GOP Video: “Interesting”

Via The Hill, I can’t imagine Obama is going to want to do too many more of these  Google+ hangouts with “the folks” when he is just one “interesting remark” away from being mocked in  a GOP  attack ad.

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Hat tip: Brian B.


6 thoughts on “GOP Video: “Interesting”

  1. He stopped doing the town hall meetings where he would walk around with his mike taking 20 minutes to answer each question because you can never get enough BO. I used to get some of the best soundbites from those times like doctors amputating feet etc.


  2. As tightly controlled as these things are, I’m amazed that a non O-bot actually got to ask a question. And bless her heart – she didn’t back down after he implied her husband was a pathetic loser for not having a job in a field where there’s a “HUGE DEMAND”….
    It’s impossible not to detect the contempt in his answer.


  3. Saw they lady and her hubby on Fox this morning. Because of what they said (they wouldn’t vote for BO) I can’t imagine him ever working in that field again, if anywhere.

    At least not until the empirer is no longer in power…


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