Audio: Former NRA Chairman On The Roger Hedgecock Show: Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired

Biff Naylor

The Right Scoop reports:

The former NRA Chairman, Biff Naylor, who hired Herman Cain says that Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired and thus he never met her. On top of that she propositioned him (Naylor) for dinner once because she thought he was handsome, which he promptly turned down as he was happily married.

Naylor also says he knew the other two that said Cain harassed them, and that whatever they took exception to was so minor that it wasn’t even reported to the executive committee or the board.

He said that Herman Cain did not have any kind of a reputation for womanizing, and claims he did some interviews a few weeks ago,  but failed to get his defense of Cain out there. He should have been shouting this story from the rooftops.

Bialek’s story was that “as a diligent worker who had successfully raised money for the NRA’s Educational Foundation”, she was let go unexpectedly in 1997.

As The Politico had dutifully reported:

Bialek said she and her boyfriend were invited to a party by Cain in his hotel suite the final night of the NRA May 1997 convention in Chicago. She also said she sat next to Cain at a convention luncheon where he “spoke to me extensively.”

When she was fired a month later, her boyfriend suggested she contact Cain for help, which she did. Cain called her back and said he’d been unaware she was fired. She suggested they meet for coffee while she was in Washington, where the NRA’s offices are located.

Her boyfriend booked her a room at the Capital Hilton, which she discovered, she claimed, that Cain had intervened to get her a better suite: “I upgraded you,” she quoted him saying.

You know the rest. It always sounded like a flaky BS story, and now we know. He hadn’t met her at the luncheon because the lying floozy was fired before he even came on.


Good News: RNC Recommends Kid Gloves Treatment of Our Special, Historic President in 2012

Attacking him personally is just too doggone dangerous, they say.

Republicans on a private Republican National Committee conference call with allies warned Tuesday that party surrogates should refrain from personal attacks against President Barack Obama, because such a strategy is too hazardous for the GOP.

“We’re hesitant to jump on board with heavy attacks” personally against President Obama, Nicholas Thompson, the vice president of polling firm the Tarrance Group, said on the call. “There’s a lot of people who feel sorry for him.”

Recent polling data indicates that while the president suffers from significantly low job approval ratings, voters still give “high approval” to Obama personally, Thompson said.

Voters “don’t think he’s an evil man who’s out to change the United States” for the worse–even though many of the same survey respondents agree that his policies have harmed the country, Thompson said. The upshot, Thompson stressed, is that Republicans should “exercise some caution” when talking about the president personally.

Serious question: Are there Communist moles working at the RNC, now? They’re going to mute the truth about a guy who has taken a wrecking ball to the US economy in order to make the campaign season more palatable to people who FEEL SORRY for him? People who are still suffering from “white guilt” syndrome don’t need to be condescended to with focus group tested talking points. They need to be shaken and slapped out of it.  Good lord – don’t they get it at the RNC? This is what people hate about polished politicians, and it’s why Newt Gingrich is clobbering Mitt in the polls right now. He’s not letting anyone bully him into being “kind and gentle” with Obama.

In case  the RNC forgot,  we already tried a lukewarm strategy like that  – it’s called the McCain campaign, and it went down in flames.

The RNC had better get a clue and fast, because Obama has nothing holding him back from attacking his opponent (whomever it turns out to be) in the worst possible ways. In fact it has been predicted that 2012 will be the most brutal campaign season ever. And guess what? They’ll be using racial politics and class warfare because that’s what they’re good at.

William L Gensert at The American Thinker advises Repubs to beat Obama back.

Barack Obama will fight dirty.  The nation needs a candidate who will do the same.  After all, anyone who thinks that one of Herman Cain’s accusers, Sharon Bialek, living in the same building as David Axelrod is a coincidence is delusional.  Obama will run the most negative campaign in recent history.  There will be allegations of racism, of corruption, of incompetence.  The Republican nominee needs to understand that in order to beat someone at mud-wrestling, you must get in the mud.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in Beyond Good and Evil that “he who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster.”  No truer words were ever written.

Yet to do battle with Mr. Obama, any candidate will have to become something of a monster, aggressive and unremitting, without pause or embarrassment.  Nothing should be off the table: Obama’s associations with Bill Ayers, the former terrorist; his decades-long relationship with the race-baiting Jeremiah Wright, the religious zealot of “God damn America” fame; all the czars and disastrous nominations like Van Jones, an avowed “truther,” and Elizabeth Warren, who takes credit for the moral underpinnings of the OWS crowd, and Craig Becker, Obama’s recess appointment to the NLRB who is busy pushing through a pogrom of forced unionization and governmental control of industry by regulatory fiat, and Lisa Jackson, who as head of the EPA has made it her life’s goal to destroy America’s manufacturing, electrical generation, and fossil fuel industries, also through regulation, and the failed and incompetent Eric Holder, with his Fast and Furious program, where the administration sought to bolster support for gun control by deliberately arming Mexican drug cartels, resulting in hundreds of deaths in Mexico and one in America…as well as all the golf, all the vacations, the crony capitalism, the disregard for the Constitution.  On and on it goes, because Barack Obama has provided, in less than three years, plenty of ammunition to do battle against his most dismal presidency.

The Republican candidate cannot take the high road like John McCain and refuse to fight.  Barack Obama will not be constrained; he will use whatever he can against whoever is his opponent, without reservation, including every underhanded trick and lie at his disposal.  The legacy media will not only support him in this, but they will be complicit in his dirty politics

While conservatism is a set of principles for economic governance, liberalism is a religion for world control.  Like any creed, it must be believed wholeheartedly.  Then, all else loses significance.  The rule of law, moral convention, and civility mean nothing to someone confident that he is on the side of what is right and just.  As long as such people are true to the liberal faith, no law or ethic need apply to their actions.

The Republicans have to understand that mindset and get dirty — fight with both hands — for this election will be a battle to the death for the nation, and perhaps the world.

Barack Obama is the ultimate of bullies.  Yet, like most bullies, it is the challenge he fears, the truth he despises.  The ultimate terror for Barack Obama is that the world will see who he really is: a petty man of little talent and few gifts.

Once again, I quote Ann Barnhardt because she has the guts to define what we’re dealing with in the bluntest terms:
Psychopaths ‘like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest, feel nothing when they lie and thus do it almost constantly. Oaths are something that they laugh at as the domain of stupid religious rednecks. If we don’t acknowledge this plain, obvious truth and stop treating these people as if they are psychologically normal and honorable and presuming that they are honest and bound by any oath, then they will destroy all of us with their lies and deceit.’
We need to be ruthless, too – while still honoring the truth and common decency.  With the truth on our side, we can drag Obama  through the mud of his own recent radical past, and his current track record as President. It’s okay to visit all of the scandals, and list all the things he’s doing to hurt the economy and it’s okay to ask the question, why? Why is he doing this to our great country? That question needs to be asked.
Other points of view:

I don’t know what this advisory means because “personally” means a lot of different things.

If they mean “it’s dangerous to claim he’s evil and deliberately wishes to plunge the country in Cloward-Piven chaos,” I agree, that is dangerous. Those in the middle do not believe this (because if they did believe this, they sure wouldn’t be in the middle!) and that’s too much of a buy-in to expect the politically unaffected to kick in, intellectually.

On the other hand, is it “personal” to note he’s a Stuttering Clusterf***k of a Miserable Failure? Okay, yes, with the swears, that’s personal; but pointing out someone’s policies are a complete and utter failure — most likely because they are based on a wrongheaded and thick-witted ignorance/denial of the workings of the real world — that’s not personal.
Ace notes in his next post that Obama’s class warfare speech today in Kansas was actually a rebuke of capitalism and an embrace of European style Socialism even as we watch it go down in flames:
But Europe is probably going to plunge into something in between a recession or a depression, and may erupt in violence and political disorder.

And Europe is Obama’s lodestar. That’s where he wants to take us. To the extent we haven’t gotten there yet, it’s because Americans are soft, lazy bitter clingers who hate other sorts of people (and their politico-economic systems).

So Europe’s 60 or 70 year history with socialism is about to end in violent upheavals and misery… and here’s this ignoramus saying that it’s capitalism which is the proven failure.

The SCOAMF knows what he’s doing.


I do think they’re right, though, about people liking or pitying O more than you’d expect given the relentless dreariness of his term. That’s what I was getting at last week when I wrote about his surprisingly high job approval numbers, and why I’ve written several times about how O’s perceived culpability for the protracted awfulness of the economy might actually shrink the more protracted that awfulness is. As bad as he’s been, he can always argue that he was handed a terrible hand; even if voters decide he’s too risky to bet on again, they’re bound to wonder if he’s being blamed for something no one realistically could have fixed in four years. There’ll be some electoral sympathy for him. The RNC’s simply trying to figure out how to keep it as dormant as possible.


Mike Hendrix is with me: “This party is too dumb to live”:

Good Lord, what vapid, spineless crap. As Mike Walsh says:

Gee, if Obama’s personal-approval numbers are still high, why would you want to take them down? Let them stay there, lest the Democrat-Media Complex accuse you of being a blue meanie.

It’s not Obama’s policies that are the problem, it’s Obama and everything he represents and stands for. Engage the president on the deepest, most potent level, or join John McCain and Bob Dole on the ash heap of history.

Please see this post for a further explanation to clueless RINO milksops. If this is their idea of how to save the country, then they need to go ahead and climb up onto that aforementioned ash heap just as quickly as possible. The sooner they get the hell out of the way, the less time and trouble we have to waste elbowing them aside. And time is something we don’t have a whole lot of.

GOP FactChecks Obama’s Osawatomie Class Warfare Speech

I live tweeted Obama’s Osawatomie class warfare speech for Sulia. One of my comments that got retweeted a few times: This speech is so full of fraud and deceit, it’s painful to listen to it.

The GOP factchecked, here:

Obama Can Give Yet Another Speech With Lofty Rhetoric, But No
Amount Of Words Can Hide His Record Of Failure
Obama: “The new law bans banks from making risky bets with their customers’ deposits, and takes away
big bonuses and paydays from failed CEOs, while giving shareholders a say on executive salaries.” (President
Barack Obama, Speech, Osawatomie, KS, 12/6/11)
FACT CHECK: Obama Cites Rules That Were Delayed After Personal Lobbying By Jon Corzine
President Obama: Jon Corzine Is “Our Wall Street Guy.” “The rollout also provided a showcase for
Corzine, the former Goldman Sachs CEO whom Obama referred to as ‘our Wall Street guy’ at a meeting of
Democratic governors in Chicago on Friday.” (Claire Heininger, “Corzine Profile Rises In Obama Camp,” The Star-Ledger (NJ), 6/23/08)
Corzine’s Firm Borrowed Cash From Its Customers, “A Serious Violation Of Wall Street Rules.” “In
the last days before MF Global’s collapse, the firm was borrowing cash from its customers without
backing the loans, a serious violation of Wall Street rules that regulators believe contributed to $600
million of missing money.” (Ben Protess, “MF Global Is Said To Have Used Customer Cash Improperly,” The New York Times, 11/17/11)
 “At Least Some Of The Borrowed Customer Cash Was Used To Pay Off Bad Bets Made By MF
Global, Regulators Suspect, Meaning The Money Is Not Simply Missing. It Is Gone.” (Ben Protess,
“MF Global Is Said To Have Used Customer Cash Improperly,” The New York Times, 11/17/11)
 $1.2 Billion Is Missing. “The court-appointed trustee overseeing MF Global’s bankruptcy says up
to $1.2 billion is missing from customer accounts, double what the firm had reported to regulators
last month.” (Marcy Gordon, “MF Global Trustee Says $1.2B Or More Missing,” The Associated Press, 11/21/11)
Yesterday The CFTC Approved The “MF Global Rule” Which Would Bar Wall Street “From Using
Client Funds To Buy Foreign Sovereign Debt.” “Federal regulators approved tougher constraints on
Wall Street risk-taking on Monday, adopting the ‘MF Global rule,’ named after the collapsed brokerage
firm that is believed to have improperly used hundreds of millions of dollars of customer money. The new
rule will limit how the brokerage industry can invest customer money, largely barring firms from using
client funds to buy foreign sovereign debt. It also prevents a complex transaction that allowed MF Global,Fact Check: Obama In Kansas
Obama Can Give Yet Another Speech With Lofty Rhetoric, But No
Amount Of Words Can Hide His Record Of Failure

Read the rest at the site.


WHD on the President’s dangerous and extreme rhetoric: A “Fair Shot?” Oh, the Incivility!

John Hayward, Human Events(who also live tweeted for Sulia:

President Obama spoke in Osawatomie, Kansas today, speaking in the vein of the “New Nationalism” speech Teddy Roosevelt​ gave there a century ago.  There was a lot of the usual Obama stump content, including pleas for infrastructure spending, demands for the rich to “pay their fair share,” and the traditional shout-out to Warren Buffett​’s secretary – a perennial class-warfare martyr who pays a higher tax rate (but a miniscule fraction of the tax dollars) coughed up by her boss.  She belongs on Mount Rushmore at this point.

Buried beneath the tired Obama 2012 campaign claptrap – and I wonder if even some of the President’s dwindling base of fervent supporters aren’t growing weary of hearing the exact same focus-grouped phrases tediously repeated, over and over again – were two central ideas, tied back to the “New Nationalism” theme.  First: it’s crucial for America to collectively recover its economic greatness by pitching in, paying fair shares, and working together under the direction of a benevolent government that will coach Team America to Win The Future.  Second: everyone should play by the same set of rules.

These two ideas are entirely contradictory.  The Obama presidency comes off as deranged because it’s impossible to reconcile them without going mad.

Keep reading. I said basically the same thing – only I was a little pithier (see above tweet).

In The Age Of Obama, The Rich Are Frowned Upon

But it wasn’t always so.

As Obama heads to Osawatomie, Kansas to deliver his big class-warfare speech to a gymnasium full of high school kids, here’s a reminder of one rich man’s  “consideration of the white collar man”:

Sam Stone aka B. Virdot was an immigrant who came to America, the land of the free –  to escape religious persecution in Europe.

See also:

Modern-day B. Virdots to help Stark folks in need:

The giving spirit of B. Virdot lives again.

Three Stark County men have pledged to give $100 gifts — a total of $15,000 — to 150 families and individuals who have been hit especially hard by the economic times. They are patterning their generosity after a Canton businessman — known for decades only as B. Virdot — who in 1933 made gifts of $5 to 150 area families whose finances were strapped by the Great Depression.

And, as was the case with the man who inspired them, the trio of benefactors wishes to remain anonymous. The givers will be known to the recipients of their gifts by the revived name of B. Virdot.

“The Stone family is delighted that in another time of need there is another B. Virdot to reach out and help,” said Ted Gup, the former Canton resident who, in the recently published book “A Secret Gift,” revealed how he discovered about two years ago that B. Virdot was his grandfather, Sam Stone.



Fast and Furious News Round-Up: Cash-Walking Now?

I use “Fast and Furious” because Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee of Government Oversight and Reform prefers that media refer to it that way, rather  then the more general “gunwalker”.

But this criminal enterprise involves several agencies; Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Treasury, and State, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Border Patrol, and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (IRS-CID), and spans several states; Fast and Furious in Arizona,  two suspected operations in Texas (out of Houston and Dallas), Operation Castaway in Tampa,  allegations of “Gangwalker” in Indiana, and now “cashwalking” (yes”cashwalking”) to drug cartels in Mexico.

Because giving violent drug runners guns and military equipment apparently wasn’t good enough. We need to help them FUND their operations, too.

That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars.

In a Dec. 5th letter to Holder, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) juxtaposed this scenario with the one used to justify Fast and Furious:

Apparently, this same goal of dismantling Mexican drug cartels motivated the Drug Enforcement Administration in aiding and abetting [the] same cartels in laundering millions of dollars in cash. In fact, the New York Times reports that agents needed to seek Department approval to launder amounts great than $10 million in any single operation. Officials quoted in the story said this $10 million cap was more of a guideline than a rule, noting it has apparently been waived on many occasions to “attract the interest of high value targets.”

This was part of Issa’s announcement that he’s broadening his investigation into Fast and Furious so as to include an investigation into cash-walker.

Added Issa:

These allegations, if true, raise further unsettling questions about a Department of Justice component engaging in a high-risk strategy with scant evidence of success. Specifically, they raise questions about “the [DEA’s] effectiveness in bringing down drug kingpins, underscore diplomatic concerns about Mexican sovereignty, and blur the line between surveillance and facilitating crime.”

Wow—if it’s really an infringement on sovereignty and a blurring of the lines between surveillance and facilitation, then it’s a lot like Fast and Furious for sure.  And that’s because it’s quite reminiscent of the way the ATF sold weapons which they wouldn’t allow their agents to follow and which crossed the U.S./Mexico border while the Mexican government was kept in the dark.

The bottom line: Holder’s D.O.J. is D.I.R.T.Y.

I don’t think the lines are blurred at all. It’s pretty damn clear to me that they were facilitating crime and mayhem. The question is, WHY? Besides the obvious ploy to blame the ensuing violence on American gun shops and take away gun rights. Yes, of course.

But there’s more to this than that.

Operation Castaway provided weapons to destabilize Central American countries and to help keep the cartel drug supply lines from Central and South America open. The unnamed gunwalking operations in Texas provided a steady flow of U.S. firearms to southern and central Mexico. Operation Fast and Furious provided the Sinaloa cartel more than 2,020 weapons in northern Mexico along the U.S. border. And to make sure the cartel wars didn’t get too one-sided, the State Department made sure the bloodthirsty Zetas were armed with American military equipment by selling them military hardware through a transparent front company.

Some of the Obama administration’s nefarious goals considered by Bob Owens at PJ Media:

1. Short-term: Increased illegal immigration from Mexico as people attempt to flee the increasing violence (allowing them to push the DREAM Act through, and “stacking the deck” in the next election via ACORN and SEIU);

2. Medium-term: Propaganda for tighter gun laws (possibly enacted by Executive Order, bypassing the Congress);

3. Long-term: Legalization of “recreational drugs,” helped by a “drug friendly” Mexican government, influenced by if not overtly controlled by the drug cartels.

And the ultimate goal?: Cloward-Piven:

Gunwalker purposefully increases social unrest (increased gun violence/destabilizing Mexico), with the possible result of overloading the U.S. public welfare system (more illegal aliens fleeing the violence in Mexico and Central America). Gunwalker’s perpetrators could then use that influx to create an insurmountable constituency of poor seeking handouts from the Democratic Party. The hope of the strategy is to force a system-wide collapse of the current system, and then to rebuild the government in a variant of the strongest socialist model they think the public will accept.

It sounds too devious. It appears to fit.

Take Operation Fast and Furious in Arizona, the two suspected operations in Texas, Operation Castaway in Tampa, and the newer allegations of “Gangwalker” in the Midwest — they make sense only in the larger context of a Cloward-Piven framework.

These operations could not possibly succeed at interdicting straw purchasers, smugglers, and cartel bosses. No one actually involved in law enforcement could possibly believe that such idiotic operations could work. But these operations are logical when viewed through the context of their implementation as tactical applications designed to support a Cloward-Piven strategy.

(It makes a whole lot more sense than, “they were trying to catch Mexican drug kingpins.”)

More gunwalking news courtesy of Sipsey Street Irregulars:

“Kingpin.” Now THIS is important, Mr. Issa. “Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Violated U.S. Laws Beyond Those Being Investigated.”

As we continue to watch the general uproar over the Operation Fast and Furious program, and specifically what Attorney General Holder knew and when he knew it, it needs to be noted that perjury is not the only apparent violation of law to have occurred.

I refer to the apparent violation of at least one (probably two) major U.S. laws by the Holder Justice Department. A few years ago, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701, the follow-on to the Trading with the Enemy Act) was expanded in order to criminalize any transactions between U.S. entities — to include departments and agencies of the U.S. government — and all foreign drug cartels.


A violation of any of the IEEPA sanctioning programs or the Kingpin Act carries stiff penalties, both criminal and civil, and potentially totaling decades in prison and tens of millions of dollars in fines. It is not necessary that an individual or governmental entity be shown to have “knowingly” violated any of these programs: it is illegal for any U.S. entity or individual to aid, abet, or materially assist — or in the case of Operation Fast and Furious, to facilitate others to aid, abet, or materially assist — designated drug traffickers. There are no exceptions within IEEPA programs for unlicensed U.S. law enforcement or intelligence agency operations.

Issa broadens DOJ investigation to include drug money laundering report

And this is interesting—

SSI Exclusive: “Sick to his stomach”??? Must have found his Phenergan. Melson email to Burke shoots his “What, me Gunwalker?” defense in the head.

Over the Fourth of July weekend earlier this year, Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson came in for a voluntary interview with staff members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He brought his own lawyer.

The reaction in the right-wing blogoshere was — Ooooh…he’s cooperating — turning against Holder because he was kept in the dark about these awful terrible gunwalking policies.  I was skeptical. Still am – but I’m not sure this is smoking gun proof that he knew more than he was letting on.

On July 5, Senator Charles Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding Melson’s testimony, which included:

Acting Director Melson’s cooperation was extremely helpful to our investigation. He was candid in admitting mistakes that his agency made and described various ways he says that he tried to remedy the problems. According to Mr. Melson, it was not until after the public controversy that he personally reviewed hundreds of documents relating to the case, including wiretap applications and Reports of Investigation (ROIs). By his account, he was sick to his stomach when he obtained those documents and learned the full story. Mr. Melson said that he told the Office of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) at the end of March that the Department needed to reexamine how it was responding to the requests for information from Congress.


According to Mr. Melson, he and ATF’s senior leadership team moved to reassign every manager involved in Fast and Furious, from the Deputy Assistant Director for Field Operations down to the Group Supervisor, after learning the facts in those documents. Mr. Melson also said he was not allowed to communicate to Congress the reasons for the reassignments. He claimed that ATF’s senior leadership would have preferred to be more cooperative with our inquiry much earlier in the process.

However, he said that Justice Department officials directed them not to respond and took full control of replying to briefing and document requests from Congress. The result is that Congress only got the parts of the story that the Department wanted us to hear. If his account is accurate, then ATF leadership appears to have been effectively muzzled while the DOJ sent over false denials and buried its head in the sand.


“Effectively muzzled.” Hmmm.

Recall that US Attorney Dennis Burke was a hardliner in his input to the DOJ on the response letter to Senator Grassley that has now been “withdrawn.”

Among his comments:

Over the course of the letter being prepared, Burke vehemently argued the department should more vigorously deny the allegations.

“What is so offensive about this whole project is that Grassley’s staff, acting as willing stooges for the Gun Lobby, have attempted to distract from the incredible success in dismantling [southwest border] gun trafficking operations … but, instead, lobbing this reckless despicable accusation that ATF is complicit in the murder of a fellow federal law enforcement officer,” he wrote in a Feb. 4 email.

“Well said Dennis. Thank you!” Hoover replied.

However, guns found at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder were eventually connected to the Fast and Furious operation.

Now we find out, thanks to an email provided to Sipsey Street, that Billy Hoover wasn’t the only ATF manager who thanked Dennis Burke for his hardline approach to the Grassley letter.

From: Melson, Kenneth E.
To: Burke, Dennis (USAAZ)
Sent: 2/3/2011 7:51:58 PM
Subject: Grassley

Dennis: I just got back from the Interpol meeting and wanted to thank you for your help on the Grassley response and for your work on Fast and Furious. Ken

Of course, he could still have been a dupe in the dark at that point. He claimed in his testimony that “it was not until after the public controversy that he personally reviewed hundreds of documents relating to the case…”  He could have expanded his knowledge exponentially in the ensuing weeks, and by “the end of March” have been so up to speed, he was recommending that the Department do a better job responding to the requests for information from Congress. It’s a stretch that the acting  head of the ATF would be this friggin’ clueless, but I guess it’s possible.

And the very latest:

1. Committee is said to be ready for a document dump today, possibly emails from Dennis Burke to Holder and Napolitano, among others, that will blow those two Gunwalker conspirators out of their jobs.

2. Kevin O’Reilly, erstwhile State Department employee of Hillary’s, fresh from the desert clime of Iraq, is said to have retained his own attorney and either has, or soon will, make his statement before the committee investigators.

The Daily Caller: Sen. Kyl: ‘Country would be better off without Eric Holder’

Good morning Mr. Holder! Sleep well?

“There are a lot of reasons the country would be better off without Eric Holder as attorney general,” Kyl told TheDC. “Fast and Furious is just one of them.”

As the second-highest-ranking Republican senator, Kyl is by far the most prominent member of Congress to say Holder’s continuation as Attorney General isn’t good for the country. Kyl’s comment comes just a few days after Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney demanded Holder’s resignation during an interview with Fox News in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Kyl is also the third senator to make such scathing comments about Holder’s continuation as Attorney General, as Republican Sens. Johnny Isakson of Georgia and James Inhofe of Oklahoma have both demanded Holder’s resignation. Isakson and Kyl had both voted in favor of Holder’s confirmation as attorney general in 2009.

There are also 52 congressmen, four presidential candidates and two sitting governors demanding Holder step down immediately.

Breitbart TV: Congressman: Holder’s Handling Of Fast And Furious ‘Somewhere Between Deception And Flat-Out Lying’