NH Polls/Latest News/Debate Thread

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An NBC Marist poll has Romney comfortably  in the lead in NH, with Ron Paul in second (wtf?) and Santorum in third.

A new NBC/Marist poll shows Romney at 42 percent of the vote, up slightly from 39 percent just a month ago.  Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul is second at 22 percent, in a state where independents can cross over and vote in the GOP primary.

But former Sen. Rick Santorum, barely a blip in December, is up to 13 percent in the wake of surging to a tie with Romney in Iowa.

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, flayed in TV ads by a Romney “SuperPAC,” has fallen to 9 percent from 24 percent a month ago.  He is tied for fourth place with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has bet all on New Hampshire.

The American Research Group has Huntsman in second:

 Mitt Romney continues to lead the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Preference Primary with 40%. Jumping into second place is Jon Huntsman with 17%. Ron Paul follows closely with 16% and Rick Santorum is in fourth place with 12%.

Rasmussen also has Romney leading by double digits:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in New Hampshire finds Romney earning 42% support. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a distant second with 18% of the vote, followed by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, hot off his photo finish with Romney in the Iowa caucuses, at 13%. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who has focused his campaign efforts on New Hampshire, captures 12% support.

But RS McCain says – pay no attention to the polls inhis latest post on Santorum: Santorum Surge Hits Hollis, N.H. UPDATE: Photos, Videos Added:

The first question Santorum got in an informal press conference outside the barn was about his “electability,” which he defended staunchly. I must urge everyone trying to predict the outcome in New Hampshire to put no stock in polls. There are still many undecided voters here and much of Mitt Romney’s support is “soft.”

Depending on how things go in the two debates — tonight on ABC and Sunday morning on  ”Meet the Press” — the Santorum surge could once against surprise everyone, as it did in Iowa, where he outperformed the final Des Moines Register final poll by 10 points.

Here’s a video McCain took of Santorum being mobbed by throngs of enthusiastic supporters as he arrives at a campaign stop in Hollis, NH.

Byron York reported Saturday: Top Santorum aide: Romney a ‘bully’:

HOLLIS, NH — Speaking outside a barn in which Rick Santorum was addressing an overflow crowd at a town meeting, a top Santorum aide says GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney “is starting to come across as a bully.”

Asked whether Santorum fears that Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney super PAC, will run attack ads against Santorum should Santorum continue to surge in the Republican race, senior adviser John Brabender suggested Romney’s attacks might backfire in the future.

“I think Romney has a problem with this whole negative stuff,” Brabender said.  “One is that he’s gotten Newt Gingrich awfully mad.  And I don’t know if I’d want Newt Gingrich mad at me.”

2 thoughts on “NH Polls/Latest News/Debate Thread

  1. Ugh … why do these candidates continue to agree to liberal-left-media moderation??? It is SOOOOO frustrating! And Ron Paul … omg he drives me crazy. He knows EVERYTHING and everyone else is just plain STUPID! grrrrrrrrrr …

    OK …just venting!l lol


  2. They’re calling him a one man wrecking crew – last month he focused on Gingrich – now he’s set his sights on Santorum.

    Why no one laid a glove on Mitt is a mystery.


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