Video: Just Released Hobbit Trailer

My 13 year old showed it to me. See what you think:

Uh…What’s Galadriel doing in it?

Don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but all but the youngest two in my family are huge LOTR fans. My oldest daughter just had her 20th birthday (it’s a week before Christmas), and we got her Arwen’s  cloak.

She also has the Evenstar necklace and Nenya. This Christmas, we’ll be adding a Leaf of Lorien necklace to her LOTR jewelry collection. Oh, and she traveled to New Zealand, last summer with a group of students who did ecological work in exchange for room and board. She got to visit some of the sets from LOTR and re-enact some of the scenes in elf get-ups.

Yeah, that’s how big a fan she is.

Anyhoo – we can’t wait for The Hobbit. I can’t believe we have to wait a whole ‘nother year!


In case you’re wondering: How Legolas and Galadriel Fit in The Hobbit:

Well Legolas is the Prince of Mirkwood, and that forest plays a big part in the movie. As his father is most definitely seen, there will probably be another chance for Orlando Bloom fans to swoon over him on the big screen as he pops up in the background somewhere. As for Galadriel, she is a known member of the White Council, and it’s been said that they will feature in the movie. And yes, all of this is detailed in the appendices as well as some of the other texts included in the books Christopher Tolkien published that detail more of the backstory of LOTR.



The character of Galadriel does not appear in the book The Hobbit. However, from Peter Jackson’s comments about including the backstory of Dol Guldur and the White Council, and that Cate Blanchette is one of the actors that may reprise their role, it is likely that Galadriel will appear in one or both of the Hobbit movies.

Galadriel was either subject to the Valar’s ban forbidding the Noldoran exiles from returning to Valinor, or she thought she was, having refused the pardon granted at the end of the First Age. Therefore, as she expressed in her lament as the Fellowship left Lorien, it was her wish that Frodo, as a special gift, be allowed to go to Tol Erëssëa, an island within sight of Valinor. Ultimately, due to her efforts to defeat Sauron, her unselfish wish for Frodo and her refusal of the One Ring when Frodo offered it, the ban was lifted and she was allowed to return to Valinor.


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