Video: Rush Unleashes on the “Stupid!” RNC For Being Too Soft on the “Despicable Divider” Obama

El Rushbo, sounding sick to his stomach, right after hearing Obama’s class warfare speech, yesterday, articulated my own feelings, on the RNC’s craven reluctance to attack Pharaoh Obama on a personal level:

Smitty says:

Don’t back down, double down. The country is at stake. Let’s find out who the little children are at GOP HQ and gently toss them in the broom closet until after the election next November.

Be sure to read the rest of his commentary at The Other McCain.




2 thoughts on “Video: Rush Unleashes on the “Stupid!” RNC For Being Too Soft on the “Despicable Divider” Obama

  1. One reason for going all soft and squishy on Obama is so that the world can see that we’re above all that vulgar nonsense, that we’re the Party of Principle, that we won’t stoop to their level.

    The real reason is that so we won’t win in November.

    The Dems, on the other hand, will continue to sling bushels of mud all over. This is because they have nothing positive to run on. They’ve accomplished nothing in their three years in control of Congress – except to ram Obamacare down our throats, to give General Motors to the unions, and to continually try to divide the people into the “poor suffering middle class” and the “millionaires and billionaires” (of which Obama is one).


  2. I sure hope ALL the Republican candidates know to IGNORE advice like this from the RNC.
    Why should we play Nice, when the dimocrats never do ?
    Is the RNC sucking up to obama also ?
    How absolutely Disgusting.
    Rush is right…..except it doesn’t make me feel sick, it makes me want to roll some heads.


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