Video: Pelosi “Standing By Fellow Catholics” In Support Of Obama’s “Courageous” Birth Control Mandate

Via Katie Pavlich at Townhall, Herr Pelosi was short on Christian charity when she got a question from CNSNews regarding the Obama administration’s scandalous birth control mandate.

At her Wednesday press briefing, asked Pelosi: “The administration has issued a regulation that will require all health-care plans to cover sterilization and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that induce abortions. This would force Catholic individuals and institutions to act against their consciences. All across the nation, Catholic bishops are saying:–

Pelosi responded: “Is this a speech, or do we have a question in disguise as a speech?” continued: “‘We cannot–we will not—comply with this law.’ Catholic bishops are saying they will not comply with this law. Will you stand with your fellow Catholics in resisting this law or will you stick by the administration?”

Listen to her graceless and delusional response:

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Canada Free Press: ObamaCare Abortions: Will Catholics Vote for Him A Second Time?

The President worships at the Altar of Choice. He considers freedom of choice so sacrosanct that pro death legislation was and is his top priority; he is more than willing to risk closure of hundreds of hospitals around the country and force them to act against their religious beliefs all for the sake of the right to kill a baby. As remarkable as this seems, it is the tragic truth. Government, it seems, has outlawed God, and has, in effect, become God.

So when, in time, Catholics observe their local Catholic hospitals close down because they refuse to abide by this modern-day Herod’s proclamation that babies must be killed, will they be so anxious to vote again for the man they blindly embraced four years ago? Will they too late suffer buyer’s remorse when they re-elect him? Even worse, will Catholic hospitals accede to his demands that they kill babies or provide the drugs to abort them? That seems unimaginable. Yet, after watching the majority of Catholics embrace the most pro death president in the history of our country, anything, sadly, seems possible.

I hear very few Catholics defending the abortion mandate. Pelosi and her fellow progressive Catholics assault on the church from the inside, may have finally hit a roadblock.

Videos from Today’s Fast and Furious Hearing

The Office of Government Oversight and Reform is to be commended for very quickly making videos available  from today’s hearing…

Here is Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) echoing what many Americans are feeling in the wake of the DOJ’s grossly incompetency and/or corrupt gunwalking operations:

How Will You Regain Trust of American People After Failed Fast & Furious?

Gowdy to AG Holder: Here Is Proof Of Main Justice’s Knowledge Of Fast & Furious – Part 1:

Gowdy to AG Holder: Here Is Proof Of Main Justice’s Knowledge Of Fast & Furious – Part 2:

jimmiebjr tweets: This takeaway from today’s #FastAndFurious hearing: Eric Holder knows a lot about the Bush era DoJ but nothing about his own.
Yep, amazing, isn’t it?
Here, after Rep. Buerkle (R-NY) asks him how many more Border Patrol agents would have to have died before he took responsibility for Fast and Furious, Holder blusters that he be given credit for his many good works at The Dept. of Justice:
Yid With Lid has a  laundry list of Holder’s amazing accomplishments  Eric Holder is Right, He SHOULD Get Credit For What This Justice Department Has Done
As expected, the Democrats circled the wagons for Holder. Only one demanded accountability from the AG, the rest played the blame Bush game and (yes, really!) used the hearing as an opportunity to push for more gun control.  It was an embarrassing spectacle.
Unfortunately, nothing significant came out of the hearing, and Dems repeatedly bemoaned the number of times Holder has come before congress. They are now challenging Republicans to put up or shut up while the stonewall continues.
Eric Holder was back in front of the House Oversight Committee today to testify on Operation Fast and Furious. For those unfamiliar with the crimes, consider it like Watergate, only with 300 dead — including Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent killed by murder weapons supplied to drug cartels by Eric Holder.


Fast and Furious: When Will Fortress Holder Crumble?

Oversight and Reform released the above infographic ahead of Holder’s testimony on the Hill, Thursday:

Tomorrow, Attorney General Eric Holder will testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about the Justice Department’s year-long effort to obstruct accountability for Operation Fast and Furious.  Today, the committee released an infographic capturing the scope of Attorney General Holder’s stonewalling on this reckless program.

Over the past year, Congressional investigators and the American people have been denied access to:

·      92% of documents related to Fast and Furious.

·      66% of subpoenaed document categories related to Fast and Furious.

·   48 accounts from Justice Department officials involved in Fast and Furious.

The hearing will be streamed live at

While we’re waiting for it to begin, here’s some pertinent, related news:

Fox News: Family of murdered Border Patrol agent files $25M claim against ATF;

The family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has filed a $25 million wrongful death claim against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claiming Terry was killed with AK-47s that were knowingly sold under the Fast and Furious gunrunning probe to a straw purchaser for drug cartels.

In a 65-page complaint, served on the government on Wednesday, attorneys for the family claim ATF “wrongdoing” in Operation Fast and Furious.

“ATF’s failures were not only negligent but in violation of ATF’s own policies and procedures,” the complaint claims.

The family has also filed a claim against the Lone Wolf Trading Company seeking unspecified damages for negligence in selling the weapons to the purchaser and aiding and abetting in Mexican drug cartels’ conduct.

The claim says Lone Wolf knowingly sold “hundreds of weapons” to various straw purchasers and in turn realized “hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from these sales.”

 Yesterday the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued yet another demand for documents, this time going to the unprecedented step of threatening Attorney General Eric Holder with Contempt charges should he again defy Congress (PDF). The highlights of the Committee’s demands revolve around the Justice Department’s fabrications, delays and denials, many of which appear to involve false testimony. In short, Holder has until 4 February 2012 to avoid a Contempt of Congress charge.


CNN reports this evening that the DOJ is ignoring those threats and claiming it can’t produce any documents in time (this, after literally years of requests).

And Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller has another story for which Holder needs to be investigated: Bribery, compromised officials leave indicted financial-crime suspects free from prosecution under Holder’s DOJ:

A U.S. Justice Department source has told The Daily Caller that at least two DOJ prosecutors accepted cash bribes from allegedly corrupt finance executives who were indicted under court seal within the past 13 months, but never arrested or prosecuted.

The sitting governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, his attorney general and an unspecified number of Virgin Islands legislators also accepted bribes, the source said, adding that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is aware prosecutors and elected officials were bribed and otherwise compromised, but has not held anyone accountable.

David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner: ‘Gunwalking’ documents shared by Issa prior to Holder hearing cite DOJ failures:

It’s interesting how much Justice has shared with the Office of Inspector General yet not with the Committee, particularly in light of serious questions that have been raised about the level of true independence the OIG has exhibited to date.

Additionally, the Committee has made public a memorandum to its Republican members, regarding “Main Justice: Extensive Involvement in Operation Fast and Furious” that “ provides supplemental information detailing Main Justice’s involvement in Operation Fast and Furious.” (Click here to read the memorandum.)

Fox News: New report released by GOP lawmakers suggests top Justice officials had extensive knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious

Top Department of Justice officials had extensive knowledge of and involvement in Operation Fast and Furious, claims a new report released Thursday, hours before Attorney General Eric Holder’s scheduled testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The report released by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, top lawmakers investigating the botched gunrunning operation, claims Justice Department officials in Washington and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were involved in the coordination in the early stages of the operation.

Justice headquarters “had much greater knowledge of, and involvement in, Fast and Furious than it has previously acknowledged,” the memo reads.

The memo, which contradicts claims by the Justice Department, is based upon interviews, documents and emails involving key players of the operation run by the ATF. The operation allowed some 2,000 weapons cross the border into Mexico and into the hands of cartel members.

UPDATE:( 9:13 am est)
 You can also watch live on CSPAN. Follow on Twitter – #FastAndFurious
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