Saturday Movie Matinee

Via Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty: Obama Kids Sing for Change ~ Updated:

…And as creepy as ever:

John Stossel on Fox News says ignorant people shouldn’t vote: (I so agree!)

PJTV Trifecta: Obama in Wonderland:

The Other McCain found this hidden gem: The Duke pontificates on Libs (This is from 1975, but it sounds like he could be talking about today):

“You’re being conned into keynesianism and socialism now…”

“I have had the chance to be with guys who are with things and against things, and you know, christ, you try as I try, as a human being, to listen to both sides of everything. But there’s no both sides anymore. They’re just trying to wreck our goddamn country.”

“I’m quite sure that the concept of a Government-run reservation… seems to be what the socialists are working for now — to have everyone cared for from cradle to grave…. But you can’t whine and bellyache ’cause somebody else got a break and you didn’t, like those Indians are. We’ll all be on a reservation soon if the socialists keep subsidizing groups like them with our tax money.”

“But I’m telling you, goddam it, everything’s mixed up now. I got a letter from that fellow who runs the Motion Picture Association. Jack Valenti. He wanted my opinion on the new rating system. I didn’t even answer because – well, my answer would be there shouldn’t be any need for such a thing in our industry.”

Bullet People: Barbour’s defense of pardons is straight from Hollywood--in a bad way:

Barbour’s pardons are what you get when you believe in the “humanitarian” view of punishment. C.S. Lewis warned us about this:

“Some enlightened people would like to banish all conceptions of retribution or desert from their theory of punishment and place its value wholly in the deterrence of others or the reform of the criminal himself… What can be more immoral than to inflict suffering on me for the sake of deterring others if I do not deserve it..? And what can be more outrageous than to catch me and submit me to a disagreeable process of moral improvement without my consent, unless (once more) I deserve it?”

See also: There are Precedents to Barbour’s Pardons

John Robson with Steven Crowder – the decline of culture:

Lee Doren: Good Student Suspended for Being a Good Student:

Check out Lee Doren’s: Please Enroll Responsibly:  which you can buy for 99 cents.

via Retired Geezer: Florida Senior Citizen Shoots, Kills Suspected Burglar:

ONE MORE via Brian B: Jeff Guidry and His Eagle Named Freedom:

Just wow…


The Right Scoop: Photo of the Day.

Zombie: The Leaf-Blower Paradox and the Fundamental Fallacy of Obamanomics

Urban Infidel: Political Subway Graffiti: Impeach Obama

12 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee

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  6. Wow. It’s a good thing that student wasn’t carrying aspirin. That would have been worth a year-long suspension, ’cause Lord knows how dangerous aspirin is!


  7. My problem with the John Stossel video is the stupid dweeb who has the intro to it and then makes the comment that Stossel’s reasoning means that Foxnews viewers shouldn’t be voting (cause we’re the least informed” ) and called Stossel a hypocrit.


  8. Ya know, when I was in school decades ago I had some professors that really, really knew their subjects well, inside and out, even in their sleep.

    But I still wouldn’t trust their judgment about candidates, or (especially) what type of socio/political system to be dominant in our country.

    So, Stossel, do we start eliminating voters based upon criteria that you set? That’s a very, very scary thought, even though I agree with a lot of what you say and say you believe…


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