POTU (President of the Unions) Visits Wisconsin – ‘Seizes on Positive Economic Report’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker presents President Barack Obama with a Milwaukee Brewers baseball jersey upon his arrival at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Obama made a taxpayer-funded campaign trip to Wisconsin where he tried to take credit for Walker’s success in growing the state’s economy.  Obama hopes to see Walker defeated  in the Recall effort, thereby re-energizing his left-wing base that is so vital to his winning Wisconsin and its 10 Electoral College points in November.
In spite of those tensions, The Washington Times reports that Gov.Walker  greeted the president at the airport in Milwaukee and presented him with a Brewers baseball jersey.

But the governor bowed out of the planned Master Lock tour with Mr. Obama, saying he had a stomach flu. Mr. Walker said his decision not to accompany the president to the plant had nothing to do with politics.

“If it was politics, I wouldn’t have greeted him here,” Mr. Walker told a pool reporter traveling with the president. “Today’s the president’s day. I’m appreciative he’s in Wisconsin, appreciative he’s focused on manufacturing. We’ll leave politics for another day.”

Mr. Walker is the target of a recall election that could come in the spring or summer. Both sides in the debate are portraying the recall election as a test of how Mr. Obama will fare in Wisconsin this year.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, a native of Wisconsin, called Mr. Obama’s visit “nothing more than yet another taxpayer-paid … campaign stop by the president.”

Coinciding with his speech on the economy, Mr. Obama seized on a positive economic report Wednesday showing that manufacturing production rose 0.7 percent in January.

“Our job is to seize this moment of opportunity to create new American jobs and American manufacturing,” the president said. “And the place to start is our tax code.”

It’s been Walker’s conservative, pro-growth policies that have been helping Wisconsin dig out of the hole, not anything Obama did. The fact that he would try to horn in on Walker’s success, while on a taxpayer funded campaign stop, while his union supporters are working tirelessly to unseat the Governor — is almost too much to take.
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2 thoughts on “POTU (President of the Unions) Visits Wisconsin – ‘Seizes on Positive Economic Report’

  1. 0.7%? My gosh, at that rate in another hundred years or so we’ll almost be back to where we were before Duh-1 pushed us over the cliff!

    What a chump, stealing my hard-earned tax dollars to pay for a trip to make a lousy (literally) stump speech.


  2. Has anyone taken the time to look to see how many people were working last month as opposed to January 2011? Might it be that manufacturing grew 0.7% because fewer people did more with fewer resources than they did last year? Hmmmm?

    Keep expecting fantastic numbers out of this admin for the rest of the year. Since they control the statistics, they control the lies. The facts are, fewer people by millions are working today than the day he took office, and more people are not working today than were last month or the month before.

    We’re talking Obama Gang of Thugs here, so we’re talking top-notch lying.


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