Audio: Lou Dobbs Interviews Shrink About Holder’s Use Of Race Card

Lou Dobbs interviewed psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, to get his opinion on Eric Holder’s recent use of the race card to explain away his critics. Dr. Ablow responded that Holder’s stance is either “bad or worse”. Playing the race card as a political maneuver is bad – but doing it because it’s actually what he believes, Ablow believes is even worse.

With all due respect to the good doctor – he’s naive if he believes anyone in this administration  sincerely believes people dislike Obama and Holder because they’re black. Everything is a political calculation with this bunch, and Eric Holder is simply giving us a preview of a major theme for Obama’s reelection campaign strategy, which can be summed up, thus:

1. Things would be even worse if Obama wasn’t elected.

2. Everything that’s bad is Bush’s fault or the House Republicans’ fault, (or ATMs).

3. Obama needs four more years to fix things.

4. You’re a racist, ignorant, hick if you don’t appreciate him.

They won in 2008 largely due to white guilt, and the thought that it would be wonderful and historic to have a black President. They’re hoping that they can intimidate critics into silence by employing the race card this time around, counting on  people to once again be guilted into voting for him.

It’s a dicey strategy because they risk turning off more voters than they reel in. But, it’s all they’ve got.


4 thoughts on “Audio: Lou Dobbs Interviews Shrink About Holder’s Use Of Race Card

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  2. “…thought that it would be wonderful and historic…”

    Heck, ND, it is historic. Ya gotta realize that the worst president in our history doesn’t come along every election cycle, and now the jackasses have had the two worst in just the last five presidents!

    Tell me THAT’S not historic!

    And as far as Mr. My People goes, what could people possibly dislike him for, what with F&F, the NBPP voter intimidation scandal and his suing states for calling the feds on the feds’ incapacity to enforce laws because of his and his boss’ ideologies? And that’s just the start of the list.


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