Sic Obama’s “Truth Teams” on Team Obama

Charles Krauthammer didn’t mince words this evening on Special Report in his assessment of the latest offering from the Obama administration, a budget he says is “worthy of Greece”, and “truly scandalous”:

Video via Gateway Pundit

One hopes that the Republican candidates heed his warning and shift the narrative away from Obama’s class warfare schtick to the cuts in spending most Americans want to see.

Today, it was widely reported that the Obama camp is launching “truth teams”,  a new effort “to enlist and educate at least 2 million supporters for a “grassroots communications team” – an extension, it would seem, of Attaaaaack Watch. It’s as Orwellian a concept as Obama’s  hyperpartisan disinformation outfit,  Media Matters’ claims to be a  counter to “Misinformation on the right”. When the organized left says “truth” they always mean disinformation.

If they were really interested in the truth, they would be pointing to Obama’s Chief of Staff,  Jack Lew’s misleading claim about the Senate’s failure to pass a budget resolution. He keeps telling people that it takes 60, not 50, votes to pass the budget.

Lew is completely wrong when he claims that 60 votes are needed to “pass a budget in the Senate.” As he well knows, a budget resolution is one of the few things that are not subject to a filibuster. In fact, that is one reason why a bill based on reconciliation instructions cannot be filibustered.

You don’t even need 50 votes, just a simple majority. Here are a few of the recent close votes for the budget resolution, as listed by CRS: 48-45 (2009 budget); 51-49 (2006); 51-50 (2004); 50-48 (2001). Senate Democrats may have reasons for failing to pass a budget plan—such as wanting to avoid casting politically inconvenient votes—but a GOP filibuster is not one of them.

Or they would point to Obama’s acting OMB Director’s  bizarre and laughable claim that Barack Obama had introduced a “balanced budget.”

Unfortunately for Jeffery Zients and the liberal cable network, it is hard to hide the fact that the President’s proposal actually projects a budget deficit of $1.33 trillion for the fiscal year 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal.

When asked what he thought about the Republican Senate renaming the proposal ‘Debt on Arrival,’ Zients stated, “I think the President has put forward today a balanced budget.” For the country to have a balanced budget, its spending must match its revenue, and the country has not came close to that feat in some time now. Obama’s proposal would mark the fourth straight year of budget deficits exceeding a trillion dollars.

Or they could point to hapless Rachel Maddow, who’s doing her best to defend her boss’s abhorrent contraception mandate by claiming that 28 states already have a similar mandate, triggering  the b.s. meter of fellow traveler Scary Larry O’Donnell, who is at least honest enough to admit he’s a commie, and is apparently not playing by team Soros’ rules.

We need “truth teams” all right. But they need to be focusing 95% of their attention on the miscreants in the Obama administration, and their media toadies. Instead, they’ll focus on the the people who are pointing out the lies. ATTAAAAACK WAAAAATCH!
Michelle Malkin kinda beat me to this deal by about 12 hours. So have probably about 500,000 people on Twitter.

Will Jack Lew please report to the Obama “Truth Team” desk now?; Update: Obama Budget Fail

Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper sums up the audacity: “Same White House that deliberately said it takes 60 votes to pass budget yesterday launches #TruthTeam today. Unbelievable.”

Who do they think they’re kidding with this crapola?



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