RNC Ad: A Promise That Became A Punchline

Via The Right Scoop, the RNC presents the unfunniest punchline in the history of jokedom. This is what you call dark humor:

I’m not laughing. I don’t think he’s  incompetent – I think everything he does is by design.

I just want this evil SOB out of the White House.

The sickest punchline of all was in 2008, when the American people actually thought that handing control of the federal government to Democrats was a good idea. That Democrats would be better stewards of the economy than Republicans.


Watch Treasury Sec Timothy Geithner trying to justify his unserious budget to an incredulous Paul Ryan:

Congressman Paul Ryan: Here’s the point, if you’ll allow me. This is your time, so we’ll just take a long time. Here’s the point. Leaders are supposed to fix problems. We have a $99.4 trillion unfunded liability. Our government is making promises to Americans that it has no way of accounting for. And so you’re saying yeah, we’re stabilizing it but we’re not fixing it in the long run. That means we’re just going to keep lying to people. We’re going to keep all these empty promises going.

So what we’re saying is, in order to avert a debt crisis—you’re the Treasury Secretary, of all people—if we can’t make good on our bonds in the future, who is going to invest in our country? We do not want to have a debt crisis. It comes down to confidence in trajectory. Do we have confidence that we’re going to get our fiscal situation under control and prevent the debt from getting to these catastrophic levels?

See The Right Scoop for video of Ryan on Fox News this morning to discuss the above clip.

Hat tip: Brian B.