Santorum May Have Won Iowa?


Tony Lee reporting for Human Events, has some surprising news – a typo may have caused a 20 point descrepency in his district, making Santorum the winner of the Iowa Caucus by 12 votes.

Edward True, a Ron Paul​ supporter, told KCCI News in Iowa that he helped count the votes in his precinct and “jotted the results down on a piece of paper to post” to his Facebook page.

He said Romney received two votes in his precinct, but the Iowa Republican Party credited Romney with 22 votes.

True is filing a notarized statement, and, if he turns out to be right, that 20 vote difference would mean Santorum actually won Iowa by eight votes.

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KCCI News: Could Typo Rewrite Caucus History?

A spokeswoman with the Iowa Republican Party said True is not a precinct captain  and he’s not a county chairperson so he has no business talking about election  results.  She also said the party would not be giving interviews about possible  discrepancies until the caucus vote is certified.

This will make Iowa look a little foolish in the eyes of the rest of the  country, which already questions the seriousness of the caucuses,” Goldford  said.  But in terms of Santorum’s results here, the Caucuses have made him a  player in presidential politics and if he should nudge ahead of Gov. Romney for  the final certified result that’s really not going to make any significant  difference at this point.”


WaPo: Santorum shrugs off report of errors in Iowa caucus tally, says race was essentially a tie

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum shrugged off reports late Thursday that the vote count from Iowa’s caucuses might be wrong, saying the errors appear not to change the fact that he and Mitt Romney were nearly tied.

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Video: Ann Barnhardt and Warren Pollock Discuss MF Global and Fascistic Relationship Between Government and Finance

An important discussion on the genesis of the financial crisis with two experts in the field, Ann Barnhardt and Warren Pollock . Their theory is that the fraudsters are setting up a precedent for putting the banking collapse on the backs of  customers – a trial balloon to see what they can get away with. They financially “rape” these  innocent dupes, who should be at the very front of the line….but have ended up with no seat at the table.

Via Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) have an open conversation organized to provide background to this crisis, the setting of legal precedent, netting, settlement, and future trends including a potential bank holiday.   We talk about MF Global as it applies to savings and commercial banking, brokerage, insurance, and commodities.   We talk about numeric impossibility of solving the problem, incest between government and finance,  having the victim of the crisis pay rather than the fraudster. We explain how the MF Global bankruptcy process will define how customer funds will be treated in a bank holiday.   We talk about the idea of having an honest bank holiday to root out fraud vs an economic crisis which plays to looting and criminal activity of vested interest.

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ATF Heads Starting To Roll Over Fast and Furious But the Cover-up Continues

This latest development appears to be a tactical move – a bloodletting designed to convince people that everything’s cool now at the ATF- nothing to see here.

SSI Exclusive:

Breaking: ATF reportedly relieves Fast and Furious managers prior to OIG report

Gun Rights Examiner and Sipsey Street Irregulars received information this evening that three of the prime Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives players in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal have been relieved of duties.

William Hoover, ATF’s Deputy Director during Fast and Furious who was recently reassigned as Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office, Assistant Director in Charge of Field Operations Mark Chait, likewise reassigned as head of the Baltimore Field Office, and Deputy Assistant Director of Field Operations William McMahon have reportedly been sidelined pending the outcome of the anticipated report from the Office of Inspector General. Debbie Bullock a mid-level manager has reportedly been advised that she is now the acting SAC for Baltimore to assume Chait’s functions.

My partner in inconvenient federal revelations has more here.

This correspondent also received a copy of a letter authored by Assistant Attorney General Weich, he of last February’s now “withdrawn” letter to Senator Grassley falsely denying that the DOJ was aware of gunwalking. This letter is addressed to Senator Grassley and Congressman Issa and indicates to this observer that the stonewalling in the Gunwalker investigation continues. It is, as most of Weich’s previous letters have been, personally insulting to the intelligence of both Grassley and Issa, and sticks a thumb in their collective eye while patently subverting the oversight process.

Here is a transcript of the body of the letter, sent on 21 December 2011.

Dear Chairman Issa and Senator Grassley:

This responds to your letter to the Attorney General dated November 1, 2011, which requested a comprehensive schedule of records of all government surveillance of suspected straw purchases of firearms in the United States.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) advises that it does not maintain a searchable database of cases involving surveillance of suspected straw purchases. ATF advises that creating the schedule you have requested would require a manual review of thousands of firearms trafficking case files in order to determine whether surveillance of suspected straw purchases occurred. This would entail an extraordinary commitment of time and resources that ATF is not equipped to undertake at this time. Further, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration advise that they do not conduct surveillance of straw purchases in the ordinary course of their law enforcement activities. We are not aware of any other Department components that would be likely to conduct surveillance of straw purchases. We also note that any surveillance records would likely implicate significant law enforcement and individual privacy interests.

We regret that we have been unable to assist you with your request. Please do hesitate to contact this office it we may provide further information on this this, or any other matter.


Ronald Weich


I hope they end up withdrawing that letter, too, because it is absurd on it’s face. As Vanderboegh reminds readers:

 …the Lone Wolf Trading Company was set up for video and audio by the ATF. Acting Director Melson himself would sign on and observe dealings going down. And the ATF can’t find ANY cases “involving surveillance of suspected straw purchases?” This, like the pre-OIG Report identification of the sacrificial goats of ATF, is simply more stonewalling in service of the cover-up.

Read the full report, here. Sipsey has some good scuttlebut from his sources.


SSI Exclusive: Another ATF Rat Thrown Overboard

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