Obama Media Sycophants Renew Their Race Cards Just In Time For 2012 Election


The race card.  Racism.  Race-race-race.  It’s all  they f*cking got to run on these days.

The word is out —

Newsbusters: NYT Editorial Page Editor Calls Boehner Racist for Asking Obama to Delay Speech  to Congress:

Is House Speaker John Boehner an anti-Obama racist? Editorial Page editor Andrew  Rosenthal all but accuses him in his Tuesday blog from Des Moines, “Nobody  Likes to Talk About It, but It’s There.” (The web headline is blunter: “Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones.”)

  …Race?  Hasn’t Obama played that one  out already?  It’s become a joke.

LifeNews: Santorum Tagged as Racist for Saying Obama Should be Pro-Life:

When Rick Santorum dared to allude to the dehumanization of black Americans in our country’s flawed history, liberals went into full attack mode. What is it about the documented past that causes such a visceral adverse reaction from liberals? Santorum, in a January 2011 CNS interview about President Obama’s denial of personhood to the unborn, found it remarkable for a “black man to say no, we’re going to decide who are people and who are not people.”

Many others, including me (as black as Obama) do, too. Considering black people, mixed or not, were considered less than human and subjected to dehumanization since stepping foot on American soil, Santorum’s remarks were a powerful and legitimate commentary on the question and history of personhood.

…Played it out?  No, not…you might think  so but no…his people are going to raise the issue of race to a level this  country hasn’t seen since the Civil Rights movement.  White guilt got  Barack Obama the nomination.  White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House.  At least it was a big part of  it…

AoSHQ: LA Times: Parody of Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette is Objectively, Factually Racist:

Let them explain:

The caricature of Obama as a profligate queen relies on the racist stereotype of an “uppity Negro,” which emerged among slave masters in an earlier American era. Obama, born into a working-class Chicago family whose roots are traced to the pre-Civil War South, graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, prior to holding several high-level positions in the academic and private sectors.

The racist image appeared Tuesday on the right-wing blog Gateway Pundit; the slur was later called out by Media Matters for America. A post by Gateway blogger Jim Hoft paired the picture with a clip of the first lady’s guest appearance on a forthcoming episode of “iCarly,” a Nickelodeon sit-com. In the script, Obama commends the cast for their support of military families. Responding to a cast member who mistakenly addresses her as “your excellency,” the script has Obama jokingly reply, “I kinda like it.” 

You know what other stereotype it relies upon?  The actual historical memory of Marie Antoinette (whether or not that’s fair) as a profligate queen who thought rules were for the little people, and who lived in high style while saying (I know she didn’t say this) “Let them eat cake.”

But oh, right, no it can’t be what it’s obviously about.  It’s got to be about that slave thing.  Because.


Unless there are some racial caricatures in that facial rendering which I’m unable to detect due to the low resolution of this photo, there is absolutely nothing “racist” here at all.

…they are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012.   Motivation is way down – the people on the ground.  Many of them will be  sitting this one out.  The campaign conducted over five internals in the  last few months. Each time the one issue that came back favorably for the  president was the color of his skin.  People are not comfortable…white  people are not comfortable going against a person of color.  At least not a  whole lot of them. 

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC: Joan Walsh Says Republicans Using “Dog-Whistle” Racism To Lure “White Working Class” Voters To Their Party…

Via RCP:

“This really is the kind of dog-whistle politics that the Republican party has used to lure our people, the white working class, over to their party, to tell them over and over that money’s being — their money’s being given to black people when in fact, as we all know, it’s been given to rich people.”

Those studies – those kinds of studies…they were first  incorporated by the Hillary campaign back in 2007 and 2008.  It scared the  hell out of her – she was so afraid of being called a racist.  So she  attacked Obama on his lack of experience, she just touched on some of the  Chicago garbage…but in the end, the race issue kept her from really engaging in  all out political war.  The Clinton machine was handcuffed. 

AoSHQ: CBS Just Makes Up Santorum Saying He Doesn’t Want to Give “Black People” Money:

In mid-sentence, he seems to have stumbled over whether his next word would be “people” or “lives.”  He corrects it, in the end, to “people’s lives,” but with a non-word before it.

The word isn’t “black.”  It’s just not a word at all.  It’s a slur of p and b (closely related labials) and lie as he can’t figure out it’s going to be lives or people’s lives he says next.

To the extent he said any word at all, he came closest to saying “Bligh.”  So he’s apparently against giving money to mutineered captains. Which, actually, is sensible enough.  Look, don’t get mutineed, dude.  We shouldn’t subsidize losing control of your ship.

See for yourself.

Also note that that is CBSNews online claiming that this stutter was a racial slur, not some stupid blog.  CBSNews probably got it from a blog, of course.

But now they’re just running that claim.  If I could tell he didn’t say black, how did CBSNews be so sure he did say it?

When  Obama used race to get America to forgive the fact he spent some 20 years  sitting in the church of a proven anti-American fascist f*cking racist – what  could they do?  It was game over. 

Newsbusters: Behar and Goldberg See Racism When Gingrich Talks of Helping Poor:

After asserting that children should not have to work, she and Behar went on  to accuse Gingrich of racism:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: And the idea that he would add into this  conversation that this will help them not become pimps and prostitutes and drug  dealers-
JOY BEHAR: Well, that’s a little, I don’t know what the word to  use-
GOLDBERG: It’s called racist.
BEHAR: Thank you.
GOLDBERG: You know, it’s called racist. Who is he talking about?

Don’t you understand it then?  How race – that very thing that pulled his  ass out of the fire back in 2008 – that’s the plan for 2012.  But even more  of it.  They got an entire plan to utilize it.  Targeting certain  states.  A media campaign. 

Mediaite: Melissa Harris Perry: Michele Bachmann’s ‘Tax The Poor’ Rhetoric Is ‘Just Racism’:

The comment in question from Rep. Bachmann was an argument on her part that taxes should be raised on those who don’t pay any– “we need to get more in line,” she told a crowd, “because everyone… should pay something.” She also cited a statistic that only 53% of Americans pay taxes. “I think that’s just racism,” Harris Perry argued, likening it to the “2011 version of the welfare queen.” “What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent,” she explained, and the subtext to that being that the group is comprised of “unworking, unmarried poor black women who are welfare queens.” The “53%” talk, she concluded, was “just a way of evoking all of these scary, racialized, and poor others.”

Use it as a weapon against prospective  opponents – the Romney people better be ready because he’s gonna get his ass  kicked with the race issue and he won’t even see it coming.  They better  have their boy prepared for that…

The words “Mitt Romney racist” bring up about 4,250,000 results  on Google.

It’s in place and underway – being developed. Further developed.  It’s  gonna – gonna tie it in with the unions somehow. 

 Powerline: Voting Rights? It All Depends:

Yesterday a motley coalition of left-wing groups operating under the name Stand For Freedom marched in New York City, ostensibly to support voting rights. A large number of groups were represented, almost more organizations than people: the NAACP, the ACLU, SEIU, CAIR, the Communist Party, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, the Hispanic Federation, the United Federation of Teachers, the Action Network, NOW, several Democratic politicians, and many more. Despite the event’s wide-ranging sponsorship, only 1,000 to 2,000 people showed up to march.

I don’t know exaclty how – just that’s included in it.  It will be an all out campaign on  race.  The goal is to completely mobilize the Black vote while shaming an  even greater number of white voters into not opposing a second Obama term.  They are gonna get out the guilt  vote man.  The guilt vote!

The Hill: Democrat says GOP trying to deny blacks the right to vote:

A Democratic lawmaker said Wednesday on the House floor that Republican legislators around the country are purposefully trying to deny blacks the right to vote by pushing for voter identification laws.

“It’s no coincidence that a disproportionate number of these affected voters come from communities of color as well as the poor, the elderly and students,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), a former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

 They want all of it (black votes). Every last one.  Then bring  in the Hispanic vote, tie them up in this race issue as well.  Republicans  want to toss you out.  Obama wants to bring you in.  They hate the  color of Obama’s skin just like they hate the color of yours.  Hey White  America, you aren’t part of that group who hates non-whites are you?  If  not, you better get out and vote for Barack Obama.

Daily Caller:  Justice  Dept. silent as Holder charges critics with racism:

Attorney General Eric Holder accused his growing chorus of critics of racist  motivations in a Sunday interview published in the New York Times. When reached  by The Daily Caller Monday morning, the Department of Justice provided no  evidence to support the attorney general’s claims.

Holder said some unspecified faction — what he refers to as the “more extreme  segment” — is driven to criticize both him and President Barack Obama due to the  color of their skin. Holder did not appear to elaborate on who he considered to  make up the “more extreme segment.”

“This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified  with him,” Holder said, according to the Times. “Both due to the nature of our  relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

Schools, television, movies…decades of this racism shit coming at them from all  sides.  White guilt is very real. I’ve used it-done it  myself… countless times in an election campaign.  And for Barack  Obama…his re-election team – they are banking on it bringing victory in  2012.  Even if it means the threat of race riots.  They are willing to  go that far – go down that road if need be. 

Breitbart TV: NBC News’ Bashir Hints Gingrich Rhetoric Could Lead to Racial Violence:

Martin Bashir starts out with a sad story of the murder of a man overseas and an investigation that revealed police negligence due to racism. Bashir then says to his audience, “Now listen to some of the things that are being said by these Republican candidates.”

If the Obama team can’t  guilt enough of White America into voting for them in 2012 – they are just fine  with trying to scare the shit out of them to do it.  And you need to know  that there are a lot of Democrats who are hearing about this and are not on  board. We’ve always used the race issue to our advantage – but what  the Obama team has planned is something…it’s something else  altogether.  Off the charts stuff. Remember when I said that Obama ain’t no  Democrat?  That’s as true now as it’s ever been.  And he’s on some  kind of collission course now with everybody scrambling to get out of the way,  and then some of us trying to do what we can to stop it before it’s too late.

Most of the above headlines are just from the past few weeks, and they barely scrape the surface.

The Democrat Media Complex have their marching orders and they’re not even being subtle about it.

“The Plan”, as explained by “White House insider”, last August, is unfolding right before our eyes.


Daily Pundit asks: That’s It?  That’s All He’s Got?

Yes, and people may want to bookmark this post and periodically refer back to it as the year wears on. Tweet and retweet. This info needs to make it out of the rightwing blogosphere.


And the beat goes on…

The race card, the racial thing – whatever it’s gonna be called, it is  the number one asset this administration believes it has to win in  2012.  Their own polling data has shown that to be true over and  over again. 

 But how far are they willing to push that?  Race.   The charges of racism?

How about this far?

Weasel Zippers: Former CNN Reporter Tells Al Sharpton: GOP Stuffed With Voters Who Want “Good Old Days of Jim Crow’”…


This administration is going to attempt whatever necessary to remain in power. Race. Intimidation. Media attacks. Division – divide and f***ing conquer.

Weasel Zippers: CNN Political Analyst: GOP Candidates Using “Planned, Seeded, On-Purpose” Racist Comments…

 On Sunday’s CNN Newsroom, host Don Lemon spoke with political analyst Goldie Taylor about recent racially-insensitive incidents among several GOP candidates. “Let’s be clear, these are not stumbles or miscues, these are absolutely planned, seeded, on-purpose stuff,” Taylor exclaimed.

UPDATE IV: (Jan. 16):

Weasel Zippers: Jesse Jackson Shockingly Plays The Race Card: Says It’s “Ironic” GOP Candidates Holding Debate on MLK Day While Running on Racist “States Rights” Platform…

Weasel Zippers: Romney Gives Struggling Black Woman Cash, MSNBC News Calls It Racist: “Patronizing Stereotype of Black People”…

Newsbusters: MSNBC ‘Now’ Panelists: Happy MLK Day, the GOP Is Racist!

Jan. 17:

Gateway Pundit: A New Low… Dem Clyburn: Romney Reminiscent Of Racists Who Kept Rosa Parks In Back Of Bus

Jan 18:

Newsbusters: Matthews: Gingrich Is Race-Baiting Calling Obama Food Stamp President – ‘He Ought to be Ashamed of Himself’

Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Gingrich Calling Obama Food Stamps President Has “Underlying Suggestions,” He’s Developing An “Explosiveness” In America…

Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep. James Clyburn: Black People “Understand What Newt Is Saying, He Wants Poor People To Be “Servers”

Big Journalism: Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain ‘Racist’ Then Denies It

Weasel Zippers: Obama’s Campaign Pollster Calls Gingrich A Racist, Says He’s Using “Dog-Whistle Politics”…

Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep. Donna Edwards Says GOP Candidates Are Racists: “It’s Not a Dog Whistle or Code Anymore But Plain As Day”…

Jan. 19:

Verum Serum: MSNBC: Newt is Fat, Gross and a Racist

Jan 22:

Roll Call: James Clyburn: Newt Gingrich Won With ‘Familiar’ Rhetoric

June 23:

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Yet Again Claims Gingrich Using Racist “Code Words”…

Jan. 24:

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC: Joan Walsh Says Gingrich Represents “Resentment, Racism And Angry White Male Rage”…

Weasel Zippers: Sheila Jackson Lee: Supporters of Voter ID Laws Say There Has Been Voter Fraud Because “We Elected The First Black President”…

Jan. 25:

Weasel Zippers: New MSNBC “Lean Forward” Ad Ties Republican Tax Policy With “Blacks In The Back-Of-The-Bus” Racism…

Jan 26:

Yahoo News (Destination 2012): Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

Jan. 27:

Newsbusters: New MSNBC Anchor Likens Brewer-Obama Face Off to 1957 Integration Confrontation in Little Rock

22 thoughts on “Obama Media Sycophants Renew Their Race Cards Just In Time For 2012 Election

  1. Be not afraid. The race card has been delegitimized by its users. They’ve played it so often, and with so little justification of any sort, that white Americans have become calloused against it. Indeed, we’ve begun to react against such suggestions with sincere, righteous anger.

    The Obamunists forgot an important rule of combat: Your enemy is always learning how to counter your tricks. I wrote in a novel:

    “Strength is an advantage, but not the only advantage. Speed trumps strength, and so does mental agility. You have to have a wide range of tools, and they have to be available all the time. A lot of people who think of themselves as ace fighters have one or two tricks that they use exclusively. Whatever else they might have learned once is gone. If you’ve got two moves, you can beat anyone who has just one. If he’s got two, all you need is three. When I’m done with you, you’ll have about a hundred.”

    “How many do you have?”

    He smirked. “About a hundred and one.”

    The Obamunists and their hangers-on will be reminded of that in November.


  2. 1) It is most difficult to prove a negative false. “You are a racist” is as difficult to disprove as “When did you stop beating your wife?” I would think the best answer would lie in how racist this administration is.

    2) People on the right are assuming white folk are neither so mentally lazy nor dumb enough to fall for this ploy again. Think again!

    3) This is coming from the one person in the entire world capable of leading us to a post-racial Nirvana, if you will remember the rhetoric from 2007-2008.


  3. They have such a simple – and probably effective – strategy: every criticism of Obama, no matter how small, no matter how true, is branded as “racist”.

    That way, they don’t even have to respond to the criticism.

    “Obama won’t protect the border!” Racist accusation!

    “Obama isn’t a citizen!” Racist accusation!

    “Obama wants to give missile secrets to the Russians!” Racist accusation!

    “Obama’s Chevy Volt program goes up in flames!” Racist accusation!

    “Obama takes too many vacations!” Racist accusation!

    If we deleted the word “racist”from their vocabulary, they’d be stuck dumb.


  4. By the very definition of “liberal,” ZZMike, they are stuck on stupid to begin with, and it only gets worse when they try to defend the indefensible. That’s why they respond to any accusation with “RAAACIIIIST!!!!”

    They have no other possible response.


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