CPAC Day One

Like I said – CPAC has been a whirlwind of activity, with so much going on – blogging is darn near impossible. The internet connection has been weak all day, so many bloggers have been having trouble posting. I brought an air-card, which is the only reason I’m able to post, right now.

Marco Rubio got things started with a great speech slamming Obama for his class warfare rhetoric.

He sat down with bloggers and answered questions:


Here are some pics from the blog lounge, today:


Jim DeMint: 

See John Hayward’s: CPAC 2012: Jim DeMint’s uncompromising victory

Rick Perry: It’s Halftime in America – And We Need a New Quarterback

Rick Perry speaking with bloggers.

Chuck Woolery, US Senate candidate from VA, Jamie Radke

Candid blogger shots: See how many you can identify:

Heading for the blog bash – much more on tap tomorrow —(perhaps some Occupy drama?)

Heading To CPAC 2012!

I will be en route to Washington DC from KCI early Thursday morning for my third CPAC in a row.  I hope to be able to set up shop in the bloggers lounge by 10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. at the latest.

CPAC 2012 will be especially jam-packed weekend because it is an election year, but this time, I’ve taken Jimmie Bise’s advice, and planned my schedule for the weekend. There’s always so much to do at CPAC, you really do have to prioritize. (Now, if only I could find the notepad I wrote it on – it’s around here, somewhere.) At least I have my glasses, this year. At my first CPAC, I had lost my glasses a couple of days before I left – there wasn’t time to replace them, and I was blind at for 3 days. Thank God for Cheryl Prater, because she took me under her wing and helped me get around.

Yes, it’s true that this year, occupiers, union goons, and Black Panthers plan to disrupt our conference,with tactics that include Pulling Fire Alarms, Glitter-Bombing, Cutting Electrical Power, Barricading Entrances, and Physical Assault.

DaTech Guy reports that security has been beefed up at The Wardman Park Marriott, so they appear ready for whatever might happen.

RS McCain notes that whatever the occupiers try, will be a great  source of entertainment for CPACers, (and great YouTube fodder, I would add.)

On their website, Occupy DC vows “non-violent resistance” at this year’s CPAC, aiming to “make this a conference the attendees will never forget.” And Occupy DC calls CPAC “a who’s who of dastardly politicians… another gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters,” who will “attempt to perpetuate the radical right wing’s imperialist ideologies… pursuing its racist, sexist, patriarchal and exploitative agenda.”

Indeed, this is exactly what my friends and I have in mind when CPAC convenes Thursday. In between attending speeches, seminar panels and cocktail parties — where our “elite puppet masters” will exhort us to perpetuate their “imperialist ideologies” — we’ll make occasional visits to the Marriott lobby, hoping to catch an entertaining glimpse of the clashes between police and smelly hippies from the Occupy DC encampments. What could be more fun than watching left-wing scum getting tased, pepper-sprayed and hauled away in handcuffs by the Metropolitan Police?

McCain missed all the fun we had with  #OccupyDenver at BlogCon, last November. For some darn reason, he didn’t make it.