Blowback on the Tarmac: Sparks Fly Between Jan Brewer and Obama as He Lands In AZ

(AP Photo) caption contest, anyone?

The Politico characterizes this moment between the President and the Governor of AZ, one of the states his Dept. of Justice is suing, as “tense”:

President Obama, alighting from the stairs of Air Force One in Phoenix this afternoon, was greeted by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who handed him an envelope and the two exchanged what appeared to be some heated sentiments. At one point, she pointed her finger at him.

Asked afterward what happened, Brewer said, “He was a little disturbed about my book, Scorpions for Breakfast.

“I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president. The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt,” she said, according to a pool report. “He didn’t feel that I had treated him cordially. I said I was sorry he felt that way but I didn’t get my sentence finished. Anyway, we’re glad he’s here. I’ll regroup.”

In the envelope she had given him was a handwritten letter, Brewer said — “an invitation that I’ve extended to him before with regards to coming to Arizona and going to the border with me….We’ve had a remarkable comeback here and I want to share that with him.”

A White House official confirmed the invitation and described the encounter in more bureaucratic terms: “The President said he’d be glad to meet with her again, but did note that after their last meeting, a cordial discussion in the Oval Office, the governor inaccurately described the meeting in her book. The President looks forward to continuing taking steps to help Arizona’s economy grow.”

The Politico’s pool reporter says Obama walked away from the Governor while she was still talking.

What she said in the book was that he had a condescending, lecturing attitude with her when she visited the White House to  discuss border security and immigration issues,  if you can believe that!

I had the pleasure of meeting Governor Brewer when she was the keynote speaker at the 36th Biennial NFRW Convention in Kansas City,  last Fall.

She gave a spirited speech which was very well received:

She started off by crediting her single mother with raising her to appreciate hard work, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and courage. She spoke of the mess she inherited from Janet Napolitano, and took great delight in announcing the fact that she was able to balance the budget in less than three years. She is well qualified to go after the President for his ruinous, and illogical policies.

While touting her book, Scorpions For Breakfast, she also talked about being sued by the Obama administration and called his jobs bill “a ketch-up pop-cycle.”


Newt weighs in on the tense moment:

Local News coverage of the incident:


This is why I was feeling deja-vu!

The Weekly Standard: Thou Shalt Not Write Bad Things About Obama:

Bobby Jindal got the same treatment when Obama came to visit Louisiana and the governor met him on the tarmac. Jindal would later recount in his book:

I was expecting words of concern about the oil spill, worry about the pending ecological disaster, and words of confidence about how the federal government was here to help. Or perhaps he was going to vent about BP’s slow response. But no, the president was upset about something else. And he wanted to talk about, well, food stamps. Actually, he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a day earlier.

The letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic, and ordinary. .  .  . We were simply asking the federal government to authorize food stamps for those who were now unemployed because of the oil spill. Governors regularly make these sorts of requests to the federal government when facing disaster.

But somehow, for some reason, President Obama had personalized this. And he was upset.

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US Attorney Patrick Cunningham Refuses to Give More Than his Name and Title To Congressional Investigators…More Subpoenas Coming

It was already known that he was going to plead the fifth to avoid self incrimination.  Yesterday, Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona, was excused from a deposition after refusing to give more than his name and title, Fox News reports:

Cunningham informed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee through his attorney that he would use the Fifth Amendment protection after being subpoenaed last week to testify in front of congressional investigators regarding his role in the operation that sent more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa drug cartel. Guns from the failed operation were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010.

 Committee Chairman Darrell Issa called the decision a “startling development” and in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder wrote that the refusal to testify implies that “Mr. Cunningham may have engaged in criminal conduct with respect to Fast and Furious is a major escalation of the department’s culpability.”

Issa said Justice Department officials claim Cunningham misinformed them about Fast and Furious as the department prepared its initial response to Congress’ inquiry into the failed program. Cunningham’s lawyer denies those allegations.

Cunningham was excused from the deposition, but may be called again later, according to the letter. The committee may also issue additional requests or subpoenas for Cunningham’s associates in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Holder is scheduled to testify in front of the committee on February 2, 2012.

Here’s Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Fox News, last week to discuss the  hearing on Operation Fast and Furious. He restated his belief that the blame for the heinous operation belongs “much further up at Justice”.

Rep. Trey Gowdy on Cunningham Refusing to Testify on Fast and Furious:

Ginny Simone talks to Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) – NRA News – January 23, 2012 – http://www.NRANews.com

Lots of dissatisfaction with the ultra slow pace of the IG investigation, which at some point, Gowdy seems to hint may need to be investigated, itself:

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AWR Hawkins at Big Government on the State of AZ’s decision to launch its own investigation of Fast and Furious. Citizens want answers and they’re not getting them from the federal government.

David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner: What have been effects of politics and new media on ‘Gunwalker’?

I believe what is ultimately called for is a truly independent counsel–not one reporting to DOJ, as current law provides, because that can create a fox/henhouse situation, and we’ve already seen many indications of the current OIG investigation being politically limited and compromised–which means Congress needs to re-up the office that expired in 1999.  That will be the test of whether or not they have been effective, in my opinion.

In re new media, I believe Gunwalker is a milestone of sorts, because it truly is a major story that had to be brought to the networks and newspapers, and they still resist reporting on it at all, let alone not embedding their reporting with their own agenda.  I believe it shows the monolith press is no longer the sole gatekeeper for information, as the internet has given us a way to bypass them.  I’ve documented time and again how Mike and I have beaten them, with all their resources, to the punch, and also how they have acted more like collaborators than journalists.

Issa’s committee is investigating the gargantuan scandal of ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ that now engulfs the Holder Justice Department and much of the Obama Administration.

However, if appearances are to be trusted, it would seem that other than Issa’s letter, the response of the committee to the scandal of late has been characterized by inaction, thus begging the question, “Is the fix in?”

This very question was asked this afternoon by investigative reporter Mike Vanderboegh after being told yesterday that the Issa committee would have a major announcement today, and after having a chance to take a look at what, exactly, Issa and the committee did to put teeth to the letter Issa sent to Holder.

The answer? Not much.

In Which Obama Campaign Manager Unintentionally Provides Blogger With Awesome Opportunity To Do Tea Party/OWS Compare/Contrast

The President’s porcine and thuggish campaign manager, Jim Messina, has unintentionally afforded me an opportunity to engage in one of my favorite past times – comparing the ragtag collection of confused/violent/radical malcontents who make up the Occupy movement to the benign, patriotic, and genuinely peaceful tea party.

Here is his latest fundraising letter, via Weasel Zippers:

Last night, the President went to Congress and defined in clear terms what we’re going to be fighting for in the months ahead.

That means that right now, it’s on us to get his back and work like hell to build this campaign. If we want to see this President re-elected, it’s time:

Add your name and say you’re standing with the President — and our shared vision for this country.

We don’t know which Republican is going to be our opponent yet, but here’s what we do know: Whoever wins the Republican nomination will have done so by adopting the extreme Tea Party agenda.

Whatever could he mean by the “extreme” tea party agenda?

Here is Jenny Beth Martin of The Tea Party Patriots, voicing her “extremist” support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets in response to Obama’s SOTU speech. . I’ve already posted this, but in case you missed it:

So, wow – yeah – that was pretty scary. God help us all if extreme principles like those are ever adopted by any Republican in government.

Meanwhile, here’s the Obamacrat endorsed Occupy Wall Street manifesto of “demands”:

Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

Demand four: Free college education.

Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

Demand six: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

Demand twelve: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

Yes, just to be clear, Democrats have openly and enthusiastically endorsed these out of the closet Marxists. See The #OWS Hall Of Shame: Democrats Who Support/Supported The Occupy Wall Street Movement for a non-exhaustive list. This is not your parents’ Democrat party – it has swung to the hard left in recent years, and the most extreme leftist wing of the Democrat party now occupies the White House.

So for the party that is in the process of destroying our capitalist system in the name of  “fundamentally transforming” our nation, to be calling people who want to get back to fiscal responsibility and a constitutional form of government, “extremists” is just too rich.

“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina once instructed Obama supporters. I believe in punching back twice as hard, rhetorically.

The Obamcrat mob, not so much. Here, once again, created and kept updated by the Jawas, is the Tea Party Versus (Dem endorsed)#Occupy Checklist:

They’ve got a hell of a nerve trying to paint the tea party as “extremist”  under these circumstances.

PS: There are some interesting opinions on the Messina photo, above, shared in Weasel Zippers’ comment section.


Video: Obama’s SOTU A Rehash of Last Year’s

If many of the themes sounded familiar – it’s because you’ve heard them before- – -verbatim:

What’s really pathetic is that both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court have to sit there and pretend they’re riveted by this b.s.

Kudos to for putting that out so quickly. I saw it on Youtube, last night, only an hour or two after the speech. I have no idea how they did it so fast…


Video: Herman Cain and Others Respond To Obama’s SOTU Address: “We The People Are Coming” (Updated)

Via HotAirPundit:

Herman Cain, speaking at the National Press Club, gave a spirited response to Obama’s nakedly partisan State of the Union address.

“Mr President, put the word united back into the United States of America.” he admonished. “Stop the class warfare…Discourage your surrogates from making racial innuendos….Stop the attacks on business. …Stop the attacks on citizens by making government to big, and most of all, stop the blame game.

“We need another revolution, this time it will not be about bombs and bullets, it’s gonna be about brains and ballots at the ballot box, ” he stated.


Via IndianaPatriot, the Tea Party Patriot’s State of the Union response:

Sadly, we have a President who will not give either of these views the time of day. He’s 2/3rds of the way done transforming our nation…..into his dystopian, Marxist vision for the United States.

And in case you missed this, last night, here’s IN Governor Mitch Daniels’ excellent response:

Daniels is currently being urged to reconsider a  run for president:

Dissatisfied with the current crop of presidential candidates, some Republicans still want Indiana’s governor and the former director of the Office of Management and Budget to make a late entry into the race.

Since a petition was put online Saturday night at, it accumulated almost 7,000 signatures as of noon Tuesday.

The effort also has a Facebook page called “Run, Mitch, Run.” It is not immediately clear who is leading the effort. Among those still publicly saying they wish Daniels were running is conservative columnist Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard magazine.

A Daniels staffer said he does not expect his boss to change his mind.


The President has had 3 years to grow the economy and put people back to work.  Unemployment has been above 8% for 35 months.  It is much higher among African-Americans.  This is not acceptable.  Employers are not hiring because this administration has created so many new regulations, raising the cost of doing business and making it nearly impossible for small businesses to get loans.”

“As a father, I am deeply concerned about the debt we are leaving our children.  We need to cut spending so that we can keep our promises to seniors, keep our military strong and ensure our nation’s fiscal stability.”

“As a Marine veteran, I appreciate the President’s thanking of the troops for their service.”

“The President’s call for unity needs to be followed up with action, not just rhetoric.  I’m glad to learn that, like me, he supports ending insider trading in Washington.”


 Jacob Turk- Republican for Missouri’s 5th District. We believe representatives must listen to all. Lead with integrity. Protect life and property. Champion opportunity. Leadership. Not politics.

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