Audio: Former NRA Chairman On The Roger Hedgecock Show: Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired

Biff Naylor

The Right Scoop reports:

The former NRA Chairman, Biff Naylor, who hired Herman Cain says that Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired and thus he never met her. On top of that she propositioned him (Naylor) for dinner once because she thought he was handsome, which he promptly turned down as he was happily married.

Naylor also says he knew the other two that said Cain harassed them, and that whatever they took exception to was so minor that it wasn’t even reported to the executive committee or the board.

He said that Herman Cain did not have any kind of a reputation for womanizing, and claims he did some interviews a few weeks ago,  but failed to get his defense of Cain out there. He should have been shouting this story from the rooftops.

Bialek’s story was that “as a diligent worker who had successfully raised money for the NRA’s Educational Foundation”, she was let go unexpectedly in 1997.

As The Politico had dutifully reported:

Bialek said she and her boyfriend were invited to a party by Cain in his hotel suite the final night of the NRA May 1997 convention in Chicago. She also said she sat next to Cain at a convention luncheon where he “spoke to me extensively.”

When she was fired a month later, her boyfriend suggested she contact Cain for help, which she did. Cain called her back and said he’d been unaware she was fired. She suggested they meet for coffee while she was in Washington, where the NRA’s offices are located.

Her boyfriend booked her a room at the Capital Hilton, which she discovered, she claimed, that Cain had intervened to get her a better suite: “I upgraded you,” she quoted him saying.

You know the rest. It always sounded like a flaky BS story, and now we know. He hadn’t met her at the luncheon because the lying floozy was fired before he even came on.


4 thoughts on “Audio: Former NRA Chairman On The Roger Hedgecock Show: Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired

  1. Too late, except for the fact that Herman’s campaign is technically only “suspended” so theoretically, he could get back in if he wanted to. How very sad that this could not have gotten out even just a week ago.


  2. How could Naylor be so un-media savvy? He should have taken his story to Breitbart, the Rush Limbaugh Show, or Fox news. But no, he goes to the dinosaur media: The Washington Post, NYTs and Wall Street Journal.

    Soooo aggravating.


  3. What’s sad is – I really needed to hear that. I had doubted her story, and stood behind Cain on the Bialek allegations because she was just such a poor witness. But it would have also confirmed my suspicions that this was part of an orchestrated smear campaign and would have better prepared me for the next one. (Which I frankly still haven’t figured out).


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