Granny Jan Video: Petulant, Thin-skinned President Throws Tantrums on the Tarmac

This is Granny Jan’s way of pointing out the President’s insincerity when he tells people that he has a thick skin and doesn’t take things personally.

Btw, am I the only one who notices  Obama’s foolish-looking, wannabe basketball jock trot  EVERY TIME he goes up and down the stairs of Air Force One? What’s that all about?



10 thoughts on “Granny Jan Video: Petulant, Thin-skinned President Throws Tantrums on the Tarmac

  1. He just wants to show the world he’s not like the Repubs (a la Gerald Ford) and can negotiate those steps like a pro.

    ‘Course, I can’t recall ever seeing a team of any kind running down the steps while deplaning. Maybe they know something he doesn’t, like it’s not cool to be a fool and break your neck while showboating?


  2. Thanks for posting. The stairs. ..hmm. I would imagine he’s trying to appear cool and vigorous. It looks as if he has this need to present an image of himself to the world which is diametrically opposite of what he really is.This is what he did in the clip.

    The angry expression on his face before he is boarding Air Force One catches him in a moment where you see the real him. Not a nice man. He was most likely smiling in the previous second before he was photographed.


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  4. I think the public doesn’t pick up on it because no one’s watching him anymore. I eat in a diner type restaurant where CNN is on all the time. (It’s MA) No one watches him anymore when he comes on the tv.


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  6. I have noticed his running down the steps of Air Force One each time he departs except when escorting Michelle down the stairs. I had mentioned it numerous times to my husband and was wondering why he must hold his elbows to his side with fists held out in front of him in that manner and jog down the stairs? It looks phony to me and I wonder if he is trying to show just how fit he is? He could not in anyway be more fit then GW Bush. At his age, Bush bicycles all the time, does physical labor on his ranch with chain saws, etc. Have we ever seen a picture of Obama doing anything other then playing gold, basketball, or riding that girl’s bike with that silly look on his face, oh yeah, and body surfing in Hawaii? He doesn’t go home to his place in Chicago and work around the yard or house. Bush loved going home to Crawford and working on his ranch, he got it ready for his daughter’s wedding building a site for the wedding outdoors. Obama just wants to fly around the USA in Air Force One, no matter what the cost is to the taxpayer.


  7. Yeah, it looks like some kind of phony, “look how hip and cool and spry I am”
    – “I too sexy for my shirt…”

    ‘Cos I’m the Prez – you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the airplane stairs
    Like on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
    I shake my little touche on the airplane stairs

    I googled to see if anyone else ever mentioned it in a post – it’s something I’ve noticed for a long time, but never mentioned it.
    A Freeper asked; Is Obama Mysophobic?(afraid of germs because he doesn’t touch the railings.)
    They think he looks like a Preying Mantis or a squirrel with his fists out in front as he descends the stairs.


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