White House – he just wasn’t a part of the mission.)

And now, with America reeling from an endless recession much of his making, Mr. Obama is heading off on a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. Seventeen days. Ask your friends, ask your friends to ask their friends: “Who’s taking a 17-day vacation this year?”


Your Sunday Hymn: People Look East

I sifted through quite a few choral versions Advent favorite, People Look East on YouTube before I came upon this excellent choir — and my search was done. This is the one:

Nicely done!

Conducted by Christopher Maxim at St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green, London, Dec. 2010.