Sign The White House Petition: Investigate The ATF For Bullying and Harassment of Whistleblowers

Via Clean-Up ATF:

Link to petition..

27 lousy signatures since December 3.

Here’s a post from the Clean Up ATF site that gives you an idea of how bad the snitch culture has gotten as the ATF:

Support for those and their families suffering from stress related to ATF management abuses:

We have a therapist out of Arizona who is conducting doctoral research on adolescent, teen and young adult mental health challenges. She currently works in practice and on hospital units with this population along with their family systems. She has been successful in identifying stressors in families where one or more parent is in law enforcement.

Her next research project will focus on stress related injuries regarding ATF agents who suffer abuse at the hands of their employer and the effects this in turn has on their families.

She goes under the name DocPowerPuff here on She is available to help anyone who needs resources relating to their or their family’s stress issues in this area. Of course any communications with her will be strictly confidential. There is no fee. This is simply a service she is offering to us as a way to help in an area she is passionate about while she collects ever more information for her research.

I have sadly watched many through the years lose their lives to suicide, addictions, and other mental health issues due to this particular kind and level of stress. I believe her next project will be as ground breaking as her last one and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it. I pray that one day her work will help to change the current broken system where victims have no real protections or outlets other than the government sending these people to their so-called experts who many times merely continue the abuse.

Show your support for ATF whistleblowers: sign the petition and retweet. Let’s make this thing go viral.


FYI: You do need to register with the White House in order to vote – just a name and a email address. Worth the trouble, I think.

As Morgen said a few months ago, when Verum Serum started a Repeal ObamaCare petition –

We’re 13 months out from the election at this point. It’s time to stand up to the Administration and let them know what we really think about their policies. And if that doesn’t inspire you to subject yourself to never-ending spam from the President, then use that old Hotmail or Yahoo address you never use, or just create a new one and use it only for this.

Is anyone else having trouble signing the petition? I’ve been getting this after I sign in:

404 Page Not Found

The page you’re looking for is currently unavailable to view

We’ve been upgrading our site. It is possible that this page has been moved or renamed. You can use your browser’s Back button to return to the previous page, go to the homepage, or you can browse or search for the information you’re looking for.


8 thoughts on “Sign The White House Petition: Investigate The ATF For Bullying and Harassment of Whistleblowers

  1. This is just a guess – but, perhaps the reason the petition is getting so few signatures has to do with the URL I understand anyone can create a petition. Rather than waiting for people to be ‘turned in’ via attackwatch we can self-identify.


  2. I tried, Deb, but, my email and password aren’t signing me in.

    Really, I think the whole petition thing is a big Obama scam to get emails to send people Obama 2012 material. I signed up to be alerted when the petition thing went live, and immediately started receiving Obama 2012 emails to my Gmail account, which was not supposed to happen according to the original terms of service.

    My “drill here, drill now” went nowhere, too. But, liberal petitions seem to have a lot. Weird, that.


  3. Same thing happened to me, and then I changed my password. When I voted again, I go that message.
    The fact that the number isn’t moving at all suggests to me that other people are having issues, so I’m saying something about it.

    (Hey – don’t you want those invitations for dinner with the Obama’s? I’m feeling kinda scorned that they haven’t sent me one yet.)


  4. “Is anyone else having trouble signing the petition? I’ve been getting this after I sign in: 404 Page Not Found”

    Heck, I can’t even get THAT far.


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