Fast and Furious News Round-up: Grassley Says It’s Time For Asst. AG Breuer To Step Down

While mounting evidence now shows otherwise,  Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer told Congress back in February 2011, that he knew nothing about the gun walking tactics which had been used in Operation Fast and Furious.

AWR Hawkins reports at Big Government:

His contention was that he only learned of the tactics once Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had been killed in December 2010. only learned of the tactics once Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had been killed in December 2010.

More recently, however, Breuer has decided he knew about the gun walking aspects of Fast and Furious as early as April 2010. But he continues to carry water for the DOJ by saying that although he knew, he never took the time to tell Holder about the gun walking.

How many lies can these people tell before someone changes the locks on their office doors and takes away their parking credentials?

Senator Charles Grassley, for one, has had enough, and just today officially called for Breuer’s resignation from the Senate floor.

Said Grassley:

The Justice Department had publicly denied to Congress that ATF would ever walk guns. Yet the head of the Criminal Division, [Lanny] Breuer knew otherwise and said nothing.

It is past time for accountability at the senior levels of the Justice Department. That accountability needs to start with…Mr. Breuer. I believe it is time for him to go.

There’s blood in the water, now – expect a frenzy of calls from Congress for Breuer’s head. They are getting closer….

Yesterday, on Fox News Megyn Kelly presided over a rare instance in which a liberal and conservative lawyer actually agreed with each other.  Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ and former federal prosecutor for the Southern district of NY, John Flannery both called for accountability in the Justice Dept. for Fast and Furious, especially in regards to Breuer whose actions can no longer be defended.

Ace’s headline almost says it all, but do continue reading: ATF Emails: Hey, Let’s Use These Long-Gun Sales We’ve Demanded Gun Shop Owners Sell To Cartels To Justify Cracking Down on Long-Gun Sales

Ace isn’t a believer, yet? What is it going to take? Sen. Cornyn questions feds’ alleged drug-money laundering scheme:

Texas Sen. John Cornyn has criticized an alleged sting operation in which U.S. narcotics agents laundered drug proceeds for Mexican drug cartels in hopes of tracing the money up the organizations’ chain of command.

Cornyn said the tactic “bears eerie similarities” to the gun-trafficking scheme known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Sunday’s New York Times reported that undercover agents mostly from the Drug Enforcement Administration have laundered millions in drug proceeds to cartels across the border to learn more about the organizations’ leadership and assets.

Cornyn suggested the DEA tactic parallels the “gun-walking” in Fast and Furious, in which Phoenix field agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives did not intercept illegally bought guns but instead followed the trail of them in hopes of building a case against cartel kingpins.

Speaking to reporters by phone, Cornyn said he also remains concerned that Mexican authorities might not have received enough information about the Fast and Furious gun sting or the alleged drug-money laundering scheme.

“This is enormously unhelpful in terms of disrupting that very important relationship between the U.S. government and law-enforcement agencies, and President [Felipe] Calderón and the law-enforcement agencies in Mexico to combat and suppress the cartels,” Cornyn said. ”It’s really been a disaster.”

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2 thoughts on “Fast and Furious News Round-up: Grassley Says It’s Time For Asst. AG Breuer To Step Down

  1. A “disaster?” Nah, I’d instead call all of it, the gunmalking and the money-laundering, an “Obamanation.” Just like everything else his filthy, blood-drenched hands touch.

    And please don’t forget who his henchman is as A.G.


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