Granny Jan Video: Petulant, Thin-skinned President Throws Tantrums on the Tarmac

This is Granny Jan’s way of pointing out the President’s insincerity when he tells people that he has a thick skin and doesn’t take things personally.

Btw, am I the only one who notices  Obama’s foolish-looking, wannabe basketball jock trot  EVERY TIME he goes up and down the stairs of Air Force One? What’s that all about?



Friday Night Document Dump Shows Holder Knew About Fast and Furious Connection to Brian Terry Murder Day After Border Agent Died

That’s it, he’s toast. He lied under oath, and Congressional Republicans can prove it, now.  A series of emails from the latest DOJ Friday night document drop shows that Holder was informed of the Dec15, 2010 shooting of border patrol agent, Brian Terry, before he was even dead. And he was informed that the weapons used to kill him were from Operation Fast and Furious on that same day.

Read Matthew Boyle’s entire report at The Daily Caller:

These new emails are written evidence that Holder was aware of Fast and Furious about five months before he testified in Congress that he had only learned of the gunwalking program a “few weeks” before a May 3, 2011, House Judiciary Committee appearance.

Holder has since walked back that “few weeks” comment, amending it to more of a “couple months.”

“I did say a ‘few weeks,’” Holder said during a November 8 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, responding to a question from its chairman Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy. “I probably could’ve said ‘a couple of months.’ I didn’t think the term I said, ‘few weeks,’ was inaccurate based on what happened.”

There have also been a series of documents containing the intimate details of Fast and Furious that were sent to Holder all throughout 2010 from several of his senior aides. Holder claims he did not read his memos.

Holder will be appearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform next Thursday, Feb. 2. Though Holder has already testified before Congress three times about matters relating to Fast and Furious — twice before the House Judiciary Committee and once before the Senate Judiciary Committee — this is the first time the House oversight committee will have an opportunity to question Holder himself.

Click here for the emails.

That Feb 2 hearing will be interesting, to say the least.
See Also:

The Associated Press reports an outbreak of mass amnesia at the Justice Department!

In a letter to the committee, the Justice Department said that Wilkinson DOES NOT RECALL a follow-up call with Burke and that Wilkinson DOES NOT RECALL discussing this aspect of the matter with the attorney general. According to the letter, the department has been advised that Burke HAS NO RECOLLECTION of discussing this aspect of the matter with Wilkinson. (Emphases supplied, MBV.)

It should be noted that numerous felonies were committed by Holder and Co’s implementation of Fast and Furious:

These felonies include violations of the Arms Export Control Act, violations of the Kingpin Act, possible RICO violations, violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act, felonies related to the cover-up of Brian Terry’s death at the hands of an FBI criminal informant, including the hiding of the informant’s SKS rifle, and other crimes. Eric Holder’s apparent perjury in front of Congress about when he know of Operation Fast and Furious is the least of the administration’s problems.


Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, a member of the  Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is pushing a resolution of “no confidence” in Holder’s management of the Justice Department.

 That resolution, H. Res. 490, provides a course of action for the momentum generated by that hearing.

H. Res. 490 finds that, as a result of “Holder’s failure to properly control, monitor, or establish Operation Fast and Furious, it is likely Mexican nationals were killed or wounded by weapons sold through this scheme” — and that the victims of Holder’s incompetence included U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

It goes on to resolve that the House has “lost confidence” in Holder, which is, basically, a call for him to resign.

Clearly, the Justice Department believes it can stonewall Issa’s inquiry and bull its way through questions concerning its criminal malfeasance. Adoption of the Gosar resolution would make it much, much more difficult to do so.

Issa says Holder should apologize to Mexico: ‘Justice has blood on their hands’.

According to Matthew Boyle, a total of 103 members of the House have either called for Holder’s resignation or firing, or expressed “no confidence” in Holder via a formal House Resolution, or both.

That number should increase, next week.

Race Card Abusers For the Week of Jan 22-28

As many of you know, I’ve been tracking the Democrats’ cynical use of the already maxed out race-card, this election season. It should be painfully obvious to almost everybody by now, that they are pushing a racialist narrative in order to inoculate Obama from criticism. Outrageous accusations of racism are hitting us on a daily basis now, and they’re aimed not only at the Republicans seeking office, but at their supporters as well. We are seeing an uptick in the number of these charges  all across the media spectrum – TV, radio, newspapers, big liberal blogs, small liberal blogs, and even in comment sections, where the party faithful (either oblivious to how they’re being manipulated, or knowingly playing along), parrot the racialist talking points. Anybody who criticizes Obama on this or that issue is a racist. Anyone who shows disrespect (real or imagined) is a racist. If you think he’s a Socialist, you’re a racist. This is all they’ve got to stem the flow of criticism coming at  Dear Leader as our economy, (which should be roaring by now),  barely limps along, hamstrung by his policies, and about to make a turn for the worse.

This week, race mongers continued to steam at Newt Gingrich for calling Obama  a “food stamp President”, turning what one would think was a race neutral issue –  the fact that more Americans than ever are using foodstamps – into a racist insult. Also, it would appear that the racialists are trying to turn Governor Jan Brewer’s confrontation with the President on the tarmac in AZ into a racial incident, as if their disagreement had anything to do with the color of his skin.

An MSNBC news anchor actually argued that the famous photo of Brewer pointing her finger at Obama  reminded her of an ugly anti-integration incident during the civil rights era, when  nine black students trying to enter the school surrounded by an angry (Democrat) mob.

Please understand that this is just a partial list.  It’s meant to give you an idea of what racialist memes were being pushed this week.

Jan 22:

Roll Call: James Clyburn: Newt Gingrich Won With ‘Familiar’ Rhetoric

June 23:

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Yet Again Claims Gingrich Using Racist “Code Words”…

Jan. 24:

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC: Joan Walsh Says Gingrich Represents “Resentment, Racism And Angry White Male Rage”…

Weasel Zippers: Sheila Jackson Lee: Supporters of Voter ID Laws Say There Has Been Voter Fraud Because “We Elected The First Black President”…

Jan. 25:

Weasel Zippers: New MSNBC “Lean Forward” Ad Ties Republican Tax Policy With “Blacks In The Back-Of-The-Bus” Racism…

Jan 26:

Yahoo News (Destination 2012): Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

Jan. 27:

Newsbusters: New MSNBC Anchor Likens Brewer-Obama Face Off to 1957 Integration Confrontation in Little Rock

Jan. 28:

Weasel Zippers: Maher: Brewer’s Beef With Obama Came About Because We “Permit Negroes To Read”…

Newsbusters: Liberal Radio Hosts Decry Jan Brewer’s ‘Blatant Racism’ Toward Obama, Imagine Violence Against Her

Weasel Zippers: NAACP: Brewer Confrontation With Obama “Played On Age-Old And Discriminatory Stereotypes of Whites Being Superior To Blacks”…

Saturday Movie Matinee

Via RCP: Rubio Gives GOP Weekly Address: Obama Has “Made Everything Worse”:

In the Weekly Republican Address, Florida Senator Marco Rubio explains the failures of the Obama administration. He contrasts those with the promise of America that he and Republicans believe in, if the government stops doing the wrong things.

Sen. Rubio says, “As you know, earlier this week, President Obama delivered his fourth annual address to Congress. It was an opportunity for the President to talk about his accomplishments over the last three years and to lay out his plans for the year ahead.

“And he missed on both counts.

“You didn’t hear much talk about the success of his Administration—and that’s because there isn’t much.

Via Verum Serum: Video: Obama Touts Investment in EnerDel, Now Bankrupt:

Freedom’s Lighthouse:Great New Ad Depicts Obama as Captain Steering “Ship” of State over a Waterfall –

Via Conservatives With Newt: Newt’s Declaration of American Energy Independence:

This one is short, but sweet – via Moonbattery: Who Is Rachel Maddow?

Via RS McCain: “Tea Party Fight Coming”:

Rush Limbaugh Defends Rick Santorum, Takes Newt To Task:

Via Gateway Pundit: “The Debt Generation”, created by Tennessee College Students.

Last week, in Georgia, birthers had their day in court:

Obama May Be Left Off Of Georgia Ballot For Ineligibility:

Orly Taitz at Obama Ballot Challenge Court Hearing January 26, 2012:

The Birther’s Victory In Atlanta Court:


Cindy Simpson and Alan P. Halbert at The American Thinker: Georgia Ballot Challenge: Obama Walks On By:

Under Georgia law, the Secretary of State had properly deferred the ballot challenges to the OSAH for the court’s opinion, and the determination of whether or not Obama’s name will appear on the Georgia ballot ultimately rests with the Secretary.

Regardless of the outcome in Georgia, it appears that Obama has openly shown his disregard for the laws of that state.  According to Irion, Obama has also “decided that he is above the Courts, the law, and the Constitution. He has just indicated…that he is not subject to their authority.  This is the true story from today, yet almost no one will report it.”

Obama has deliberately turned his back, and walked on by.