I Think I Know What You Did, There, Andrew Breitbart

Image via The Atlantic

After Andrew Breitbart’s Friday night “meltdown” in front of the occupiers, (the video of which went viral soon after), I told Verum Serum’s, John Sexton – “yes, he looks unhinged (to a comical degree) in the video, but he didn’t ‘lose it’.  Wait and see – there’s a method to his madness.” It looked to me that he was trying to create a YouTube moment in order to push the #occupyrape issue into the public’s consciousness because it was being ignored by the MSM. I also noted I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the clip was used in the new Citizens United movie, “Occupy Unmasked”.

Well, several lib commentators dutifully stepped up to the plate and swung wildly. Most notably Keith Olbermann.

We all owe Keefums a debt of gratitude because without his clownish denials that any rapes occurred at Occupy, the story might have faded away, with Breitbart looking simply foolish. The Occupy Rape narrative is now out there,  gaining traction, and Breitbart’s detractors are looking like the creepy, weaselly rape defenders they are.

Ace: Keith Olbermann Goes From “No Rapes At Occupy” To, Um, A Few Rapes At Occupy, But Occupy Girls Were The Victims

Big Journalism: A Point By Point Commentary On Keith Olbermann’s “Debunking” Of The Occupy Rape

Big Journalism: Al Gore, Keith Olbermann & Markos Moulitsas Must Retract, Apologize For Occupy Rape Cover-Up

Big Journalism: FishbowlDC Slams Keith Olbermann Over Occupy Rape Hypocrisy

Big Journalism: Thursday Crib Sheet: MMfA Occupies MSNBC, Rape Defenders

Big Journalism: Keith Olbermann Now DENIES He Denied Occupy Rapes Happened

Big Journalism: This Is What Happens When Keith Olbermann Taunts Conservatives

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10 thoughts on “I Think I Know What You Did, There, Andrew Breitbart

  1. wow, Kudos to you, Deb, for coming up with the “big guns” idea! That Santorum spot is hilarious. And 10 days sounds like a realistic time for producing a short spot. Santorum owes you an “ad agency fee”. And he should hire the Romney double to accompany him on the road…! (altho come to think of it, that would drive his bodyguards nuts!)

    Wonder if Santorum will steal this idea too? It’s an “occupy” vid, but one I think Breitbart would approve of!!


  2. I don’t think there was any violence at all at the Occupy camps, in fact, there wasn’t, and specifically no violence against police and no burning of flags. Absolutely, put a shovel in it Joe.


  3. Yes, I think Breitbart sees that what gets attention to your cause is, well, something that gets you attention. Look at the Occupoopers. They riot, rape, and destroy. And the left loves them. Look at terrorists. They get their way because they threaten, destroy, and murder. Terrorism works.

    Taking the high road is a good moral stance, but it doesn’t win conflicts. It may soon come time for more of us to get our hands dirty.


  4. Is there a specific and valid reason Obhammud hasn’t appointed Olbermannnnn to some czar post or something yet? It would sure make it a lot easier for Keithy to kiss Duh-1’s behind.


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