Gingrich, Romney in Dead Heat In Latest FL Poll! + Videos

Newt Gingrich is coming back in Florida!

First Coast News reports:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida is up for grabs when it comes to next week’s Republican primary, according to a new Dixie Strategies/First Coast News poll.

According to the new results out today, Newt Gingrich leads over Mitt Romney statewide, but his lead is well within the poll’s1.93 percent margin of error.


In the three days leading up to Thursday’s debate at the University of North Florida, First Coast News and St. Augustine-based Dixie Strategies commissioned the Dixie Strategies/First Coast News Public Opinion Survey, a poll of Republicans throughout the state who described themselves as “likely” voters in the Jan. 31 primary.

When asked, “If the Republican Presidential Primary were held today, for whom would you vote?,” 35.46 percent of the 2,567 likely voters polled selected former House speaker Gingrich, and 35.08 percent selected Romney.

Let’s face it, Gingrich took some fierce body blows after the SC primary. First wife #2 came out in an attempt  to torpedo his campaign, and then Mitt hit him with something even more grievous than marital infidelity: Infidelity to the great Ronaldus Magnus.  For a while the “not Romney” vote was disoriented – it didn’t know where to go – some even flirted with the idea of going with Romney. But Romney’s slimy campaign tactics keep backfiring, as people  wise-up to the gross distortions.

If Newt’s momentum keeps up, he could very well win on Tuesday.

Here’s his Saturday Lincoln Day Dinner speech in West Palm Beach Florida, after Herman Cain’s introduction:

 Sarah Palin with Tom Sullivan 1/28/2012 “Be Tough:

Sarah Palin: Newt Best Candidate to Articulate Ideas and Solutions for GOP:

“In a debate Newt Gingrich would clobber Barack Obama…”


13 thoughts on “Gingrich, Romney in Dead Heat In Latest FL Poll! + Videos

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  2. That poll is recently published but if you read the survey details the data was collected Monday through Wednesday. It is outdated which may be one of lesser problems with the research design. I think there is some evidence the race is tightening though but you can’t draw that conclusion from this poll.


  3. I’ll take Newts faults..and his bull in the china closet THE FAKE CANDIDATE MITT- dog, that will roll over, JUST IN TIME, for the Obama win!! Roll those dice!!! Im in!!!! Pelosis promoting Romney for christ sakes!! Whats that tell you? Bain gave Obama 08, Millions! Nuff said!


  4. Voted early yesterday for Gingrich. Part of my thinking was that if Romney wins FL, it’s over for Gingrich and Santorum. If Gingrich wins, then he and Santorum are still in the race. Gingrich has persuaded me that he will fight, call out Obama on his associations and failed policies, and clearly present American ideals that actually have worked and will work again if implemented.


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  9. The LSM is pushing hard for Romney (that in itself should tell Republicans something – like Romney will be the easiest of the bunch for Duh-1 to beat!), and the talking heads are reporting today that Romney is ahead by double digits. They fail to explain how suspect those numbers are.

    If the vote was only who voted Tuesday, Newt might have a chance, but since a lot of it was cast this week, I’m afraid there’s not much chance for either Newt or Rick.


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