An Open Letter To Eric Holder From An ATF Agent in Mexico

These words from ATF Attache in Mexico,  Darren Gil to Sharyl Attkisson, in that explosive interview, last March have always stayed with me:

“At some point these guns are going to end up killing either a government of Mexico official, a police officer, or military folks, and then what are we going to do? There was complete silence on the other end of the phone…”

He (Gil) would ask (his superiors) repeatedly:

“When is this case going to shut down? The Mexicans are going to have a fit when they find out about it. You’re (speaking of himself, here) in Mexico… have limited diplomatic immunity…and the government is looking at you as potentially bringing weapons into their country (which in many cases is an act of war!), and  they’re already very worried about their sovereignty down there, and the ATF agents let this happen. There are agents all across Mexico, and their safety should be the number one priority, and these folks are in that much more danger, now.”

One of those agents in Mexico watched Eric Holder’s testimony before Congress, last Thursday, and weighed in with this acerbic response at the whistle-blower forum Clean-up ATF :

Posted 09 December 2011 – 11:47 AM

An Open Letter to Attorney General Holder

Dear AG Holder:

From deep inside Mexico, thanks to streaming video, I was able to watch and listen to the entire House Judiciary Committee hearing. I’m a registered
Independent – not Republican and not Democrat, so this is a non-partisan commentary. As I write this, my life, and the lives of my family members are more
at risk becase of the reckless actions of you and your ATF buddies allowing, facilitating and even paying for firearms to be smuggled into Mexico for

Wow! You really made points with us when you refused to acknowledge you were under oath.

How many times did you answer “I don’t know”? You must be the most “know nothing” Attorney General in history.
Funny, you had the answers for all the other issues brought up during the hearing…..

You said those who created “Fast & Furious” will be held accountable, but you still don’t know who did it and no one will be fired? You have to consider
their overall service to the department???? Do you consider their overall service for any other crime?

It’s been nearly a year since you assigned the investigation of Fast & Furious to the DOJ IG, although not in writing. Interesting. So, the DOJ is
investigating itself? How long does it take for the IG to investigate? Is this the same IG that cooked up the false $16 muffin story? Is this the same IG
that took (as gospel) ATF’s word that 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico and traced came from the U.S. – statistics later discredited – by ATF themselves?

We watched and listened as you and your Democrat sycophants on the Committee parroted the same tired scripted mantra praising you for advancing gun control
and begging for more gun regulations and more ATF funding. The same old figures were quoted about how many guns were traced from Mexico. Did your figures
include all the duplicate traces from Mexico? All the.22 rabbit rifles and farmer’s shotguns that Mexico traced? Did they include 100 year old guns used by Pancho Villa? Did you explain that the average age of those guns traced from Mexico is over 14 years? ATF calls that “time to crime”, but may have nothing to do with a crime.

Did you explain that as far back as 1992, and as recently as 2009, the Congressional Research Service warned against the use of statistics from ATF’s
tracing system? Did you also not read their warning, “The ATF tracing system is an operational system designed to help law enforcement agencies identify the
ownership path of individual firearms. It was not designed to collect statistics.”? Or did you simply ignore it?

Did you explain that the new multiple rifle regulation which you are so strongly supporting would not have stopped a single Fast & Furious gun from being
smuggled to Mexico? And won’t stop any future smuggling? And the multiple rifle purchase report requirement is so overly-broad that it includes 50 to 100 year
old rifles of interest only to collectors – which will now be reported as ‘crime guns’? What’s with that? Oh, yeah….. Those sales are now permanently ‘registered’
in ATF registration databases. Was this supposed to be “under the radar”, too?

Did you explain why your buddies at ATF are reporting personal information (name, address, height, weight, date of birth, drivers license number, etc.) of
totally innocent American gun owners to corrupt Mexican cops – through eTrace? Enough information for ID theft? These gun owners may have disposed of the guns
many years ago – but ATF still reports the original owner as a ‘suspect’ to Mexican cops. Thanks a lot. That makes me feel really good while I’m here in Mexico…..
Have you forgotten that in Mexico, you’re guilty until proven innocent?

So this is the “Most Transparent Administration” in history? Well, on that issue, that’s right. With your performance in front of the Committee, and your
obstruction of justice and obfuscation of the issues, you were completely transparent. Everyone could see right through you. And you’re refusing to release
any more documents? What could be more transparent than that? Wow!

Watching you in front of the Committee, for the first time in my life, you make me ashamed to be an American. Hell, Watergate was easier to understand….., and people didn’t die. How many people are going to be killed as a consequence of Fast & Furious?

How do I explain to my Mexican friends and associates why ATF has illegally armed Mexican criminal gangs? And no one has gone to jail, or been fired, or
suspended, or even identified…..? Isn’t that great for international relations…..

Mr. Attorney General, you will be held accountable – by the American People.

(Name Withheld – still in Mexico)


From the Clean-up ATF site –

Is the ATF’s Kevin Crenshaw, the first head to roll?

Posted 09 December 2011 – 05:33 PM

Patriot, on 09 December 2011 – 10:51 AM, said: The most encouraging news I have heard is that Crenshaw is the first of many shoes to drop. I hope the housecleaning picks up the pace. Not only will we finally be rid of bad managers, but launching these people will save salaries for which we not getting anything in return but bad decisions. I can’t wait for Crenshaw to use the defense of “my boss approved what I did”. As if that is an acceptable reason for suspending the rules of ethics.


My prediction on Crenshaw, if he is indeed one of the snakes, is that he starts threatening to turn in ATF executives X, Y, and Z for their various corrupt practices and his firing is reduced to days on the beach at most, and the severity of his suspension will likely depend on what dirt he has on X, Y, and Z. It’s a bit tricky to fire someone who can take you down with them. And let’s face it, there is so much dirt in ATF Management and the CCO, that for him not to have plenty of mud to sling would be highly unlikely.


ATF has protected the executives for so long and it is all coming back on them all at once. After the Crenshaw termination word on the streets is that Horace, O’Brien, Vido, Torres and the rest of the corrupt SAC’s are all laying low knowing that their day is coming soon. The truth never changes and you can only run from it for so long.

…Crenshaw knows where the bodies are buried as he ran IA. Expect him to leverage his dirt for a better deal. Anticipate him getting off the hook in exchange for his sitting quite on teh criminal acts, corruption, office sex, etc., of our
“leaders”. In Chicago when he was the ASAC and Ford was the SAC, they loved to have agents see them getting their shoes shined together. Some humility might have gone a long way. Ford appears to be safe but that “big pimpin” attitude has set an entire agency against him.


I don’t see an official announcement of his firing, anywhere, yet.

Here he is in a video Posted October 22:

White Center Now/West Seattle Blog video of ATF’s Kelvin Crenshaw at the Operation Center of Attention announcement.


Feb/2010 – Crenshaw  seized a shipment of 30 toy guns from a “flabbergasted” store owner in Tacoma Washington.


Sign The White House Petition: Investigate The ATF For Bullying and Harassment of Whistleblowers

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Video: Jacob Turk Announces Candidacy For Congress (MO-5)

A crowd assembles at Union station in Kansas City to hear Turk’s announcement.

On Monday, Dec.12, 2011, Jacob Turk held a press conference in front of supporters at Union Station in Kansas City to announce his candidacy for Congress in Missouri’s 5th district. This is his fourth attempt at unseating Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver, after coming within single digits in 2010.

Stressing the need for a serious congressman in district 5 who will address the pressing issues of  jobs, fiscal responsibility, and restoring integrity and honor in DC,  Turk stated that we can turn things around with leadership constituents can trust.

I managed to get a question in after the presser was over:

You can contribute to Turk’s campaign, here.

Glenn Beck Has Jumped The Shark UPDATE: So Has Michael Savage

I’ve always been inclined to like the guy – but no more.  No more. I can’t see how any right-minded, self-respecting Republican can  have anything to do with Glenn Beck at this point.

The Right Scoop: Glenn Beck: I’d consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt Gingrich

Glenn Beck said this morning on his radio show that if Newt Gingrich is the nominee and Ron Paul runs third party, he’d consider voting for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich, and he hates Ron Paul’s policies on the Middle East.
Watch video at the site.
He’d throw Israel under the bus over Gingrich?
Unbelievable. I understand that politics gets a little heated at times, and we have our little disagreements over candidates – but this? This is crazy and suicidal. Beck has a large audience, and I hope to heck most of them leave him over this.
Ace puts on his amateur shrink hat:
Apparently some among us talk a good game about the crucial need of removing Obama from office, but sort of have a kind of Battered Wife Syndrome, and just can’t quit the big lug.

That’s about the long and short of it.

I can only hope (and pray) that Ron Paul has enough love for his country that he not do this.

I’m too disgusted to say anything more.


Via The Hill:

Conservative radio host Michael Savage is offering Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich $1 million if he drops out of the GOP race within the next 72 hours, according to a message on his website.

“Newt Gingrich is unelectable. Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a chance of defeating Barack Obama, and there is nothing more important than that for the future health, safety, and security of the United States of America,” the statement read. “Therefore I am offering Newt Gingrich one million dollars to drop out of the presidential race for the sake of the nation.”

Savage and Beck could team up, but I think Savage may have poisoned the well when he called Beck a “hemorrhoid with eyes”:

“Now we’ve got a guy on the conservative band who is equally – shall I say – cynical, crazy, manipulative, political or what and we’re not supposed to notice this?”

Takes one to know one.


Via BloggerGunny, Beck is taking a beating on his own website. Commenters on this post; Glenn to respond to “big government GOP progressives” on GBTV tonight are letting him have it with both barrels. First the tea partiers are racist if they vote for Newt slur, (with which the left is predictably having a field day) and now this third party crap has people up in arms.

And what’s with the “big government GOP progressives” crap. Nice Deb is anything but a “big government GOP progressive” and I think he’s full of excrement. GBTV may as well be The Alex Jones Show at this point.

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