Newt News: Gingrich At The Villages/ Mitt Camp All About “Destroying” Gingrich/ Newt Rap Song…

At The Villages, this Sunday, Newt Gingrich gave his closing argument on why Florida voters should vote for him on Tuesday in the Florida Primary.

He succinctly summed up  the President’s lame tactic of blaming everyone but himself for his failures when he said, ‘Obama’s gone from “yes we can to why we couldn’t.”‘

Gingrich’s appeal to voters to vote for him rather than Romney was a persuasive one: “If we’re going to beat Obama”, he said,  “we need to have somebody who can draw a sharp distinction”.

He said that even after  billion dollars of ads are over, there is still going to be a huge difference between he and Obama.

Meanwhile, it’s nothing but scorched earth, negative campaigning from Mitt (I so hope this backfires): Buzzfeed: Romney, Eyeing Blowout, Keeps Foot To Newt’s Neck

NAPLES, Florida—Mitt Romney’s goal in Florida is no longer just winning.

After Gingrich Newt scored a surprise blow-out victory in South Carolina last week, the former Massachusetts governor not only unleashed a political broadside of epic proportions.

“It not about winning here anymore,” one Romney staffer told BuzzFeed. “It’s about destroying Gingrich — and it’s working.”

After two standout debate performances that put him up 9 points in recent polls, Romney is keeping the pressure on Gingrich, looking to score a blow-out victory of his own here.

To that end, Romney has rolled out a team of surrogates in the Sunshine State to take the fight to Gingrich in person: from Connie Mack (III) and Connie Mack (IV), to Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Sen. John McCain. Romney has also aired a controversial ad featuring Tom Brokaw announcing that Gingrich had been sanctioned by the House.

Today both Macks took the stage before Romney to attack Gingrich’s character, proclaiming that he has a “checkered past with ethics and honesty.”

Romney also launched into his longest attack directed squarely at Gingrich, devoting almost four minutes of his 18 minute stump speech attacking the former Speaker of the House.

Florida? Are you really going let Obama-lite win? Or will you go with the conservative who draws the sharpest contrast with ‘His Imperious Majesty Barack the First, President of America, Protector of the People as Long As They Know Their Place and Belong to The Right Unions, Defender of the Privileges Accrued by Attending the Right University, and Scourge of the Rich If They Don’t Contribute To The Democratic Party’.

MORE Newt News:

Looks like Newt is catching on with the yout.

Mediaite: This Exists: Florida Teens Write ‘Hoot For Newt’ Rap Anthem To Show Support For Gingrich

Gateway Pundit: Fred Thompson: Mitt Campaign “Has Drudge in Their Back Pocket” (Video)


Legal Insurrection: Romney starts war in Republican Balkans

You know – Romney is not a nice guy.

If he puts half as much effort into attacking ZERO as he has attacking Republicans, we’re going to be in for one hell of a bloody brawl, this Fall. But something tells me that his greatest vitriol is  reserved for conservatives – when it comes down to fighting the guy who really deserves a kick in the groin, he’ll suddenly become very careful and reserved – lest he be called a raaaaacist.

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Rick Santorum Puts Campaign On Hold As Youngest Daughter Is Admitted to Hospital

A gut-wrenching a ordeal for any parent to go through, especially while running for President:

Rick Santorum admitted his three-year-old daughter, Isabella, to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Saturday, the campaign said in a statement.

Isabella was born with Trisomy 18, a rare genetic disorder. Most infants with this disorder don’t live to see their first birthday.

The campaign has cancelled Santorum’s Sunday morning Florida events, but said he will return to the Sunshine State as soon as possible.

Here’s a moving video I’m pretty sure I’ve posted before of Rick Santorum talking about his family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Santorum family.


Sarah Palin: Beautiful Bella Santorum:

Thank you, Rick and Karen Santorum, for living the Christ-like example of sacrifice and right priorities. Nothing is more precious or important than the life of an innocent child. Our prayers are with Bella, a perfect child in an imperfect world.


God bless the beautiful Santorum family.


– Sarah and Todd Palin and family

Your Sunday Hymn: Gather Us In

What a treat. Gather Us In by Marty Haugen, is nicely performed here by Haugen, and fellow songwriters, David Haas, and Michael Joncas:

This is delightful, too: Performed by the Christian Academy in Japan Handbell Ensemble, spring 2009, with another very nice piece following:


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Gingrich, Romney in Dead Heat In Latest FL Poll! + Videos

Newt Gingrich is coming back in Florida!

First Coast News reports:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida is up for grabs when it comes to next week’s Republican primary, according to a new Dixie Strategies/First Coast News poll.

According to the new results out today, Newt Gingrich leads over Mitt Romney statewide, but his lead is well within the poll’s1.93 percent margin of error.


In the three days leading up to Thursday’s debate at the University of North Florida, First Coast News and St. Augustine-based Dixie Strategies commissioned the Dixie Strategies/First Coast News Public Opinion Survey, a poll of Republicans throughout the state who described themselves as “likely” voters in the Jan. 31 primary.

When asked, “If the Republican Presidential Primary were held today, for whom would you vote?,” 35.46 percent of the 2,567 likely voters polled selected former House speaker Gingrich, and 35.08 percent selected Romney.

Let’s face it, Gingrich took some fierce body blows after the SC primary. First wife #2 came out in an attempt  to torpedo his campaign, and then Mitt hit him with something even more grievous than marital infidelity: Infidelity to the great Ronaldus Magnus.  For a while the “not Romney” vote was disoriented – it didn’t know where to go – some even flirted with the idea of going with Romney. But Romney’s slimy campaign tactics keep backfiring, as people  wise-up to the gross distortions.

If Newt’s momentum keeps up, he could very well win on Tuesday.

Here’s his Saturday Lincoln Day Dinner speech in West Palm Beach Florida, after Herman Cain’s introduction:

 Sarah Palin with Tom Sullivan 1/28/2012 “Be Tough:

Sarah Palin: Newt Best Candidate to Articulate Ideas and Solutions for GOP:

“In a debate Newt Gingrich would clobber Barack Obama…”

Granny Jan Video: Petulant, Thin-skinned President Throws Tantrums on the Tarmac

This is Granny Jan’s way of pointing out the President’s insincerity when he tells people that he has a thick skin and doesn’t take things personally.

Btw, am I the only one who notices  Obama’s foolish-looking, wannabe basketball jock trot  EVERY TIME he goes up and down the stairs of Air Force One? What’s that all about?


Friday Night Document Dump Shows Holder Knew About Fast and Furious Connection to Brian Terry Murder Day After Border Agent Died

That’s it, he’s toast. He lied under oath, and Congressional Republicans can prove it, now.  A series of emails from the latest DOJ Friday night document drop shows that Holder was informed of the Dec15, 2010 shooting of border patrol agent, Brian Terry, before he was even dead. And he was informed that the weapons used to kill him were from Operation Fast and Furious on that same day.

Read Matthew Boyle’s entire report at The Daily Caller:

These new emails are written evidence that Holder was aware of Fast and Furious about five months before he testified in Congress that he had only learned of the gunwalking program a “few weeks” before a May 3, 2011, House Judiciary Committee appearance.

Holder has since walked back that “few weeks” comment, amending it to more of a “couple months.”

“I did say a ‘few weeks,’” Holder said during a November 8 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, responding to a question from its chairman Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy. “I probably could’ve said ‘a couple of months.’ I didn’t think the term I said, ‘few weeks,’ was inaccurate based on what happened.”

There have also been a series of documents containing the intimate details of Fast and Furious that were sent to Holder all throughout 2010 from several of his senior aides. Holder claims he did not read his memos.

Holder will be appearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform next Thursday, Feb. 2. Though Holder has already testified before Congress three times about matters relating to Fast and Furious — twice before the House Judiciary Committee and once before the Senate Judiciary Committee — this is the first time the House oversight committee will have an opportunity to question Holder himself.

Click here for the emails.

That Feb 2 hearing will be interesting, to say the least.
See Also:

The Associated Press reports an outbreak of mass amnesia at the Justice Department!

In a letter to the committee, the Justice Department said that Wilkinson DOES NOT RECALL a follow-up call with Burke and that Wilkinson DOES NOT RECALL discussing this aspect of the matter with the attorney general. According to the letter, the department has been advised that Burke HAS NO RECOLLECTION of discussing this aspect of the matter with Wilkinson. (Emphases supplied, MBV.)

It should be noted that numerous felonies were committed by Holder and Co’s implementation of Fast and Furious:

These felonies include violations of the Arms Export Control Act, violations of the Kingpin Act, possible RICO violations, violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act, felonies related to the cover-up of Brian Terry’s death at the hands of an FBI criminal informant, including the hiding of the informant’s SKS rifle, and other crimes. Eric Holder’s apparent perjury in front of Congress about when he know of Operation Fast and Furious is the least of the administration’s problems.


Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, a member of the  Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is pushing a resolution of “no confidence” in Holder’s management of the Justice Department.

 That resolution, H. Res. 490, provides a course of action for the momentum generated by that hearing.

H. Res. 490 finds that, as a result of “Holder’s failure to properly control, monitor, or establish Operation Fast and Furious, it is likely Mexican nationals were killed or wounded by weapons sold through this scheme” — and that the victims of Holder’s incompetence included U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

It goes on to resolve that the House has “lost confidence” in Holder, which is, basically, a call for him to resign.

Clearly, the Justice Department believes it can stonewall Issa’s inquiry and bull its way through questions concerning its criminal malfeasance. Adoption of the Gosar resolution would make it much, much more difficult to do so.

Issa says Holder should apologize to Mexico: ‘Justice has blood on their hands’.

According to Matthew Boyle, a total of 103 members of the House have either called for Holder’s resignation or firing, or expressed “no confidence” in Holder via a formal House Resolution, or both.

That number should increase, next week.