Iran Conducting Anti-U.S. Operations In Latin America (video)

Don’t want to ruin you day, but you might want to know about this – it’s a little concerning…

Via The Foundry:

Iran is conducting anti-U.S. operations from Latin America, including military training camps in Venezuela, and expanding its reach across the border from the U.S. in Mexico, according to footage unveiled late Thursday by the largest Spanish-language network in the United States, Univision.

The documentary showed a former Iran senior official accepting a plan to launch from Mexico a cyber war on the United States, one that would cripple U.S. computer systems, including the White House, the FBI, the CIA and several nuclear plants. The official, former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, was shown accepting the offer from undercover Mexican university students. A trailer to the documentary can be seen here.

The documentary also showed the undercover Mexican students presenting plans for the cyber attack to Venezuelan officials in Mexico. The Venezuelan official was very receptive to the plot, saying that she was close to Venezuela’s hard-leftist President Hugo Chavez and that she would love to share the information with him as soon as possible. The same happened with Cuban officials in Mexico, who were equally interested in a plot against the United States.

The students in the documentary appeared to have conducted a sting operation similar to the reports carried out by the American journalist James O’Keefe in the U.S.

The documentary, called “The Iranian Threat,” said that undercover journalists were also able to infiltrate Iranian military training camps working from mosques in Venezuela, though it showed no actual footage of the camps. Univision alleged there were links between the alleged camps and a radical Muslim implicated in the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing of a Synagogue that killed 85 and wounded hundreds. The Iranian lives in Argentina, a country which also has strong ties to Chavez.

Ties between the hard line Islamist government in Tehran and the anti-American government of President Hugo Chavez have been growing for years, including a weekly secretive Cairo-Tehran flight that is of grave concerns to U.S. officials.


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Rep Gowdy: Eric Holder “needs to go now.”

Matthew Boyle has been on the ” Retire Holder” beat for The Daily Caller for the past several weeks. The latest call for the embattled Attorney General to step down comes from SC Rep Gowdy, who says Holder “needs to go now.”

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on Friday morning that Attorney General Eric Holder “needs to go now.”

Gowdy, who has been intimately involved with the House oversight committee investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, became the 54th congressman to demand Holder’s resignation. Gowdy adds that he backs Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s suggestion “100 percent” that impeachment proceedings may be necessary to remove the attorney general from office.

Hemmer asked if the oversight committee has the power to impeach Holder. Gowdy responded, “Absolutely.”

“I hope it doesn’t get to that,” Gowdy added. “I hope he gets the message.”

Watch the video at The Caller.
Will Holder take the hint, or is he going to drag this out for a few more months, endangering Obama’s re-election?
Of course – if we find out Obama’s also knee deep his administration’s gun-walking schemes – there will be no re-election.
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Another Holder Lie From Yesterday’s Hearing: ‘We don’t hire people on the basis of political or ideological affiliations’

I somehow missed this whopper, yesterday – probably because I was more focused on Fast and Furious questions, and tended to ignore the Democrat boot-lickers’ questions.

Kerry Picket at The Washington Times Water Cooler flags this incredible moment that was probably designed to prop Holder up, but actually just highlighted what a bold-faced liar he is:

“The last administration was cited for political hiring within the civil rights division. Have you continued that political hiring in violation of the law?” asked Rep. Bobby Scott, Virginia Democrat.

“We hire people in the Civil Rights Division on the basis of their experience. Their commitment to that which the Civil Rights Division has historically stood for—people who are going to be good litigators. People who are going to work hard. We don’t hire people on the basis of political or ideological affiliations,” General Holder responded.

A.G. Holder’s response was curious, as Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Hans von Spakovsky showed that the attorneys who have been hired since Holder was appointed have only been explicitly from the activist ideological Left.

Bryan Sells: Mr. Sells was recently hired as one of the Voting Section’s new deputy chiefs. He comes to the Department from the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, where he worked for nearly 10 years as a Senior Staff Counsel. During his tenure, his organization strongly opposed all voter ID laws, and challenged the right of states to verify the U.S. citizenship of individuals seeking to register to vote. He also characterized state felon disenfranchisement laws – which are expressly authorized in the Constitution — as a “slap in the face to democracy,” and consistently took the most aggressive (and generally legally unsupportable) positions on redistricting cases throughout the country.

Meredith Bell-Platts:The other new deputy chief hired by the Voting Section, Meredith Bell-Platts, also comes from the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, where she, too, spent nearly 10 years. Much of her time there was devoted to blasting voter ID requirements, which she claimed were motivated by people who do not want to see blacks vote (an issue on which she consistently lost in court). Before arriving at the ACLU, Ms. Bell-Platts was a founding member of the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law, a publication whose stated “mission is to explore the impact of gender, sexuality, and race on both the theory and practice of law” and thereby “complement[] a long tradition of feminist scholarship and advocacy at the [Georgetown] Law Center.”

Read more from the list at the link, and weep.

Not only have they been hiring only people from the far left, according to J Christian Adams, they’ve been disqualifying better qualified attorneys in favor of far left loons. As he says,  “Pure crazy radicalism” has been going on at Holder’s DOJ behind closed doors.  A culture of lawlessness has taken over the Justice Dept.

In fact, according to Adams, millions and millions of dollars of court sanctions have been imposed against lawyers at the Holder’s Justice Dept for misconduct. During the Bush years, it was – $0.

Lachlan Markay over at Heritage notes that of the 15 lawyers hired under Holder:

“Social justice,” “gender identity,” “human rights,” “diversity,” and other such politically correct buzzwords pepper the summary of these hires’ professional backgrounds and educations. Attorneys have worked to give convicted felons voting rights, and asylum to illegal immigrants. Conspicuously absent is any hire who has devoted his or her career to constitutional scholarship or – heaven forbid – criminal prosecution or civil defense.


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Awesome: CFACT Parachutes For Truth at Durbin Climate Conference With Climategate II Banners (video)

CFACT (the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow) is an organization that was created in 1985 to promote a positive voice on environment and development issues.

Its co-founders, David Rothbard and Craig Rucker, believed very strongly that the power of the market combined with the applications of safe technologies could offer humanity practical solutions to many of the world’s pressing concerns. A number of leading scientists, academics, and policy leaders would also agree with them and soon joined their effort, along with thousands of citizens from around the country.

Today, this Washington DC-based group is a highly respected organization and its voice can be heard relentlessly infusing the environmental debate with a balanced perspective on environmental stewardship.  With an influential and impressive scientific advisory board, aggressive collegiate program, CFACT Europe, United Nations representation,  Adopt-A-Village project, Global Social Responsibility program, and “Just the Facts” national radio commentary, CFACT has and continues to offer genuine positive solutions to today’s global challenges.

The organization has been termed “invaluable” by the Arizona Republic, it has been lauded for its “effort to bring sound science to the environmental debate” by a former president of the National Academy of Sciences, and has been praised by a respected Boston Globe columnist for “a record of supplying absolutely solid information.”

They garnered widespread media attention at the UN climate change conference after parachuting the truth about Climategate 2.0 onto a Durban beach. 

CFACT held a press conference with Senator Inhofe and released Climate Depot’s new “A-Z Climate Reality Check” special report.

Via Gateway Pundit


Rumors: Holder Resigns Late Friday

Repeat. These are just rumors and speculations, and internet rumors seldom pan out (but they’re so much fun!)

More cold water (before I even start) –Holder, in  Thursday’s hearing, did say:  “I have no intention of resigning”…

But we all know he lies. So-

Sipsey Street Irregulars, earlier today…

Noting this is what cynical DC insiders say “just before they throw you under the bus”:

While House Republicans gear up to grill Attorney General Eric Holder about what-he-knew-when about ATF’s botched Operation Fast and Furious at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, the White House is signaling they’re standing by the nation’s top law enforcement officer. “As the President has made clear, he believes Eric Holder is an excellent Attorney General who has his full confidence,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in a statement to TPM on Wednesday.


On Capitol Hill Wednesday, Sipsey Street can report that these rumors swirled:

1. Holder would resign that day to avoid the hearing;

Okay, we can already discount that one.

2. Holder would hold out until the traditional bad news day of Friday to cash in with a “voluntary resignation” that had been demanded by an increasingly nervous White House;

3. Breuer would leave instead of Holder to see if they could save the AG;

4. Holder would desperately cling to his office while firing Breuer;

5. And, last night, that the White House would cling to Holder at Justice because they need him there to maintain the fiction that they still control events because: a. They rest of the rats would desert the Titanic if they thought it was a “save yourselves” moment — that is, that Holder leaving would be a breaking-of-the-dam moment and the entire truth would flood out as conspirators sought their own deals; or, b. Obama is incapable of admitting error and Holder is being kept on board despite the best contrary political advice (and some of this from high roller donors) that he is getting to try to stanch the bleeding with the re-election coming up. Another source said of Obama’s reported pledge to Holder: “Yeah, right. That’s what they say just before they throw you under the bus.” It is important, the source noted, that the denial did not come from White House press secretary Jay Carney, but rather from scandal deflection expert Schultz. “If they meant it,” he said, “Carney would have said it.”

Sipsey also has  this:

Well, that was fun. “Have you no shame?” “No, have YOU no shame?” Eric Holder’s John Mitchell impression.

Wouldn’t be surprised, now that Issa dropped the tactical nuke of more emails “turned over last evening” n(meaning that somebody else has rolled — either Breuer or Weinstein — that Holder’s resignation “for the good of the administration to avoid further distraction will be announced late tomorrow.

Bob McCarty, too: Rumor Mill: Eric Holder to Resign Friday:

This tidbit came in this morning from a well-connected friend, and I wanted to put in on the record just in case it comes true:

“Just heard from a little bird who lives with in the Washington D. C. beltway… Attorney General Holder is going to resign, perhaps by this Friday.”


White House Insider had this to say about Holder on November 30.

And let me say something else on this.  Might seem to be stating the obvious to you here but I want to say it anyways.  Eric Holder is about the most corrupt and…sinister – he’s the most sinister Attorney General this country has seen.  Dangerous.  He’s gone off the reservation all on his own from time to time.  I used to believe everything came through certain people, or a certain person.  But Holder has been running his own game on a lot of this stuff.  He’ll be forced out and then…the-the…and then the American people are gonna start to hear what was going on at Justice.  It won’t come out all at once.  They are working to cover those tracks as we speak – but too many got the goods now.  It’ll come out in drips and drabs.  They’ll try to minimize the damage for ’12.  It won’t work.  Not entirely.  We are seeing to that.  That’s what they are bumping into right now you see.  The political liability that Holder has become.  Back in 2010, they thought they could ride it out.  Delay.  Bury it.  Move one.  And they have been somewhat successful, but the information is getting out, and enough in Congress know they have to act on it or get their own fingers caught up in the machine.  That was seen during the Senate hearing – but that hearing was intended to set up for Judiciary coming up.  And after that…we got the foundation in place to force out a United States Attorney General.  I wasn’t privy to all of that until just recently.  Suspected it.  Had it figured.  Now it’s been confirmed.  What we are waiting on with this now is the on-the-record condemnation of Eric Holder from Democrats.  We have it off the record – but now we need it to go public.  Then the endgame is there.  This part of the plan is nearly done.

Fingers crossed.


AWR Hawkins at Big Government: Impeachment isn’t Enough – Holder Needs to be Handcuffed:

Holder replied by asking, “Have you no shame?” And Issa countered with, “Have YOU no shame?”

This is a teachable moment folks: Holder has grown so accustomed to the success of his own hypocrisy that he took offense to being called out on the carpet. He took offense to being compared to Mitchell when the truth is, Mitchell’s family should be offended that one of their own was compared to Holder.

At another point, when Holder defended his handling of the matter by saying the DOJ had provided an “unprecedented” amount of information to Congress already, Issa went into smackdown mode: “Unprecedented would be an attorney general who knew nothing about something where his own present chief of staff was intimately familiar.” (Issa’s comments were referencing Gary Grindler, Holder’s current chief of staff who, as an Acting Deputy Attorney General attended a briefing on Fast and Furious in March 2010.)

As for Sensenbrenner, he came across as a Congressman determined to get to the bottom of this mess. It was he who warned that Holder could face impeachment if he didn’t come clean.

With all respect to Sensenbrenner, I think we’re past impeachment. It’s jail time. Holder does not deserve to be in the society of free people.


A call from Rep Gowdy for Holder to resign “now”, via the Daily Caller:

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on Friday morning that Attorney General Eric Holder “needs to go now.”

Gowdy, who has been intimately involved with the House oversight committee investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, became the 54th congressman to demand Holder’s resignation. Gowdy adds that he backs Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s suggestion “100 percent” that impeachment proceedings may be necessary to remove the attorney general from office.

Hemmer asked if the oversight committee has the power to impeach Holder. Gowdy responded, “Absolutely.”

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