Video: Santorum’s Victory Speech in St. Charles

Last night was not only a great night for Rick Santorum, it a great night for conservatism. Although he was massively out-spent by the front runner, Santorum managed to win by huge margins in Missouri and Minnesota.

The final numbers in Colorado, where Mitt was projected to win:

In case you missed, here is an excerpt from his victory speech in St. Charles, MO, following his wins in Missouri, and Minnesota.

See also:

Loved Michelle Malkin’s take on last night’s events: Romney gets Rick-rolled: Santorum sweeps Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado in 2/7 trifecta

Now, get ready for the attacks, the press smears, more glitter, and likely CPAC ambushes. Forewarned is forearmed.

Aaron Goldstein, American Spectator: Thoughts on the Santorum Sweep
Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator: President Santorum

Eventually, a weak Romney, without a personal “connection” to voters and without any strongly philosophically committed base, will succumb. Santorum will be the nominee. Obama will overplay his hand attacking Santorum’s allegedly awful remarks about homosexuals. He’ll try to slime Santorum in other ways, too. But Santorum isn’t really vulnerable to sliming the way other candidates are. He’ll win swing states in the heartland and will make a good enough VP choice to shore up weaknesses elsewhere. I haven’t done the state-by-state math, but he’ll end up with about 300 electoral votes to Obama’s 238 or so. Santorum will be the next president. And he’ll govern very, very well.

3 thoughts on “Video: Santorum’s Victory Speech in St. Charles

  1. Exactly what the LSM and Romney campaign are saying, ZZ.

    But, with the plethora of nutburgers in Colorado, I’m surprised Paul came in dead last. Probably because Huntsman and Johnson already dropped out.


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