CPAC, Day 2

Moses Moses Moses, RS McCain, Joy McCann (Little Miss Attila, Conservatory) at the Blog Bash, Friday night.

About 250 bloggers attended the blog bash, this year.

Blogger of the Year – John Sexton of Verum Serum (I taught him everything he knows):

Someone asked Rick Santorum if he thought Obama’s health care “compromise” was going to be enough to placate the Catholic church, and he said, “No.”

Rick Santorum, being mobbed in the hallway before his speech.

See Verum Serum for video of Santorum expressing his thoughts on Obama’s health care “compromise”.

Fausta in the blog lounge.

Alexa Shrugged, promoting another great Citizens United Film; The Gift of Life

I found Andrew Breitbart’s speech on YouTube – (audio, not video) – You’ll definitely want to hear this – he had some significant news that should be giving Team Obama a case of hives: “I got video of Barack Obama from college.”

Andrew Breitbart visited the Bloggers lounge after his speech. Bloggers always want to have their pictures taken with him – including me.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit and Kevin Jackson, The Black Sphere

Stay tuned for videos of the occupiers who paid us a visit, today.

See Also:

Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller has a great video up: ‘Occupy CPAC’ protesters have no idea what CPAC is


6 thoughts on “CPAC, Day 2

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