Video: Sarah Palin’s CPAC 2012 Speech

Palin brought an anti-establishment and anti-Obama message to her first CPAC presentation, and as expected, she rocked the house.

Listen closely at the 7:00 minute mark for the “mike check!” An occupier tried to get something started, but was immediately drowned out by CPACers chanting USA! USA! He was  surrounded by security, and escorted out in a heartbeat.



10 thoughts on “Video: Sarah Palin’s CPAC 2012 Speech

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  2. I know she didn’t go to Hawvud or Columbia like someone else, and wasn’t editor the the Hawvud Review like the same someone else, she just went to little ol’ University of Idaho or something like that. But at least she was admitted to the school on her own merits and graded upon the actual work she did. Until we see his school records I will continue to insist he was admitted as an affirmative action student and graded accordingly, with all his professors afraid of giving him the grade he deserved instead of what they felt would continue the sham of affirmative action based solely on his skin color/heritage.

    And that doesn’t even start to consider whether he was admitted as a foreign student!


  3. Deep inside I have always thought a person should have or would need some kind of experience to be president. Obviously, experience as a community organizer is not adequate. Perhaps experience as a state governor is…

    Then I wonder if the state one were governor of might matter. How about a governor of a state that leans 70-80% left versus a state such as – Alaska?

    I liked Perry but the poor fellow couldn’t speak rationally, certainly not as compared to Palin.

    A Palin/Gingrich team ticket would be very hopeful. Change I could believe in.


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