Saturday Movie Matinee “Occupy The North Pole!”

Uh oh, you better watch out,  in this Christmas themed video, the elves have gone #Occupy, and they are not happy with the “fat cat”who’s running things at the North Pole.

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse: New Cartoon Video Imagines what an “Occupy North Pole Movement” Would be Like!

Another #occupy-themed Christmas video, via Moonbattery: An Occupy Wall Street Christmas Carol:

Made me smile: Hallelujah Chorus -Quinhagak, Alaska:

One more Christmas video – The Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling (original 1970 single version):

I heard this in the car earlier this week, as I was taking my daughters home from dance class. Got a little choked up telling them about Karen’s tragically young death from anorexia….such a waste – such a talent. She was the best female singer of her age, in my opinion:

For more Christmas carols, and good cheer,  see Koch’s Tour. Theresa has been posting her merry offerings, all month in her  Advent Calendar of Music.

Via PJTV: Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Outrage!

Bill Whittle looks at recent examples outrageous behavior in America. From Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky, to the NOAA, which seized a man’s prize 881-pound tuna, there is an outrage overload occurring in our culture. Let Bill Whittle help you deal with the outrage.

Speaking of “outrage”, here are a couple more choice videos from the Thursday hearing on Capitol Hill where sparks flew and Holder is still licking his wounds…

Rep. Chaffetz, unable to conceal his contempt with  AG Holder, asks: Where Is Communication B/W DOJ, Obama Administration, & Mexican Gov’t?:

The Republicans are not only sick of the lies and obstruction – they are sick of having their intelligence insulted by Holder’s  nonsense. Like our next contestant –

Via The Other McCain: Rep. Sandy Adams Grilled Holder Over Fast and Furious Operation – (a better description would be – she raked him over the coals):

Obama’s Divide & Conquer scheme dissected by Charles Krauthammer:

Your must read of the day: Krauthammer’s piece at NRO: Obama’s Campaign for Class Resentment:

It seems that he and his policies have nothing to do with the current state of things. Sure, presidents are ordinarily held accountable for economic growth, unemployment, national indebtedness (see Obama, above). But not this time. Responsibility, you see, lies with the rich.

Or, as the philosophers of Zuccotti Park call them, the 1 percent. For Obama, these rich are the ones holding back the 99 percent. The “breathtaking greed of a few” is crushing the middle class. If only the rich paid their “fair share,” the middle class would have a chance. Otherwise, government won’t have enough funds to “invest” in education and innovation, the golden path to the sunny uplands of economic growth and opportunity.

Where to begin? A country spending twice as much per capita on education as it did in 1970 with zero effect on test scores is not underinvesting in education. It’s mis-investing. As for federally directed spending on innovation — like Solyndra? Ethanol? The preposterously subsidized, flammable Chevy Volt?

Our current economic distress is attributable to myriad causes: globalization, expensive high-tech medicine, a huge debt burden, a burst housing bubble largely driven by precisely the egalitarian impulse that Obama is promoting (government aggressively pushing “affordable housing” that turned out to be disastrously unaffordable), an aging population straining the social safety net. Yes, growing inequality is a problem throughout the Western world. But Obama’s pretense that it is the root cause of this sick economy is ridiculous.

See also:

Newt Gingrich is interviewed at Coffee and Markets: Newt Gingrich on Entitlement Reform, the Federal Reserve and the Eurozone

MRCTV: Brent Bozell interview with Rep. Allen West

Thanks to Brian B for many of these.

Linked by Daily Pundit, thanks!

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